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2021-02-08 Richard Leacht/lib/warnings/pad - add shadow checks for 'state'
2021-01-17 Michael G. Schwernstyle: Detabify indentation of the C code maintained...
2021-01-17 Karl Williamsont/lib/ Comment, white-space only
2021-01-04 Tony Cookadd a bareword_filehandles feature, which is enabled...
2020-12-15 James E Keenant/lib/croak/toke: Correct test label
2020-11-29 David CantrellAdd -negative import args for 'use warnings'
2020-11-04 Tony Cooksome extra tests as suggested by hvds
2020-11-04 Tony Cookdon't croak when the \K follows the lookaround assertion
2020-08-28 David Mitchellremove leaky warnings.t skip
2020-08-22 James E KeenanCorrect typo in 'die' message.
2020-08-11 Tony Cookadd a default enabled feature "multidimensional"
2020-07-30 Tony Cookreport the index for not found hash/array index lookups...
2020-05-27 Karl Williamsonlib/warnings.t: Fix EBCDIC toke warning wording
2020-04-27 David MitchellRevert "avoid identical stack traces"
2020-04-27 David MitchellRevert "fixup to "avoid identical stack traces" - try 2"
2020-03-27 Hugo van der Sandengh-17645: avoid oob read on conflict marker detection
2020-03-27 Hugo van der Sandengh-17645 test for out of bounds read
2020-03-18 David Mitchellfixup to "avoid identical stack traces" - try 2
2020-03-12 Nicolas RRevert "fixup to "avoid identical stack traces""
2020-03-12 David Mitchellfixup to "avoid identical stack traces"
2020-02-16 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Add 'indirect' feature that can be turned off to disabl... 17477/head
2020-02-04 James E KeenanProhibit usage of Test::Simple under 't/'
2020-02-02 Yves Ortontoke.c: fix Multidimensional array heuristic to ignore...
2020-01-26 Tony Cooktest case for GH #17428, an interaction between undef...
2020-01-23 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Use grok_hex in expanding \N{U+...}
2020-01-23 Karl Williamsontoke.c: Don't accept illegal code points
2020-01-23 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Use uc to print hex A-F in err msg
2020-01-23 Karl WilliamsonRevise \o{ missing '}' error message
2020-01-23 Karl WilliamsonRestructure grok_bslash_[ox]
2020-01-23 Karl WilliamsonRestructure grok_bslash_c
2020-01-23 Karl WilliamsonHoist code point portability warnings
2019-12-13 David Mitchellavoid identical stack traces
2019-12-04 Tony Cookupdates to $^H{feature_validname} now update cop_features
2019-12-04 Tony Cooktests for the faster features problem sprout pointed out
2019-11-11 Tony Cookhandle s being updated without len being updated
2019-11-07 Karl WilliamsonUnTODO some tests fixed by the previous commit
2019-11-04 Tony Cookenforce strict for barewords in multiconcat
2019-11-03 Max MaischeinAnd silence some silly examples.
2019-09-25 Karl Williamsont/lib/charnames/alias: Fix typo in comment
2019-08-19 Tony Cook(perl #124256) disallow \K in lookahead and lookbehind
2019-08-08 Tony Cook(perl #134266) make sure $@ is writable when we write...
2019-07-31 Tony Cook(perl #134310) don't confuse S_no_op()
2019-07-10 David Mitchellavoid SEGV with uninit warning with multideref
2019-06-26 Tony Cook(perl #134125) make no digits after 0x/0b fatal
2019-06-24 David MitchellPerl_scalar() tail-call optimise
2019-06-17 Tony Cook(perl #133989) scalar() the argument to readline, if any
2019-06-12 Tony Cook(perl #130585) prevent a spurious ) in a subparse confu...
2019-06-11 Tony Cook(perl #134125) accept only complete hex and binary...
2019-06-11 Tony Cook(perl #133850) allow @x{...} with space in sub-parse
2019-06-11 Tony Cook(perl #133850) warn on ${time} even in sub-parse
2019-06-11 Tony Cook(perl #133850) fix parsing hints for print $fh "foo...
2019-05-30 James E KeenanUse of strings with code points over 0xFF as arguments...
2019-05-02 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #134064] Assertion failure in toke.c
2019-04-12 David Mitchellwarnings.t: skip some leaky tests
2019-03-19 Karl WilliamsonChange error wording for \o{}
2019-03-18 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #131551] Too deep regex compilation recursion
2019-03-08 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #131642] pack returning malformed UTF-8
2019-01-22 Tony Cook(perl #130367) separate error for push etc on hash...
2019-01-03 Tony Cook(perl #132158) abort compilation if we see an error...
2019-01-02 Tony Cook[perl #133524] report line number for Prototype not...
2018-10-20 Karl Williamsont/lib/warnings/regcomp: Turn off warns for experimental
2018-10-17 James E KeenanImplement fatalization of dump()
2018-10-17 James E KeenanFatalize use of $* and $#
2018-10-10 Tony Cook(perl #125760) fatalize sysread/syswrite/recv/send...
2018-10-03 James E KeenanImplement scheduled fatalization of my() in false condi...
2018-09-26 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Remove support for setting $[ to a non-zero value
2018-08-30 Tony Cook(perl #132683) don't try to convert PL_sv_placeholder...
2018-07-02 Karl WilliamsonFix to compile under -DNO_LOCALE
2018-06-25 Karl WilliamsonDon't allow non-graphemes as pattern delimiters
2018-04-17 Yves Ortonfix TRIE_READ_CHAR and DECL_TRIE_TYPE to account for...
2018-04-17 Karl WilliamsonSubject: PATCH: [perl #132063]: Heap buffer overflow
2018-03-12 Karl Williamsont/lib/croak/regcomp: Fix up for EBCDIC
2018-03-11 Karl Williamsont/lib/croak/regcomp: Another attempt to fix test failure
2018-03-09 Karl Williamsont/lib/croak/regcomp: Hopefully fix test failure
2018-03-06 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #132163] regex assertion failure
2018-02-27 Father _at_level functions and chunky handles
2018-02-11 Father ChrysostomosTest for _at_level functions with fh
2018-01-08 Father Chrysostomos[perl #130936] Forbid some cases of inward goto
2017-12-31 Father ChrysostomosRemove experimental bitwise warning
2017-12-29 Zeframrevert smartmatch to 5.27.6 behaviour
2017-12-23 Zeframnarrow scope of argsv in sv_vcatpvfn_flags()
2017-12-18 Father Chrysostomos[perl #132468] At _at_level warnings functions
2017-12-17 Zeframmerge branch zefram/dumb_match
2017-12-14 Zeframwarn on $a.$b.$c in void context
2017-12-10 Father Chrysostomos[perl #74764] Forbid ‘goto’ jumping into ‘given’
2017-12-10 Father ChrysostomosExplicitly test goto-into-foreach
2017-12-07 Yves Ortonfix #131649 - extended charclass can trigger assert
2017-12-06 Zeframput shadowing warnings in their own category
2017-12-06 Tony Cooklimit digits based on radix for oct/bin fp
2017-12-05 Zeframchange "when" keyword to "whereso"
2017-12-04 Father ChrysostomosMake Bad name error less unhelpful
2017-12-02 Father Chrysostomost/lib/warnings/9enabled: update comment
2017-11-29 Zeframmake "outside a loop" error messages consistent
2017-11-29 Zeframmake "when" do implicit "next"
2017-11-29 Zeframremove useless "break" mechanism
2017-11-28 Zeframremove useless "default" mechanism
2017-11-28 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Assigning non-zero to $[ will become fatal in 5.30
2017-11-26 Father Chrysostomos[perl #132485] Warn about "$foo'bar"
2017-11-22 Zeframeviscerate smartmatch
2017-11-21 Zeframregularise "when"