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do not overallocate in zaphod32_hash
[perl5.git] / zaphod32_hash.h
2017-06-02 Yves Ortondo not overallocate in zaphod32_hash
2017-06-01 Yves OrtonRestore "improve and update hash algorithm configuratio...
2017-06-01 Yves OrtonRestore "Add new hashing and "hash with state" infrastr...
2017-04-23 Yves OrtonRevert "Add new hashing and "hash with state" infrastru...
2017-04-23 Yves OrtonRevert "remove dead comment"
2017-04-23 Yves Ortonremove dead comment
2017-04-23 Yves OrtonAdd new hashing and "hash with state" infrastructure