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2021-04-19 TAKAI Kousuket/op/bop.t: Call "use warnings" pragma after BEGIN...
2021-04-16 TAKAI Kousukepp.c: Clip shift amount of <<, >> to avoid overflow
2021-04-16 Felipe GasperSet %ENV keys using the same byte-string logic as setti...
2021-04-14 Marc ReisnerEnsure isa object method still works after using isa...
2021-04-11 Dominic HamonSupport %#p format (#18709)
2021-04-05 Richard Leachav_extend_guts: set correct ary_offset when unshifting...
2021-03-29 Karl WilliamsonFix broken left shift of IV_MIN under 'use integer'
2021-03-19 Tony Cookswitch to using the test functions for op/arith2.t
2021-03-19 Tony Cookreindent to standard perl indent
2021-03-19 Tony CookSplit Config-dependent tests in t/opbasic/arith.t to...
2021-03-19 Paul "LeoNerd" EvansUnit-test that try{} blocks are invisible to caller()
2021-02-28 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Remove memory leak
2021-02-17 James E KeenanAccommodate miniperl on FreeBSD
2021-02-17 James E Keenant/op/magic.t
2021-02-14 Paul "LeoNerd" EvansDocument and test that do {try/catch} behaves as expect...
2021-02-14 Paul "LeoNerd" EvansUnit-test that try{return} within :lvalue sub behaves... 18552/head
2021-02-10 Paul "LeoNerd" EvansReïndent t/op/coreamp.t to a much more consistent 2...
2021-02-09 Hugo van der Sandengh18515: tests for special-cased patterns
2021-02-09 Paul "LeoNerd" EvansCorrect indentation of next/last/redo unit tests
2021-02-09 Paul "LeoNerd" EvansUnit test that wantarray inside try {} sees the correct...
2021-02-08 Paul "LeoNerd" EvansFix indentation
2021-02-07 James E KeenanRework patch to reduce diff 18539/head
2021-02-07 Paul LeoNerd EvansTest for "experimental::try" warnings being active
2021-02-04 Paul "LeoNerd" EvansInitial attempt at feature 'try' 18505/head
2021-01-05 Hugo van der Sandenfix issue references in tests from 282d9dfeb4
2021-01-03 Craig A. Berrysprintf does not display 54 digits on VMS
2021-01-03 Felipe GasperSignatures: add argument counts to count-mismatch error...
2020-12-30 Tomasz Konojackiop.c: croak on "my $_" when "use utf8" is in effect
2020-12-30 Karl WilliamsonFix buggy fc() in Turkish locale
2020-12-29 TAKAI Kousukesv.c: Suppress imprecision warnings on Inf.
2020-12-29 TAKAI Kousukesv.c: more imprecision warnings on increment/decrement
2020-12-27 sisyphust/op/sprintf2.t - append new test (Issue 18170)
2020-12-23 Tony Cookskip trying to constant fold an incomplete op tree
2020-12-08 TAKAI Kousukepp.c: oct() now skips "0o" and "o" prefix.
2020-12-05 Tom HukinsUse a more suitable test method
2020-12-05 Tom HukinsAvoid unnecessarily skipping a test to set $0
2020-12-05 Tom HukinsTest setting $0 on Dragonfly BSD
2020-12-01 Tony Cookt/op/taint.t: handle symlink requiring anything unavailable
2020-12-01 Tony CookWin32: implement symlink() and readlink()
2020-12-01 Tony CookWin32: add lstat(), fetch st_dev and st_ino and fetch...
2020-11-15 Richard Leachpp_split: add TonyC's stack-not-refcounted-suggestion...
2020-11-15 Richard Leachpp_split: no SWITCHSTACK in @ary = split(...) optimisation
2020-11-11 Tony Cookfetch magic on the first stacked filetest, not the...
2020-11-09 TAKAI Kousuket/op/inc.t, t/op/hexfp.t, t/op/sprintf2.t: Add missing...
2020-11-05 Tony Cookdragonfly doesn't touch ctime as documented, at least...
2020-10-12 TAKAI Kousuket/op/inc.t: Test incrementing UV with and without upgra...
2020-10-04 Christian Waldeignore cygwin files that cannot be stat()ed in t/op...
2020-10-03 Richard LeachTest split on empty pattern with varying field counts
2020-10-03 Hugo van der SandenIn tests, fix @INC before loading more stuff
2020-10-03 Samanta NavarroFix typos
2020-10-02 Hugo van der SandenTest split on empty pattern with field count
2020-09-16 James E KeenanRevise per feedback
2020-09-16 James E Keenant/op/taint.t: Avert uninitialized value warning
2020-08-25 David Mitchellsort { return foo() } ...
2020-08-21 Nicolas Rdie_unwind(): global destruction
2020-08-11 David Mitchelllist assign in list context: honour LHS undef
2020-08-11 David Mitchelllist assign in list context was over-optimising
2020-08-10 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... t/op/args.t: remove obsolete 5005threads comment
2020-07-31 James E KeenanReposition tests for formats
2020-07-31 James E Keenant/op/while.t: Correct two typos
2020-07-30 Tony Cook(perl #17844) don't update SvCUR until after we've...
2020-07-30 Nicolas RFix format issue in t/op/taint.t and add strict/warnings
2020-07-29 James E Keenanlex_assign.t: Correct typo in test description
2020-07-20 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Remove Symbian port
2020-07-18 Karl Williamsonop/pack.t: Skip ASCII-centric test on EBCDIC
2020-07-18 Karl Williamsonop/infnan.t: Todo tests are now passing on EBCDIC
2020-07-17 James E Keenangroups.t: Correct one syntax error which was warning
2020-06-20 Tony Cookskip the failing hexfloat test if it fails on NetBSD
2020-05-27 Karl Williamsonop/exec.t: ENOTDIR is a legit errno
2020-05-27 Karl Williamsonop/sub.t: Skip APItest test if that not built
2020-05-27 Tony Cookset magic on $lex for $lex = (index(...) == -1) and...
2020-05-27 Tony Cookfix utf8 length magic handling for scalar reverse
2020-05-22 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Fix a bunch of repeated-word typos
2020-04-27 David MitchellRevert "avoid identical stack traces"
2020-04-27 David MitchellRevert "fixup to "avoid identical stack traces" - try 2"
2020-04-02 Karl Williamsontr/abc/de/: Properly handle longer lhs in in-place...
2020-03-18 David Mitchellfixup to "avoid identical stack traces" - try 2
2020-03-13 Zeframchained comparisons
2020-03-12 Nicolas RRevert "fixup to "avoid identical stack traces""
2020-03-12 David Mitchellfixup to "avoid identical stack traces"
2020-02-09 Hugo van der Sandenskip op/signame_canonical test under miniperl
2020-02-04 Todd RinaldoPass the canonical signal name to the signal handler...
2020-02-04 David Mitchellmulticoncat: keep assign for 'local $foo = "..."'
2020-01-31 Yves Ortonpp_sort.c: fix fencepost error in call to av_extend()
2020-01-26 Tony Cookalways treat undef in %INC as a failed require
2020-01-26 Tony Cooktest case for GH #17428, an interaction between undef...
2019-12-30 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: GH #17391 tr/// regression
2019-12-22 Dan BookUpdate documentation, readmes, comments, and utilities...
2019-12-13 David Mitchellavoid identical stack traces
2019-12-09 Paul "LeoNerd" EvansAdd the `isa` operator
2019-12-07 Karl Williamsont/op/die.t: 'use utf8'
2019-12-04 Tony Cookmove the implementation of %-, %+ into core
2019-11-27 Dan BookConvert issue links from to GitHub
2019-11-26 Tony CookRevert "cygwin 2.1.0 can test -r just fine, incl. under...
2019-11-10 Tomasz Konojackit/op/fork.t: fix skip condition
2019-11-08 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: gh#17227 heap-buffer-overflow
2019-11-07 Karl WilliamsonRemove lib/unicore/
2019-11-07 Karl Williamsondoop.c: Refactor do_trans_complex()
2019-11-07 Karl Williamsont/op/tr.t: Add tests, incl. a TODO
2019-11-03 Karl Williamsontoke.c: Fix bug tr/// upgrading to UTF-8 in middle