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RT 72933: Ignore files from prove
[perl5.git] / dist / XSLoader /
2014-01-03 Brian FraserDynaLoader: Introduce d_libname_unique
2012-09-03 Sebastien Aperghis... Upgrade to XSLoader 0.16
2011-11-24 Father ChrysostomosUse correct err msg in XS version check
2011-11-24 Father ChrysostomosRemove $SIG{__WARN__} from XSLoader.t
2011-10-27 Father ChrysostomosFile::Glob: Eliminate the doglob alias to bsd_glob
2011-09-11 Nicholas ClarkEliminate warnings from XSLoader on 5.005 and 5.004.
2011-06-09 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Updated XSLoader to CPAN version 0.15
2010-10-14 Nicholas ClarkXSLoader::load() with no arguments can use caller to...
2010-10-07 Nicholas ClarkImprove XSLoader::load documentation.
2010-10-06 Nicholas ClarkAvoid defining a full XSLoader::bootstrap_inherit post...
2010-09-02 Nicholas ClarkFor the generated, avoid a runtime lexical...
2010-01-14 David GoldenOmnibus strict and lax version parsing
2009-10-03 Jesse Vincent'make distclean now results in an actually-clean tree.
2009-09-29 Nicholas ClarkMove XSLoader from ext/ to dist/