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Avoid redundant copies in string evals
[perl5.git] / parser.h
2011-11-06 Father ChrysostomosAvoid redundant copies in string evals
2011-11-06 Father ChrysostomosMerge some parser fields
2011-11-06 Father ChrysostomosMake source filters work in evalbytes
2011-11-06 Father Chrysostomosparser.h: Rearrange constants
2011-11-06 Brian Frasereval STRING UTF8 cleanup.
2011-04-03 Father Chrysostomos[perl #87064] eval no longer shares filters
2010-12-12 Zeframrecursive-descent expression parsing
2010-10-25 Zeframfunction to parse isolated label
2010-10-21 Zeframreplace PL_doextract with better kinds of variable
2009-12-16 Gerard GoossenStore the PL_compcv instead of the the PL_comppad in...
2009-11-15 Zeframlexer API
2008-01-01 Marcus Holland-MoritzAdd editor blocks to some header files.
2007-07-16 Nicholas ClarkRe-order struct yy_parser to save space on most systems.
2007-07-16 Dave Mitchellchange #31615 added the new field in the wrong place
2007-07-16 Dave Mitchell [perl #43425] local $[: fix scoping during parser...
2007-05-21 Dave Mitchellmove PL_error_count into the PL_parser struct
2007-05-21 Dave Mitchellmove PL_multi_end into the PL_parser struct
2007-05-21 Dave Mitchellmove PL_tokenbuf into the PL_parser struct
2007-05-12 Dave Mitchellmove PL_in_my and PL_in_my_stash into the PL_parser...
2007-05-12 Dave Mitchellsave old PL_curcop value in parser struct
2007-05-12 Dave Mitchellmove PL_rsfp_filters into the parser struct
2007-05-11 Dave Mitchellmove PL_rsfp into the PL_parser struct
2007-05-05 Dave Mitchellmove PL_lex_state into the PL_parser struct
2007-05-05 Dave Mitchellmigrate more variables to PL_parser struct:
2007-05-04 Dave Mitchellmove some more variables into the PL_parser struct:
2007-05-04 Dave Mitchellmove PL_expect and PL_copline into the PL_parser structure
2007-04-24 Dave Mitchellmove PL_linestr from the interpreter struct to the...
2007-04-21 Nicholas ClarkSeveral members of struct yy_parser can go on a diet...
2007-03-31 Nicholas ClarkRearrange members of structures to reduce memory size...
2007-01-02 Nicholas ClarkUpdate copyright years to include 2007. (Plus a couple...
2007-01-02 Dave Mitchellmove easy lexer state variables into PL_parser
2007-01-01 Dave Mitchellsplit parser initialisation from parser execution
2007-01-01 Dave Mitchellsplit parser stack from parser object
2006-12-18 Dave Mitchellmove parser state into new parser object, PL_parser