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regen/ Change #define name
[perl5.git] / x2p / a2py.c
2013-03-08 Karl Williamsonregen/ Change #define name
2012-11-25 Karl WilliamsonRemove "register" declarations
2012-09-14 Karl WilliamsonRemove some EBCDIC dependencies
2012-08-18 Karl WilliamsonOmnibus removal of register declarations
2012-06-17 Karl Williamsona2py.c: Use isWORDCHAR() instead of individ components
2009-10-22 Zefram[perl #69838] a2p generates code using $[
2007-12-25 Jan DuboisRemove Nullch etc. from x2p
2007-12-21 Robin BarkerC<make translators> -Wwrite-strings clean
2005-11-07 Andy LesterCleaning up x2p directory
2005-09-21 Brendan O'Deamisc a2p fixes
2005-05-10 Jarkko Hietaniemipotential [PATCH] Tru64 crank up strictness
2003-04-16 Jarkko HietaniemiFix up Larry's copyright statements to my best knowledge.
2002-04-22 Jarkko HietaniemiNetWare changeover from Watcom to Codewarrior, from...
2001-12-29 H.Merijn Brandfrom the non-ANSI comment police (was: it won't compile...
2001-08-25 Nikola Knezevicquiet down VC++ warnings in a2py.c and walk.c
2001-06-16 Jarkko HietaniemiNetWare port from Guruprasad S <SGURUPRASAD@novell...
2001-06-03 Jarkko Hietaniemi-Wall "subscript has type `char'" cleanup.
2001-05-30 Jarkko HietaniemiMore -Wall silencing from Michael Schwern and Jarkko...
1999-02-16 Gurusamy Sarathypropagate PERL_VERSION everywhere, add to pod
1998-10-31 Albert Dvornik] a2p: make sprintf less greedy without -o
1998-08-02 Jarkko Hietaniemisupport OE/MVS
1998-02-25 Gurusamy Sarathy[asperl] added AS patch#8
1998-01-13 Gurusamy Sarathy[win32] various tweaks to build support (NOTE: meant...
1997-10-31 Nick Ing-SimmonsFurther ANSI changes now builds and passes (most) tests
1997-04-24 Chip SalzenbergFix buffer overflow in a2p
1997-04-09 Chip SalzenbergAdd B<-o> option to a2p, for old awk; make new the...
1997-03-01 Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from match from perl-5.003_91...
1996-12-19 Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from patch from perl5.003_11 to...
1996-01-01 Perl 5 PortersUse new config_h.SH STARTPERL #define.
1995-03-13 Larry WallPerl 5.001 perl-5.001
1995-02-07 Andy Doughertyperl5.000 patch.0j: fix minor portability and build...
1995-01-26 Andy Doughertyperl5.000 patch.0i: fix glaring mistakes in patches a-h
1995-01-18 Andy Doughertyperl5.000 patch.0e: fix various non-broken things in...
1994-10-17 Larry Wallperl 5.000 perl-5.000
1993-10-07 Larry Wallperl 5.0 alpha 2 perl-5a2
1992-06-08 Larry Wallperl 4.0 patch 21: patch #20, continued
1991-06-06 Larry Wallperl 4.0 patch 5: patch #4, continued
1991-03-21 Larry Wallperl 4.0.00: (no release announcement available) perl-4.0.00
1990-10-15 Larry Wallperl 3.0 patch #30 patch #29, continued
1990-08-08 Larry Wallperl 3.0 patch #20 patch #19, continued
1989-10-18 Larry Wallperl 3.0: (no announcement message available) perl-3.000
1988-06-05 Larry Wallperl 2.0 (no announcement message available) perl-2.0
1988-01-27 Larry Wallperl 1.0 patch 8: perl needed an eval operator and...
1987-12-18 Larry Walla "replacement" for awk and sed perl-1.0