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re/speed.t: increase watchdog timeout
[perl5.git] / t / re / speed.t
2015-09-06 David Mitchellre/speed.t: increase watchdog timeout
2015-08-24 Lukas Maitest implicit anchors using [perl #125810]
2015-02-13 David Mitchelladd some more tests for RT #123743
2015-02-10 David Mitchellsimpify and speed up /.*.../ handling
2014-11-02 Jarkko HietaniemiIn tests, 'use strict' etc after the @INC manipulation.
2014-09-23 David Mitchellt/re/speed.t: adjust watchdog timeout
2014-09-22 David Mitchellcreate t/re/speed.t, t/re/speed_thr.t