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bump IO::Socket version
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2012-07-02 Tony Cookbump IO::Socket version
2012-07-02 Tony Cookdocument the limitations of protocol(), sockdomain...
2012-07-02 Tony Cook[ #61577] try to populate socket info when...
2012-07-02 Tony Cook[ #61577] propagate socket details on accept
2012-05-14 Ricardo SignesRevert fixes for [ #61577]
2012-05-10 Daniel Kahn Gillmor[ #61577] sockdomain and socktype undef...
2012-01-04 Father ChrysostomosCorrect bug-report email in IO docs
2011-08-15 Steve HayFix tabbing and trailing whitespace from commit f1d35e3443
2011-08-15 Karthik RajagopalanUse the exception set in select (connect()) to early...
2010-06-21 Matt S Troutversion bump for IO::Socket and add change to delta
2010-06-01 Slaven RezicDocument IO::Socket getsockopt and setsockopt
2009-09-29 Nicholas ClarkMove IO from ext/ to dist/