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Update our victim list through spring
[perl5.git] / Porting / release_schedule.pod
2010-10-15 Jesse VincentUpdate our victim list through spring
2010-10-15 Jesse Vincentsign myself up for a blead release and the 5.14 RC0
2010-09-25 Jesse VincentFixed 5.14 release dates to have the correct year.
2010-09-24 Jesse VincentCommitting the current freeze and release plan for...
2010-08-31 Jesse VincentAdd Zefram as our release manager victim for 20 December
2010-07-15 Leon BrocardMention that Ask did not actually release 5.11.6
2010-05-20 Ricardo Signesupdate Ricardo Signes's email
2010-05-18 Jesse VincentAdding Chris Williams as our November 2010 sucker
2010-05-08 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Add =encoding utf8 to all core non-ASCII POD files...
2010-04-27 Jesse VincentAdd miyagawa to the list of release engineering suckers.
2010-03-31 Jesse VincentRemove potentially confusing strawman version numbers...
2010-03-30 David Goldenrafl volunteers to release blead in August 2010
2010-03-30 David Goldenrevise release manager schedule
2010-02-21 Steve HayUpdate future release schedule
2010-02-17 Steve HayChange my email address from work to home
2010-02-16 Jesse VincentFix another place where I typoed book's name
2010-02-16 Philippe Bruhat... $name =~ /Phill?ipp?e?/ && $name eq "Philippe" # FAIL
2010-02-16 Jesse VincentAdded a sucker for the August 20 release
2010-02-16 Jesse VincentUpdated release schedule through July 2010
2009-12-01 Leon BrocardUpdate to reflect that I release 5.11.2
2009-10-09 Jesse VincentRecord that Ask and Steve Hay have volunteered to be...
2009-10-07 Nicholas ClarkFix Pod errors spotted by podcheck.t
2009-10-05 Jesse VincentAdding the current stub of a release schedule for blead...