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dump.c: Dump CvNAME_HEK
[perl5.git] / dump.c
2012-09-16 Father Chrysostomosdump.c: Dump CvNAME_HEK
2012-09-08 David MitchellDon't copy all of the match string buffer
2012-08-28 Shawn M Moore"op-entry" DTrace probe
2012-08-26 Father ChrysostomosCorrect typo in flag name
2012-08-26 Father ChrysostomosBanish boolkeys
2012-08-25 Father ChrysostomosOptimise %hash in sub { %hash || ... }
2012-08-23 Father ChrysostomosUse FooBAR convention for new pad macros
2012-08-21 Father ChrysostomosStop padlists from being AVs
2012-08-21 Father ChrysostomosUse PADLIST in more places
2012-08-05 Father ChrysostomosAdd a depth field to formats
2012-08-05 Father ChrysostomosDisallow setting SvPV on formats
2012-08-05 Father ChrysostomosMake PL_(top|body|form)target PVIVs
2012-07-15 Father Chrysostomosdump.c: Dump op->op_s(labbed|avefree)
2012-07-15 Father ChrysostomosRemove op_latefree(d)
2012-07-05 Father ChrysostomosRecord folded constants in the op tree
2012-06-29 Father Chrysostomosdump.c: Dump CVf_SLABBED
2012-06-21 Father ChrysostomosTeach dump.c about CVf_HASEVAL
2012-06-13 David Mitchelleliminate RExC_seen_evals and RExC_rx->seen_evals
2012-06-13 David Mitchelladd PMf_IS_QR flag
2012-06-13 David Mitchellfix dumping of PMf_CODELIST_PRIVATE flag
2012-06-13 David Mitchelladd PMf_CODELIST_PRIVATE flag
2012-06-13 David Mitchellmake qr/(?{})/ behave with closures
2012-06-13 David MitchellMostly complete fix for literal /(?{..})/ blocks
2012-05-30 Ricardo Signesupdate the editor hints for spaces, not tabs
2012-05-22 Father ChrysostomosRemove OPpCONST_WARNING
2012-03-20 Karl WilliamsonUse the new utf8 to code point functions
2011-12-04 Father ChrysostomosAdjust substr offsets when using, not when creating...
2011-11-19 Zeframnarrower localisation of PL_compcv around eval
2011-10-17 David Mitchellin op_dump() / -Dx, replace "DONE" with "NULL"
2011-10-17 David Mitchellsimplify op_dump() / -Dx sequencing
2011-10-10 Father ChrysostomosResolve XS AUTOLOAD-prototype conflict
2011-10-07 David Mitchellmake SVs_PADTMP and SVs_PADSTALE share a bit
2011-09-09 Zeframremove index offsetting ($[)
2011-08-24 Gerard Goossen[perl #97088] Prevent double get-magic in various cases
2011-08-17 Father Chrysostomos[perl #96126] Allocate CvFILE more simply
2011-08-16 Gerard GoossenRemove OPpENTERSUB_NOMOD.
2011-06-11 Ton Hospel[perl #85026] Iterate hashes by hand during do_sv_dump
2011-06-11 Father ChrysostomosRevert "Perl_do_sv_dump: alert when skipping elements"
2011-06-11 Nicholas ClarkGenerate magic_names in dump.c using
2011-06-11 Nicholas ClarkProvide the names of the magic vtables in PL_magic_vtab...
2011-06-11 Nicholas ClarkReplace references to PL_vtbl_{bm,fm} in the code with...
2011-06-11 Nicholas ClarkAbolish PL_vtbl_sig. It's been all 0s since it was...
2011-06-11 Nicholas ClarkDon't even declare PL_vtbl_sigelem under -DPERL_MICRO
2011-06-11 Nicholas ClarkStore FBMs in PVMGs, instead of GVs.
2011-06-11 Nicholas ClarkUse SvTAIL() instead of BmFLAGS(). The core no longer...
2011-06-11 Nicholas ClarkTest that SvFLAGS() & SVpad_NAME is SVpad_NAME, not...
2011-06-11 Nicholas ClarkPerl_do_sv_dump() shouldn't show "IV" for a FBM, as...
2011-05-24 Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_pv_escape(), avoid reading 1 byte beyond the...
2011-05-18 Michael WittenClean: Actually use HvUSEDKEYS() instead of HvKEYS()
2011-05-18 Nicholas ClarkStore the compiled format in mg_ptr instead of after...
2011-02-04 Michael StevensFix excess whitespace in pod.
2011-01-30 David MitchellPerl_do_sv_dump: dump REGEXP body
2011-01-30 David MitchellPerl_do_sv_dump: move stub REGEXP code
2011-01-30 David MitchellPerl_do_sv_dump: add some blank lines and headers
2011-01-30 David MitchellRemove vestigial ORANGE references
2011-01-21 Chip Salzenbergclear up unused var warning in prev patch
2011-01-21 Chip SalzenbergSince xmldump_packsubs does not actually output XML...
2010-12-20 Karl Williamsonpv_escape: Add option to dump all non-ascii as hex
2010-12-20 Karl Williamsondump.c: correct pod statement
2010-11-25 Nicholas ClarkRefactor ENAME dumping in Perl_do_sv_dump() to simplify...
2010-11-24 Nicholas ClarkConvert xhv_name in struct xpvhv_aux to be a union...
2010-11-23 Father ChrysostomosClarify the hekp assignment in dump.c
2010-10-29 Father ChrysostomosFix NAMECOUNT output format in dump.c
2010-10-29 Florian RagwitzTeach dump.c about all magic flags
2010-10-29 Father ChrysostomosTeach dump.c about ENAMEs
2010-10-11 Zeframplugin mechanism to rewrite calls to a subroutine
2010-10-07 Ben MorrowRemove MEMBER_TO_FPTR.
2010-09-28 Zeframsystematically provide pv/pvn/pvs/sv quartets
2010-08-25 Yves Ortonprevent Devel::Peek::Dump from lieing to us about evil...
2010-08-21 Ben MorrowRemove CALL_FPTR and CPERLscope.
2010-08-01 David MitchellDEBUG_LEAKING_SCALARS: add sv_debug_parent
2010-07-29 David MitchellDump didn't display CVf_ISXSUB flag
2010-07-29 David MitchellPerl_do_sv_dump didn't increase nesting for magic
2010-07-29 David MitchellPerl_do_sv_dump: alert when skipping elements
2010-07-18 David Mitchelladd CVf_CVGV_RC flag
2010-07-11 Vincent PitSort and complete the op flags lists for op_dump()
2010-06-03 Craig A. BerryRemove extraneous semicolon from OP_PRIVATE_ONCE.
2010-05-28 Nicholas ClarkMigrate most other op_private to name conversion into...
2010-05-28 Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_do_op_dump(), move calls to append_flags()...
2010-05-28 Nicholas ClarkAdd C_ARRAY_END(), returning a pointer to after the...
2010-05-28 Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_do_op_dump(), reorder the ops within the if...
2010-05-28 Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_do_sv_dump(), use append_flags() for PVCV,...
2010-05-28 Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_do_sv_dump(), for PVCV and PVFM, test for SvCOM...
2010-05-28 Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_do_op_dump(), move runs of op_private name...
2010-05-28 Nicholas ClarkCreate S_append_flags() from a common code pattern...
2010-05-25 David Mitchelladd OPpDEREFed flag to avoid double mg_get()
2010-05-22 David CaldwellAdd s///r (non-destructive substitution).
2010-05-20 Nicholas ClarkSvIVX() isn't valid on SVt_REGEXP
2010-04-23 Father Chrysostomos[perl #73776] "???? - please notify IZ"
2010-04-15 Nicholas ClarkMove PERL_ASYNC_CHECK() from the runloop to control...
2010-01-08 David Mitchellinclude sv_debug_serial field in debugging output
2009-11-19 Nicholas ClarkPVIOs don't use the SvIVX slot.
2009-10-12 Nicholas ClarkAdd Perl_ck_warner_d(), which combines Perl_ckwarn_d...
2009-09-14 Nicholas ClarkAdd PERL_ARGS_ASSERT_* macros where missing; move where...
2009-09-14 Nicholas ClarkFix the build for -Dmad - f0e3f042f14b829f missed a...
2009-08-31 Nicholas ClarkRemove an extraneous aTHX_ added in f0e3f042f14b, which...
2009-08-30 Chip Salzenbergfinish implementing -DB vs. -Dx
2009-08-21 ZeframAdd clear magic to %^H so that the HE chain is reset...
2009-08-16 David Mitchellsv_peek(): SvOOK offset is no longer in IVX
2009-07-25 Nicholas ClarkWhen dumping a hash, display the mro_meta structure...