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(perl #129149) fix the test so skip has a SKIP: to work with
[perl5.git] / t / op / pack.t
2017-01-17 Tony Cook(perl #129149) fix the test so skip has a SKIP: to... origin/tonyc/129149-fix-skip
2017-01-16 Tony Cook(perl #129149) avoid a heap buffer overflow with pack...
2016-10-29 Jarkko HietaniemiUse the new metalevel definitions for fp inf/nan/range
2016-10-13 Karl WilliamsonAdd details to UTF-8 malformation error messages
2016-07-02 Jarkko HietaniemiVAX: test changes for VAX floats
2015-11-11 Tony Cook[perl #126325] don't read past the end of the source...
2015-10-08 Karl Williamsont/op/pack.t: Fix some skipped tests on EBCDIC
2015-10-08 Karl Williamsont/op/pack.t: Clarify comment; change variable name
2015-03-19 Karl Williamsont/op/pack.t: Generalize for EBCDIC
2015-02-18 Hugo van der Sanden[perl #123874] fix argument underflow for pack()
2014-12-11 Father ChrysostomosDon’t do string overloading for numeric pack fmts
2014-09-23 Jarkko HietaniemiMake pack-as-int/sprintf-%c-ing/chr-ring inf/nan fatal.
2014-09-03 Father ChrysostomosPut miniperl @INC logic in
2014-09-03 Father ChrysostomosGet pack.t working under minitest
2014-06-21 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Make like() and unlike() in t/ refuse non-qr...
2012-09-21 Nicholas ClarkRemove the MPE/iX port.
2012-05-24 Marcus Holland-Moritz[perl #60204] Unhelpful error message from unpack
2011-05-18 Father Chrysostomos[perl #90160] U* gives ‘U0 mode on an empty string’
2011-01-07 Peter J. Acklam... Fix typos (spelling errors) in t/*.
2010-04-30 Tony CookRT#73814 - unpack() didn't handle scalar context correc...
2009-06-06 Rafael Garcia-SuarezMark all .t and .pm files as non executable
2008-02-06 Nicholas Clarkin unpack, () groups in scalar context were still retur...
2007-10-08 Alexander Goughmake t/op/pack.t not explode when u64size=''
2007-05-10 Marc LehmannRe: Compress::Zlib, pack "C" and utf-8 [PATCH]
2006-10-31 Rafael Garcia-SuarezSome diagnostic output was giving warnings in op/pack.t
2006-07-12 Jarkko Hietaniemiz/OS: t/ - mostly EBCDIC fixes
2005-08-01 John E. Malmberg[patch] blead@25226 - t/op/pack.t undefined value fix
2005-06-09 Nicholas ClarkDon't ignore errors from an eval.
2005-04-19 Nicholas ClarkAvoid generating thousands of UTF-8 warnings when testi...
2005-03-30 Ton HospelRe: PATCH: byte count feature request for unpack
2005-03-21 Ton HospelRe: unpack A strip patch
2005-03-21 Ton Hospelpack / for general types
2005-03-12 Ton HospelRe: Encoding neutral unpack
2005-03-08 Ton HospelEncoding neutral unpack
2005-02-14 Ton HospelRe: encoding neutral unpack
2005-02-08 perl-5.8.0@ton.igu... [perl #34062] pack Z0 destroys the character before
2005-02-02 Ton HospelRe: encoding neutral unpack
2005-02-02 Ton HospelRe: encoding neutral unpack
2005-02-02 Ton HospelRe: encoding neutral unpack
2005-01-31 Ton HospelRe: encoding neutral unpack
2005-01-27 Nicholas ClarkOops. Was forgetting to test n! N! v! V! in pack
2005-01-27 Nicholas ClarkCheck that the warning behaviour on the modifiers ...
2005-01-27 Nicholas ClarkMake the tests for the endianness modifiers < and ...
2005-01-21 Nicholas ClarkName another pack test
2005-01-14 Nicholas ClarkBetter test diagnostics for the numbers tests.
2004-05-04 Marcus Holland-MoritzAdd byte-order group modifiers to (un)pack templates.
2004-04-23 Marcus Holland-Moritzbyte-order modifiers for (un)pack templates
2004-04-06 Marcus Holland-MoritzMake the ! suffix handle n/N/v/V as signed integers
2003-09-30 grommel@sears.comRe: NCR MP-RAS perl problems [perl #23791]
2003-09-16 Jarkko HietaniemiMore suggested patches for NCR MP-RAS from Andy Dougherty.
2003-08-29 Jarkko HietaniemiBetter skip() explicit number of tests, test counts...
2003-08-29 Jarkko HietaniemiSome Ultrix test dodgings.
2003-08-22 Nicholas ClarkRe: [perl #23463] compiler version on sparc/netbsd
2003-08-22 Alain BarbetRe: [perl #23463]: compiler version on sparc/netbsd
2003-06-19 Jarkko HietaniemiMPE/iX gets serious indigestion on w-packed infinities.
2003-06-09 Craig A. Berrypack.t tweak for non-IEEE VMS systems
2003-04-27 Jarkko HietaniemiAdd a test case for [perl #15288] (already solved).
2003-03-26 Paul Green[patch] for Stratus VOS
2003-03-17 LAUN Wolfgangpack changes and related fixes
2003-02-19 Jarkko Hietaniemi'A' is not 65 everywhere.
2003-02-19 Chip SalzenbergSupport one-parameter unpack(), which unpacks $_.
2002-12-11 Hugo van der SandenIntegrate from maint-5.8 #18156, #18218.
2002-10-28 Nicholas ClarkRe: [PATCH] Re: [perl #17772] pack "w" /* this cannot...
2002-10-20 Jarkko Hietaniemit/op/pack.t: Tru64 5.1A gcc 3.2.1 no inf
2002-10-12 Nicholas ClarkRe: [perl #17772] pack "w" /* this cannot happen ;...
2002-06-30 Nicholas ClarkRe: [PATCH] pack 'w' should be using NV, not double
2002-04-12 Nicholas ClarkRe: OK, what did I break in unpack?
2002-03-18 Nicholas Clarkd_nv_preserves_uv_bits
2002-03-18 Nicholas Clarkanother pack "w" thing
2002-03-06 Jarkko HietaniemiIRIX failure with long doubles.
2002-02-22 Jarkko HietaniemiImplement IV/UV/NV/long double pack/unpack with
2002-02-22 Ilya Zakharevichpack with a human face: part ]|[
2002-02-22 Ilya Zakharevichpack with a human face: the sequel
2002-02-21 Ilya Zakharevichgrouping in pack/unpack
2002-02-20 Ulrich PfeiferRe: [ID 20020220.001] pack w with objects
2002-02-10 Jarkko HietaniemiEBCDIC: the low 256 needs to be shuffled also
2002-01-27 Jarkko Hietaniemichr(42) ne '*' if one is in EBCDIC.
2001-12-11 Nicholas Clarkslightly more pack tests
2001-12-11 Nicholas Clark_qq pack.t Re: [PATCH] tests for hash assignment
2001-12-11 Nicholas ClarkRe: [PATCH] Re: [PATCH t/op/pack.t] Cleanup
2001-12-10 Michael G. SchwernRe: [PATCH t/op/pack.t] Cleanup
2001-12-10 Michael G. SchwernCleanup
2001-11-27 David Dyck[ID 20011126.150] t/op/pack patch to fix Useless use...
2001-11-27 Wolfgang Laununpack P* uses random length for item
2001-11-21 Wolfgang LaunZ*/[AZa]* fails to pack length properly
2001-11-07 Nicholas ClarkRe: SunOS 5.8 is FUN! (and not quite ok, either) -...
2001-10-29 Jarkko HietaniemiNeither is 0xff illegal UTF-EBCDIC since it's the last C1.
2001-10-29 Jarkko HietaniemiUTF-EBCDIC ain't UTF-8.
2001-10-19 Jarkko HietaniemiUnpack in scalar context should return the first value
2001-10-01 Jarkko HietaniemiUNICOS testing patches from Nicholas Clark.
2001-09-24 Jarkko Hietaniemiok().
2001-09-24 Jarkko Hietaniemiunpack("Z*Z*", pack("Z*Z*", ..)) bug, patch and test...
2001-09-22 Nicholas ClarkRe: scalar context unpack bugs
2001-09-20 Nicholas ClarkRe: n questions (was Re: 4 questions about pack/unpack)
2001-09-11 Jarkko HietaniemiFix unpack U to be the reverse of pack U
2001-08-28 Michael G. SchwernAdding the failure diagnostic
2001-08-28 Michael G. SchwernRe: [PATCH pod/perlhack.pod t/op/pack.t] Fixing bad...
2001-08-27 Michael G. SchwernFixing bad testing advice
2001-07-06 Nick Ing-SimmonsIntegrate mainline
2001-07-02 Nicholas ClarkRe: Fixed pack problem - sort of