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Skip lib/Memoize/t/tie_ndbm.t if $TMP is not writable.
[perl5.git] / lib / Memoize / t / tie_ndbm.t
2006-07-05 Steve PetersSkip lib/Memoize/t/tie_ndbm.t if $TMP is not writable.
2005-03-25 Nicholas ClarkFreeBSD NDBM appears to generate files ending .db,...
2004-02-01 Solar DesignerRe: [perl #15063] /tmp issues
2002-07-12 Jarkko HietaniemiRe: Clock skew failures in Memoize test suite
2002-01-05 Nicholas Clarkmake lib/Memoize/t/tie_ndbm.t tidy up more.
2001-10-06 Nicholas ClarkMemoize tests
2001-06-24 Jarkko HietaniemiUpgrade to Memoize 0.65.
2001-06-23 Jarkko HietaniemiRetract #10865, the patch should be unnecessary.
2001-06-23 Jarkko Hietaniemi(Retracted by #10867.)
2001-06-16 Jarkko HietaniemiIntegrate Memoize 0.64. Few tweaks were required in