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I think "program scope" is clearer here than "current file scope"
[perl5.git] / pod / perlrun.pod
2020-03-12 Tony CookI think "program scope" is clearer here than "current...
2020-03-11 David Cantrelladd the missing =back
2020-03-11 David Cantrellminor changes from review
2020-03-11 David Cantrelldocumentation on how -I, -M, PERL5LIB and PERL5OPT...
2020-02-05 E. ChorobaAdd a missing switch to a documentation example
2020-01-18 Dan BookCreate crosslinks betwen perlrun sections
2019-11-17 Karl WilliamsonAdd -Dy debugging of tr///, y///
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonperlrun: Note that -W can't be in PERL5OPT
2019-08-08 Tony CookPERL_DESTRUCT_LEVEL no longer requires a -DDEBUGGING...
2019-05-26 Karl Williamsonperlrun: Add L<> to links
2018-11-16 Karl Williamsonperlrun: Clarify -Dv
2018-10-17 James E KeenanImplement fatalization of dump()
2018-09-04 James E KeenanInsert missing 'T' to list of PERL5OPT switches.
2017-12-30 Zeframclarify doc of "-m" et al
2017-12-29 Zeframrevert smartmatch to 5.27.6 behaviour
2017-11-22 Zeframremove now-unused "M" debugging flag
2017-10-16 Lukas MaiPERL5LIB documentation: '.' is no longer in @INC by...
2017-09-11 Tony Cook(perl #127663) provide limited control for the internal...
2017-06-05 David Mitchellremove -DH (DEBUG_H) misfeature
2017-03-25 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Document PERL_USE_UNSAFE_INC in perlrun.pod
2017-03-14 Karl Williamsonperlrun: -F pattern can't have NULs
2017-02-07 Palipod: Suggest to use strict :encoding(UTF-8) PerlIO...
2016-09-21 Steven HumphreyFix typo in perlrun.pod
2016-08-08 David MitchellDocument -DDEBUGGING better
2016-06-11 Lukas Maipod/*: remove deprecated L<"section"> and L<section...
2016-06-08 Craig A. Berry(perl #127380) Update PERLIO_DEBUG documentation.
2016-06-08 Tony Cook(perl #127380) only trace to $PERLIO_DEBUG if -Di is...
2016-04-30 Dominic Hargreavesperlrun: note the existence of find's -delete switch
2016-03-11 Karl WilliamsonFix various pod errors.
2015-11-01 Lukas Mairestore comma removed by 2f1fe8a307
2015-05-10 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #125145] perlrun: Fix typo
2015-05-07 Karl Williamsonperlrun: Note existence of -DL
2015-01-25 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Revert the support for new warning categories outside...
2014-12-29 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Add support for new warning categories outside of ...
2014-04-07 SHIRAKATA Kentaronitpicks
2014-03-18 Ricardo Signesreplace links to perllexwarn with links to warnings
2014-01-26 AbigailMake it clear what it means if there's no distinction...
2013-12-14 James E KeenanExplain how '--' works in command-line invocation.
2013-07-23 Tony Cook[perl #116190] -F and -a now imply -n
2013-05-24 David Goldenfix various Pod line length warnings
2013-05-07 Yves Ortondocument and improve hash algorithm randomization relat...
2013-05-07 Yves OrtonMake it possible to disable and control hash key traver...
2013-02-20 Andy Dougherty[perl #72892] Perl should support PERLmmnnLIB environme...
2012-10-09 Peter MartiniClarify that in-place editing actually creates a new...
2012-06-29 Father Chrysostomos-DS option for slab allocation
2012-06-27 Brian Fraserperlrun: #109408
2012-06-26 Jesse Luehrsperlrun typos from [perl #113852]
2012-02-06 Rafael Garcia-SuarezDocument the special meaning of "indir" on the shebang...
2011-06-27 Karl Williamsonperlrun: reflow to fit vertabims in 80 cols
2011-06-21 Karl Williamsonperlrun: Fix some link issues
2011-05-29 Karl Williamsonperlrun: Add link to clarification
2011-05-18 Tom ChristiansenThis patch is aagainst the "blead du moment". It fixes...
2011-02-16 ApocalypseFix bad pod links found by Test::Pod::LinkCheck
2010-11-25 Nicholas ClarkExtend -d:foo=bar to make -d:-foo expand to C<no foo...
2010-11-06 Tom HukinsRefer to other documents more specifically
2010-11-05 Niko TyniDocument that the -Ci, -Co, and -CD options have file...
2010-08-25 David Mitchellfix description of -DJ in perlrun
2010-07-19 Jim Cromiefix spelling err in pod re environmental variable
2010-06-29 Karl Williamsonperlrun.pod: Specify -0400 behavior
2010-04-28 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Add POD index entries for sitecustomize and sitecustomi...
2010-04-28 Philippe Bruhat... Improve documentation about
2010-01-26 Vincent PitA small typo in perlrun, spotted by Olivier Raginel.
2010-01-13 brian d foy* Em dash cleanup in pod/
2010-01-05 Tom ChristiansenPATCH: minor typo cleanup of pod/ directory
2009-11-24 Rafael Garcia-SuarezSlight rewording of last patch
2009-11-24 Jim Cromieadd mention of PERL_MEM_LOG in perlrun.pod
2009-09-08 Rafael Garcia-SuarezRemove Mac OS classic instructions from perlrun
2009-08-26 Chip SalzenbergNew debugging flag -DB now dumps subroutine definitions,
2009-08-20 David Mitchelladd -DM flag to track smartmatch resolution
2009-07-26 Father ChrysostomosAllow -C on the #! line when it is identical to -C...
2009-04-26 Michael G Schwern[PATCH] Allow PERL5OPT=-W
2009-03-14 Rafael Garcia-SuarezDisambiguate mention of -E in perl.pod and in perlrun.pod
2008-11-27 Steve Peters[perl #32979] [PATCH] perlrun #!/bin/sh incantation...
2008-11-02 Renee Baecker[perl #59652][DOC PATCH] "Too late for "-CS" option"
2008-10-30 Moritz LenzRe: [PATCH] [doc] be more explicit about magic argv
2008-10-24 Marcus Holland-MoritzAdd SV allocation tracing to -Dm and PERL_MEM_LOG
2008-06-24 Paul FenwickDocumentation on taint/environment interactions for...
2008-04-27 Bramdoc patch for perlrun -x
2008-02-26 Rafael Garcia-SuarezChainsaw DEBUG_S out, as suggested by Vincent Pit.
2008-01-11 Rafael Garcia-SuarezRemove the -P switch
2008-01-06 Rafael Garcia-SuarezDocument that in run from a BEGIN...
2007-11-23 Juerd Waalboer[patch] :utf8 updates
2007-10-08 Rafael Garcia-SuarezDocumentation change to go with change #32056.
2007-10-04 David LandgrenPOD cleanups
2007-10-02 Nicholas ClarkAudrey spotted a spurious "Unicode".
2007-09-03 Rafael Garcia-SuarezDeprecate the -P switch.
2007-08-25 Nicholas ClarkErm. -u may have been superseded by the bytecode genera...
2007-08-09 David NicolRe: [PATCH] Re: [perl #44387] The blank in option ...
2007-07-19 Rafael Garcia-SuarezSuggestion and fixes to the hash seed docs by Paul...
2007-07-18 Rafael Garcia-SuarezClarifications on the hash seed
2007-07-07 Jim Cromie[patch] add verbose mode to -DU debugging option
2007-06-05 Rafael Garcia-SuarezRemove support for assertions and -A
2007-03-20 Rafael Garcia-SuarezMore nits in the PERL5LIB docs, suggested by Andreas.
2007-03-19 Rafael Garcia-SuarezMore adjustments to the PERL5LIB docs by Rick
2007-03-19 Andreas J. KoenigRe: Composing @INC from PERL5LIB
2007-01-24 Jan DuboisImprove documentation PERLIO default value in perlrun.pod
2006-12-24 Rafael Garcia-SuarezThe PERLIO environment variable, when unset, doesn...
2006-10-19 Alexander Goughstab at UNITCHECK blocks
2006-04-17 Nicholas ClarkTurn on UTF8 cache assertions with -Ca
2006-04-17 Nicholas ClarkNote that PVIOs probably aren't worth shrinking. Note...