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fix links in generated HTML documentation
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2017-12-14 Zeframfix links in generated HTML documentation
2017-12-13 Zeframautomatic titling in Pod::Html
2017-11-11 Nicolas RReplace multiple 'use vars' by 'our' in ext
2017-01-16 AbigailDon't recognize the --libpods option in Pod::Html
2016-07-26 Tony Cook(perl #127834) bump versions of modules in dists we...
2014-06-05 Karl Williamson'use locale' no longer ever compile
2013-09-12 Ricardo SignesPod::Html: use parent instead of base
2013-07-19 Tony Cookpod2html output concerns
2013-06-09 Petr PísařSynchronize pod2html usage output and its POD text
2013-02-28 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Revert "Bump Pod::Html to 1.19"
2013-02-28 Chris 'BinGOs' Wil... Bump Pod::Html to 1.19
2013-02-10 Jess RobinsonEnable perl core tests to pass when locale support...
2013-01-06 Craig A. BerryMake Pod::Html::_unixify unescape dots on VMS.
2012-06-04 Nicholas ClarkBump $Pod::Html::VERSION to reflect the changes of...
2012-05-04 Steve PetersAdd --libpods back as a non-functional option to pod2html.
2012-05-04 Steve PetersAdd --libpods back as a non-functional option to pod2html.
2012-05-04 Steve PetersSince the HTML files generated by pod2html claim to...
2012-04-27 Ricardo Signesdisable codes_in_verbatim for Pod::Html
2012-04-20 Craig A. BerrySet *.html permissions in installhtml.
2012-04-20 Ricardo Signesallow "." in directory name
2012-04-16 Ricardo Signesmake Pod-Html's _unixify normalize Win32 drive letters
2012-03-12 Ricardo SignesSisyphus's fix for pod2html
2012-02-29 Craig A. BerryBump Pod::Html version.
2012-02-29 Craig A. BerryBetter cross-platform unixify for Pod::Html.
2012-02-22 Ricardo Signesunixify paths a bit more systematicaly in Pod-Html
2012-02-22 Ricardo Signesunixify the --outfile arg to pod2html
2012-02-21 Marc GreenFix bug in pod2html crossreferencing
2012-02-07 Ricardo Signesavoid making a new top-level package for one helper
2012-02-07 Marc GreenModernize the use of open() (copied from old code)
2012-02-07 Marc GreenRe-add cache feature
2012-01-17 Nicholas ClarkMake Pod::Html more robust against malformed L<> contents.
2011-10-31 Marc GreenAdd Marc Green an an AUTHOR of Pod::Html
2011-10-31 Marc GreenUpdate version number (1.11 -> 1.12)
2011-10-31 Marc GreenClean up some documentation
2011-10-31 Marc GreenUnixify the whole path, not just $dir.$file
2011-10-31 Marc GreenFix crossref cross platform compatability issues
2011-10-31 Marc GreenFix crossref bug
2011-10-31 Marc GreenTabs -> Spaces
2011-10-31 Marc GreenImplement option to disable POD ERRORS section
2011-10-31 Marc GreenImplement --recurse and update test cases
2011-10-31 Marc GreenFix bug with removal of Podroot from each Podpath
2011-10-31 Marc GreenAlways anchor =item definitions.
2011-10-31 Marc GreenUpdate htmlfeature.t for new p2h; fix typo in Html
2011-10-31 Marc GreenFix --backlink bug; add some documentation
2011-10-31 Marc GreenUse catdir (not catfile) to avoid a leading '//'
2011-10-31 Marc GreenFix bug dealing with PODS not in %Pages
2011-10-31 Marc GreenFix cross reference bug
2011-10-31 Marc GreenMove Pod::Simple::XHTML::LocalPodLinks into Pod::Html
2011-10-31 Marc GreenAdd $Htmlfileurl to support relativizing crossrefs
2011-10-31 Marc GreenFix ::Search callback arg; fix @Podpath mapping
2011-10-31 Marc GreenFix minor formatting
2011-10-31 Marc GreenRemove --libpods feature
2011-10-31 Marc GreenReimplement --header, $bodystyle, $tdstyle
2011-10-31 Marc GreenStart to reimplement --header
2011-10-31 Marc GreenConsider $Podroot when finding PODs; consider $Quiet
2011-10-31 Marc GreenFinish skeleton version of Pod::Html
2011-10-31 Marc GreenCreate lib/ dir; begin writing ::Search object
2011-10-31 Marc GreenUse Pod::Simple::Search to resolve L<> directives
2011-10-31 Marc GreenContinue to transition to ::LocalPodLinks
2011-10-31 Marc GreenRemove spurious code after start of parser switch
2011-10-31 Marc GreenStart replacing home made pod parser with ::Simple
2011-10-31 Marc GreenTemporarily remove --header feature
2011-10-31 Marc GreenRemove cache feature for simplicity
2011-10-31 Marc GreenRemove deprecated --netscape flag
2011-08-27 Florian RagwitzGive Pod-Html a more modern dist layout