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perlexperiment: Was missing vlb
[perl5.git] / pod / perlexperiment.pod
2019-11-01 Karl Williamsonperlexperiment: Was missing vlb
2019-11-01 Karl Williamsonperlexperiment: Remove Unicode in EBCDIC
2019-04-08 Brian GreenfieldSpelling correction in documentation.
2018-02-19 Karl WilliamsonAdd alphabetic synonyms for regex assertions
2018-01-01 Father ChrysostomosUpdate docs wrt bitwise ops
2017-12-29 Zeframrevert smartmatch to 5.27.6 behaviour
2017-12-25 Karl WilliamsonAdd script_run to perlexperiment
2017-12-06 Zeframadd "whereis"
2017-12-05 Zeframchange "when" keyword to "whereso"
2017-11-22 Zeframupdate perlexperiment.pod re smartmatch
2017-06-01 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Note removal of deprecated attributes in perldelta...
2016-07-17 Father ChrysostomosUpdate docs for declared_refs
2016-05-20 Father ChrysostomosUpdate other docs on lexical sub acceptance
2015-11-10 Aaron Craneperlexperiment.pod: use consistent style for Perl versions
2015-11-10 Aaron CraneMention warning categories for removed experimental...
2015-11-10 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Update perlexperiment for removal of lexical topic...
2015-06-27 Aaron CraneThe postderef feature is no longer experimental
2015-03-07 Karl Williamsonuse re 'strict' doc changes
2015-02-21 Karl Williamson\s matching VT is no longer experimental
2015-02-01 Father ChrysostomosTicket number for bitops in perlexperiment
2015-02-01 Father ChrysostomosMention experimental bitops in perlexperiment
2015-01-20 Father Chrysostomosperlexperiment: Missing bug number
2015-01-20 Father ChrysostomosDocument :const
2014-10-18 Father ChrysostomosRename lvalue references
2014-10-11 Father ChrysostomosDocument lvalue references
2014-09-27 Ricardo Signesperlexperiment: add signatures to experimental features
2014-07-22 Alberto Simõesperlexperiment mentions features a lot, refer to the...
2013-10-09 Ricardo Signesperlexperiment: link to postderef ticket
2013-10-03 Ricardo Signesperlexperiment: add link for lexsubs
2013-08-25 Ricardo Signesperlexperiment: Unicode on EBCDIC is not backtracking
2013-08-25 Ricardo Signesperlexperiment: ticket for pluggable keywords
2013-08-25 Ricardo Signesperlexperiment: ticket for :win32 pseudolayer
2013-08-25 Ricardo Signesperlexperiment: ticket link for regex_sets
2013-08-23 Ricardo Signesperlexperiment: add ticket link for autoderef
2013-08-16 Ricardo Signesperlexperiment: link to tracking ticket for installhtml
2013-08-16 Ricardo Signesperlexperiment: link to tracking ticket for my $_
2013-08-16 Ricardo Signesperlexperiment: link to tracking ticket for smartmatch
2013-08-16 Ricardo Signesperlexperiment: link to tracking ticket for :unique
2013-08-16 Ricardo Signesperlexperiment: embedded code in regex not experimental
2013-08-16 Ricardo Signesremove API experiments from perlexperiment
2013-07-15 Ricardo Signesperlexperiment: Sun Studio on Linux: not experimental
2013-07-15 Ricardo Signesperlexperiment: the M flag is not a useful thing to...
2013-07-08 Ricardo Signesperlexperiment: linux abstract domains sockets
2013-07-08 Ricardo Signesperlexperiment: MLDBM is not part of core
2013-06-28 Ricardo Signesperlexperiment: mark :pop layer as accepted
2013-06-24 Ricardo Signesperlexperiment: mark lvalue subroutines accepted
2013-06-24 Ricardo Signesperlexperiment: (?{}) and (??{}) are not experimental
2013-06-24 Ricardo Signesperlexperiment: mark regexp backtracking verbs as accepted
2013-06-14 Ricardo Signesnote that \s matching \cK is marked experimental
2013-06-14 Ricardo Signesperlexperiment: version of acceptance for \N{name}
2013-06-14 Ricardo Signesperlexperiment: ithreads seemed accepted in 5.8.0
2013-06-14 Ricardo Signesperlexperiment: long doubles are not experimental
2013-06-14 Ricardo Signesreorder experiments by version (mostly)
2013-06-14 Ricardo Signesremove reference to experimental code never in core
2013-06-14 Ricardo Signesnote warning categories in perlexperiment
2013-05-18 Sebastien Aperghis... update perlexperiment
2013-02-28 Karl Williamson\N is no longer experimental
2012-09-16 Father ChrysostomosDocument lexical subs
2012-08-04 Reini Urbanperlexperiment.pod clarifications
2011-08-14 Reini Urbanremove the rest of pod/perlcompile.pod
2011-08-02 Keith ThompsonFix typos in pod/perlexperiment.pod
2011-08-02 Father ChrysostomosA few tweaks to the new perlexperiment.pod
2011-08-02 brian d foyAdd perlexperiment to detail experimental features