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Tick off 5.22.2
[perl5.git] / Porting / release_schedule.pod
2016-04-29 Steve HayTick off 5.22.2
2016-04-07 Steve Hay5.22.2 should appear this month, starting with RC1...
2016-03-20 AbigailTick off releases
2016-02-21 Ricardo Signesrelease schedule: Sawyer to release October 2016
2016-02-20 Sawyer Xupdate 5.23.8 as done on release schedule
2016-02-11 Ricardo Signesrelease schedule: September 2016 is scheduled
2016-02-10 Ricardo Signesupdate release schedule for beginnings of 5.25
2016-01-20 Stevan Littleupdating the epigraph and release schedule
2016-01-19 Stevan Littleupdating my own email, that address is no longer valid
2015-12-29 Ricardo Signesrelease schedule: add release managers for 2016Q1
2015-12-21 David GoldenUpdated release schedule
2015-12-13 Steve Hay5.22.1 is done
2015-11-21 Ricardo Signesrelease schedule: use a verbatim block for a list-y...
2015-11-21 AbigailTick!
2015-10-20 Steve HayTick off 5.23.4
2015-09-21 Peter MartiniUpdate release_schedule
2015-09-14 Ricardo Signesrelease managers for September and December 2015
2015-09-12 Steve HayUpdate release schedule
2015-08-20 Matthew HorsfallUpdate release schedule
2015-07-20 Matthew HorsfallUpdate release_schedule.pod to note completed releases.
2015-06-18 Ricardo SignesPorting/release_schedule.pod: add july 2015 volunteer
2015-06-18 Ricardo Signesstart fleshing out the 5.23 release schedule
2015-06-17 Karl WilliamsonPorting/release_schedule.pod: Fix wrong year in dates
2015-06-10 Steve HayUpdate release schedule
2015-04-20 Steve Hay5.21.11 is now released
2015-03-20 Steve HayTick off the 5.21.10 release
2015-02-21 Sawyer Xadd my epigraph, tick 5.21.9 release
2015-02-15 Ricardo Signesrelease schedule udpates through March 2015
2015-02-14 Steve HayUpdate release schedule: 5.20.2 is done; 5.20.3 will...
2015-01-20 Matthew HorsfallAdd epigraph and update release schedule
2014-12-24 Steve HayNote that 5.21.6 and 5.21.7 are released
2014-11-09 Father Chrysostomosrelease_schedule.pod: Correct some versions
2014-11-09 Ricardo Signesrelease schedule: 5.18.4 shipped, 5.18.5 may happen
2014-11-09 Ricardo Signesrelease schedule: the v5.22 landing plan
2014-10-22 Abigail5.21.5 has been ticked off
2014-09-29 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Tick that v5.21.4 got a release in the schedule
2014-09-16 Steve HayUpdate 5.20 release schedule: Plan for 5.20.2 in January
2014-09-15 Ricardo Signesrelease schedule: Max M. will do December 2014
2014-09-09 Ricardo Signesrelease schedule: add managers for 5.21.6, 5.21.8
2014-09-01 Ricardo Signesrelease schedule: put Abigail on for October
2014-08-25 Steve HayUpdate release schedule
2014-08-24 Steve HayAdd new pumpkin keeper victim following release of...
2014-07-19 AbigailTick off the 5.20.0 and 5.20.1 releases.
2014-07-19 Abigail"all question marks" is ambigious.
2014-06-06 Ricardo Signesupdate release schedule
2014-06-05 Ricardo Signesupdate release schedule
2014-01-16 Tony Cookfix a POD error
2014-01-16 Ricardo Signescorrect release schedule: next dev series is 5.21
2014-01-16 Ricardo Signesupdate the release schedule
2013-10-16 Steve HayUpdate release schedule for 5.19.5
2013-09-10 Ricardo Signesrelease schedule: placeholders for the future
2013-08-26 Ricardo Signesrelease schedule: Steve Hay will release in 2013-09
2013-08-25 Ricardo Signesrelease schedule: the rest of 2013 (except September!)
2013-08-25 Ricardo Signesrelease schedule: 5.18.1 is out and 5.14.x is EOL
2013-06-12 Ricardo Signesrelease schedule: fix years for 5.20
2013-06-11 Ricardo Signesupdates to release schedule
2013-05-24 David Goldenfix various podcheck nits
2013-05-16 Ricardo Signesupdate the release schedule
2013-02-23 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Mark v5.17.9 as done in the release schedule
2013-02-20 Ricardo Signesupdate release schedule for a volunteer
2013-02-19 Ricardo Signesstart making entries for 5.19 releases
2013-01-21 Aaron CraneMark 5.17.8 as done in release_schedule.pod
2012-12-18 Dave RolskyThe 5.17.7 release is done, give it a check mark on...
2012-11-20 Ricardo Signesupdate perlhist and release schedule v5.17.6
2012-10-19 Florian Ragwitz5.14.3 has been released
2012-09-20 Ricardo Signes...and we have a 5.17.9 volunteer
2012-09-20 Ricardo Signesrelease schedule updates
2012-09-18 Ricardo Signesupdate the release schedule
2012-08-10 Ricardo SignesFlorian Ragwitz is scheduled for 5.17.4, Sep 20
2012-06-15 Ricardo Signesadd Abigail to the release schedule
2012-06-05 Ricardo Signesadd details for doy and TonyC for July 20
2012-05-27 Ricardo Signesupdate release schedule; 5.17.3 is Steve Hay
2012-05-26 Ricardo Signesrecord some more release volunteers
2012-05-25 Zeframcorrect schedule for 5.17.0 release
2012-05-21 Ricardo Signesupdate the release schedule: 5.16 is 2012-2013
2012-05-21 Ricardo Signesupdate the release schedule for 5.16, 5.17, 5.18
2012-05-21 Ricardo Signesthere are no longer any scheduled 5.12 releases
2012-03-05 Ricardo Signesclarify that Apr 1 is not a hard RC0 date
2012-03-02 Ricardo Signesupdate release schedule for next releasers
2012-02-28 Jesse VincentCorion's release is done. Check him off
2012-02-06 Ricardo Signesnote which releases have shipped
2012-01-10 Ricardo Signesupdate the schedule: rjbs will do 5.16
2011-08-19 Florian RagwitzSwap the release suckers for 5.15.3 and 5.15.4
2011-08-18 Jesse Vincentrafl has accepted the burden of a maint release.
2011-08-18 Jesse VincentDave Cross has been volunteered for a blead release
2011-08-17 Jesse VincentAdd Max as a release victim
2011-08-15 Jesse VincentAdd Abigail as a release manager
2011-07-06 Jesse VincentAdd Dave Rolsky to the Release Roster
2011-07-05 Jesse VincentVolunteer BingOS for a release per irc
2011-07-05 Jesse VincentAdd Steve Hay for 5.15.5
2011-07-04 Jesse VincentVolunteer Stevan Little for the October release
2011-06-21 David Goldenupdate release schedule document
2011-01-21 Michael StevensPorting pod lint.
2010-10-15 Jesse Vincentremove some broken markup from release_schedule
2010-10-15 Jesse VincentAdd another victim, get a 2011 heading
2010-10-15 Jesse VincentUpdate our victim list through spring
2010-10-15 Jesse Vincentsign myself up for a blead release and the 5.14 RC0
2010-09-25 Jesse VincentFixed 5.14 release dates to have the correct year.
2010-09-24 Jesse VincentCommitting the current freeze and release plan for...
2010-08-31 Jesse VincentAdd Zefram as our release manager victim for 20 December