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2007-01-10 Andreas J. Koenig./miniperl ... Can't locate
2007-01-09 Nicholas ClarkMake warnings and strict clean.
2005-03-24 Andy LesterThird consting batch
2001-01-08 Charles BaileyOnce again syncing after too long an absence
2000-11-09 Harri PasanenThe generated boot_* headers are wrong. Pickier compiler,
1999-06-02 Gurusamy Sarathyremove _() non-ansism
1997-05-24 Malcolm BeattieWholesale update to 5.004.
1997-04-07 Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from match from perl-5.003_97b...
1996-08-25 Andy Doughertyperl 5.003_03: [patch introduction and re-organisation] perl-5.003_03
1996-01-02 Perl 5 PortersGive a proper NAME description.
1995-12-08 Andy DoughertyThis is patch.2b1f to perl5.002beta1.