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t/re/regexp_unicode_prop.t: Avoid a TEST crash if failure
[perl5.git] / t / re / regexp_unicode_prop.t
2018-08-20 Karl Williamsont/re/regexp_unicode_prop.t: Avoid a TEST crash if failure
2018-08-20 Karl Williamsont/re/regexp_unicode_prop.t: Add check no warnings generated
2018-08-20 Karl Williamsont/re/regexp_unicode_prop.t: Extract code into a function
2018-08-20 Karl Williamsont/re/regexp_unicode_prop.t: White-space only
2018-08-20 Karl Williamsont/re/regexp_unicode_prop.t: Make sure returns true
2018-04-17 Karl Williamsonre/regexp_unicode_prop.t: Add test
2016-03-01 Karl Williamsonre/regexp_unicode_prop.t: Fix loop statement
2016-03-01 Karl Williamsonregexp_unicode_prop.t: Clarify comment
2016-03-01 Karl WilliamsonFix /\p{pkg::User-defined}/i
2015-10-13 Karl Williamsonqr/\p{}/ must be a user-defined property
2015-03-06 Karl Williamsonregexp_unicode_prop.t: Generalize for non-ASCII platforms
2014-10-08 Jarkko HietaniemiTest preamble: if requiring ./, needs chdir.
2013-03-27 Brian Frasert/re/regexp_unicode_prop.t: Drop dependency on given...
2011-10-22 Karl Williamsonregexp_unicode_prop.t: Add tests.
2011-07-03 Karl Williamsonregexp_unicode_prop.t: Improve output
2011-03-14 Nicholas ClarkConvert t/re/regexp_unicode_prop.t to using
2011-03-06 Nicholas ClarkSkip regexp_unicode_prop.t under minitest, as File...
2011-02-02 Karl Williamsonregexp_unicode_prop.t: Add tests, refactor
2011-02-02 Karl Williamsonregexp_unicode_prop.t: Comment nits
2011-01-16 David Mitchellrestrict \p{IsUserDefined} to In\w+ and In\w+
2009-11-22 Karl Williamsonmktables revamp
2009-09-10 Yves Ortonmove regex related tests out of t/op/ into t/re/