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Bring Locale::Maketext ChangeLog up to date with all recent commits
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2010-10-07 Todd RinaldoBring Locale::Maketext ChangeLog up to date with all...
2010-10-05 Todd RinaldoCPAN RT 34182 (Locale::Maketext) - Don't unnecessarily...
2010-09-28 Todd RinaldoLocale::Maketext - Import dev changes from CPAN
2010-09-27 Father ChrysostomosRevert "From: Todd Rinaldo <>"
2010-09-27 Father ChrysostomosFrom: Todd Rinaldo <>
2010-09-25 Father ChrysostomosLocale::Maketext version bump; MANIFEST, ChangeLog...
2009-09-30 Nicholas ClarkMove Locale::Maketext from ext/ to dist/