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2018-04-17 Karl Williamsont/ Increase stack size on AIX
2017-04-07 David Mitchellfixup tests under t/ that assumed '.' in @INC
2016-07-29 Karl Williamsont/ Increase Darwin stack size
2015-12-23 Karl Williamsont/ Increase stack size for AIX
2013-11-08 Craig A. BerryMore stack for pat_thr.t on VMS as well.
2013-08-21 Father Increase Mac stack
2013-08-20 Father Tweak stack sizes
2013-08-01 Nicholas ClarkSet a large thread stack when running the regex tests...
2011-03-08 Nicholas ClarkSimplify the logic in t/, as the callers...
2011-03-07 Nicholas ClarkRefactor t/ to use's skip_all_...
2008-01-09 Nicholas ClarkVariants of several regression tests that run the actul...