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Integrate CPAN release of 0.9905
[perl5.git] / cpan / Text-Tabs /
2013-10-18 Steve HayRemove all IGNORABLE files under cpan/
2013-05-30 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Update Text-Tabs to CPAN version 2013.0523
2012-12-04 Father ChrysostomosDeprecate lexical $_
2012-08-19 Steve HayUpgrade to Text-Tabs+Wrap-2012.0818
2010-04-18 Gisle AasRevert "Documentation tweaks to Text::Tabs"
2010-04-18 Gisle AasDocumentation tweaks to Text::Tabs
2009-10-15 Craig A. BerryRestore 8d2345e02f493825c3e22467caf8508ee3a19450.
2009-09-26 Nicholas ClarkMove Text-Tabs+Wrap from ext/ to cpan/