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perlapi: Remove per-thread section; move to real scns
[perl5.git] / .travis.yml
2020-07-20 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Remove PERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT
2020-02-27 Karl WilliamsonRevert "Test 32bit Perl build on Travis"
2020-02-25 PaliTest 32bit Perl build on Travis
2019-12-08 Tony Cookfix Github URL in message posted to #p5p-qa
2019-12-08 Tony Cookre-work travis cases to test more variety
2019-11-05 Steve PetersRemove compiler in .travis.yml
2019-10-23 Nicolas RSpeedup Travis CI: stop smoking on Darwin
2019-02-20 Nicolas RAdd more Travis CI flavors to the matrix
2017-11-13 Nicolas Rtravis.yaml: fixes for osx
2017-11-13 Nicolas RTweak travis.yml: ccache & notifications
2017-11-10 Nicolas RAdjust travis.yaml configuration for blead merges.
2017-11-08 Nicolas RSimplify travis.yml config for Continuous Integration
2017-06-14 Tony Cook[perl #123981] Travis-CI support