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making DOS stand out in dosish for 58 delta pod
[perl5.git] / pod / perl58delta.pod
2013-05-25 David Steinbrunnermaking DOS stand out in dosish for 58 delta pod
2012-12-14 Nicholas ClarkRemove the BeOS port.
2012-08-31 Nicholas ClarkRemove the VM/ESA port.
2012-08-17 Nicholas ClarkRemove the UTS port.
2011-07-03 Karl Williamsonfix broken links in old perldeltas
2010-01-05 Tom ChristiansenPATCH: minor typo cleanup of pod/ directory
2009-09-13 Leon BrocardUse alternative URLs for links which are now broken...
2007-10-04 David LandgrenPOD cleanups
2005-08-07 Jarkko Hietaniemiundup
2004-11-12 Richard Soderberg[perl #32419] Spelling fixes for perl@23492
2004-02-01 Solar DesignerRe: [perl #15063] /tmp issues
2004-01-08 Nicholas ClarkIntegrate:
2003-09-12 Jarkko HietaniemiIt's UTF-8, not UTF8. (Note: not s/UTF-8/UTF8/,
2003-01-08 Rafael Garcia-SuarezIntegrate change #18361 from maint-5.8:
2002-11-19 Jarkko HietaniemiRe: [PATCH] UTF-8 enabling via locale (was: Re: Redhat...
2002-11-16 Andreas KönigTypo in perl58delta
2002-10-10 Yitzchak Scott-Tho... Re: README.cygwin draft update
2002-09-08 Hugo van der Sandensmall fix to perl58delta for MIME::QuotedPrint, from...
2002-08-29 dformosa@dformosa... [perl #16769] Documention bug
2002-08-11 Nick Ing-SimmonsIntegrate mainline.
2002-07-19 Jarkko HietaniemiCopy perldelta as perl58delta, purge the perldelta.