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[perl #120903] fix a typo
[perl5.git] / pod / perlcall.pod
2015-09-03 Tony Cook[perl #120903] fix a typo
2015-09-02 Tony Cook[perl #120903] perlcall cleanup
2012-11-25 Karl WilliamsonRemove "register" declarations
2012-06-27 Brian Fraserperlcall: #109408
2012-02-18 Florian RagwitzThere is no G_LIST, only G_ARRAY
2011-06-22 Nicholas ClarkTrim multiple blank lines above =item in pod files.
2011-06-05 Dominic HargreavesRefer to X11 rather than "X windows"
2011-01-18 Father Chrysostomosperlcall: More grammatical errors
2011-01-18 Father Chrysostomosperlcall: subjunctive, not indicative
2011-01-18 Father Chrysostomosperlcall: More punctuation changes
2011-01-18 Father Chrysostomosperlcall: dangling modifier
2011-01-18 Father ChrysostomosMore perlcall clean-up
2011-01-18 Father ChrysostomosSome perlcall clean-up
2010-11-06 Niko TyniG_VOID, G_SCALAR, and G_ARRAY are not separate bits...
2010-10-03 David Mitchellbetter documentation for eval_sv() and G_KEEPERR
2010-04-23 Zeframbring G_KEEPERR back to the realm of sanity
2010-01-13 brian d foy* Em dash cleanup in pod/
2009-01-21 Ricardo SIGNESremove some indirect method calls, add a caveat
2008-08-10 Nicholas ClarkPurge C<n_a> thoughtcrime from the pods.
2005-11-10 Steven Schubigerremove whitespace preceding semicolon in docs
2005-11-09 Robin HoustonRe: [perl #32383] DProf breaks List::Util::shuffle
2005-11-05 Rafael Garcia-SuarezRemove the obsolete KNOWN PROBLEMS sections from perlca...
2005-11-02 Robin Houstonsort/multicall patch
2004-08-07 Dave MitchellAdd tests for XS call_*() API
2001-10-04 Jarkko HietaniemiRetract #12313 and #12249.
2001-10-03 Casey West(retracted by #12338)
2001-02-09[ID 20010208.002] unordered explanation in perlcall
2000-10-20 Charles BaileySYN SYN
2000-08-04 Daniel ChetlinRe: Array vs. List context
2000-05-23 Charles BaileyResync with mainline prior to post-5.6.0 updates
2000-03-13 Gurusamy Sarathyfixes for broken L<> links (from Wolfgang Laun
2000-02-29 Jarkko HietaniemiIntegrate with Sarathy.
2000-02-29 Gurusamy Sarathyfix pods to reflect newer canonical names for call_sv...
2000-01-20 Charles Bailey Quick integration of mainline changes to date
1999-12-28 Gurusamy Sarathypod edits from Paul Marquess and Mark-Jason Dominus
1999-05-24 Gurusamy Sarathymajor pod update from Tom Christiansen
1999-02-15 Gurusamy Sarathypatches suggested by John Bley <
1998-12-02 Tom ChristiansenFix most of the bad L<> links of
1998-11-29 Gurusamy Sarathyanother threads reliability fix: serialize writes to...
1998-08-02 Hugo van der Sandenperlcall.pod
1998-07-22 Gurusamy SarathyUpdate perldelta and Changes; refresh perltoc; newer...
1998-07-19 Anton Berezinperlcall.pod SAVETMPS/FREETMPS bracket
1998-05-14 Gurusamy Sarathy[win32] merge change#897 from maintbranch
1998-03-07 Gurusamy Sarathy[win32] a missed s/sp/SP/
1998-03-07 Gurusamy Sarathy[win32] change all 'sp' to 'SP' in code and in the...
1997-04-14 Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from patch from perl-5.003_97d... perl-5.003_97e
1997-04-09 Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from match from perl-5.003_97c... perl-5.003_97d
1997-04-04 Doug MacEachernDocument sample function perl_eval()
1997-04-02 Nathan TorkingtonPod style
1997-03-25 Perl 5 Porters[inseperable changes from patch from perl-5.003_95...
1997-03-25 Cary D. RenzemaPod updates
1997-03-22 Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from match from perl-5.003_94...
1997-03-22 Hallvard B FurusethPod problems & fixes
1997-03-08 Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from match from perl-5.003_93...
1997-03-08 Roderick SchertlerXSUB's doc fix
1997-03-06 Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from match from perl-5.003_92...
1997-03-06 Ilya ZakharevichPODs corrections
1997-03-01 Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from match from perl-5.003_91...
1996-12-19 Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from patch from perl5.003_11 to...
1996-12-19 Steve Kelempod patches for English errors
1996-09-20 Perl 5 Portersperl 5.003_06: pod/perlcall.pod pod/perldata.pod pod...
1996-02-03 Perl 5 Portersperl5.002beta3
1995-10-31 Andy DoughertyThis is my patch patch.1n for perl5.001. perl-5.001n
1995-05-30 Andy Doughertyperl5.001 patch.1f
1994-10-17 Larry Wallperl 5.000 perl-5.000