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suppress error messages from the shell when probing Storable limits
[perl5.git] / dist / Storable / stacksize
2018-02-26 Tony Cooksuppress error messages from the shell when probing...
2018-02-26 Tony Cookmake the Storable stacksize messages less scary
2018-02-26 Yves OrtonRevert "Storable: when building in core do not run...
2018-02-25 Yves OrtonStorable: when building in core do not run stacksize...
2018-02-12 Tony Cook(perl #132849) try to disable core files when deliberat...
2018-02-08 Tony Cook(perl #127743) re-work recursion limit handling
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable 3.05_13: safe defaults
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: Analyze #304
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: fix cygwin stack probing
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: fix stacksize with shared libcperl
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: Bump to 3.05_10
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable: various core fixups: $PERL,libpth,getcwd
2018-02-08 Reini UrbanStorable 3.05_09: compute stacksize