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Tests for hv_delayfree_ent and hv_free_ent
[perl5.git] / ext / XS / APItest / t / hash.t
2005-07-04 Nicholas ClarkTests for hv_delayfree_ent and hv_free_ent
2005-06-14 Nicholas ClarkTest was coredumping with a shared perl library.
2005-06-13 Nicholas ClarkCroak if an attempt is made to modify PL_strtab
2003-11-21 Nicholas ClarkCheck that the key is present before a delete, and...
2003-11-21 Nicholas ClarkIntegrate:
2003-11-18 Nicholas ClarkWhoops. We weren't actually testing hv_store_ent
2003-11-16 Nicholas Clarkutf8 keys now work for tied hashes via hv_fetch, hv_sto...
2003-11-16 Nicholas ClarkAccessing unicode keys in tie hashes via hv_exists...