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Don't generate EBCDIC POSIX-BC tables
[perl5.git] / l1_char_class_tab.h
2016-01-14 Karl WilliamsonDon't generate EBCDIC POSIX-BC tables
2015-09-04 Karl WilliamsonChange EBCDIC macro definition
2015-09-04 Karl Williamsonl1_char_class_tab.h: Add comments
2015-09-04 Karl Williamsonl1_char_class_tab.h: Add bits for UTF-EBCDIC
2015-08-01 Karl Williamsonregen/ Suppress extra null array...
2015-02-21 Karl Williamson\s matching VT is no longer experimental
2014-09-07 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Make macro a lookup
2014-06-13 Karl WilliamsonDeprecate unescaped literal "{" in regex patterns
2014-06-01 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Skip work that is a no-op
2014-05-31 Karl Williamsonregen/ Update to use EBCDIC utilities
2014-05-31 Karl Williamsonregen/ Rmv hard-coded char names
2013-01-20 Karl WilliamsonDeprecate certain rare uses of backslashes within regexes
2012-12-31 Karl Williamsonregex: Add pseudo-Posix class: 'cased'
2012-12-22 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Create isALPHANUMERIC() and kin
2012-11-20 Karl Williamsonregexes: Add \v to table of latin1 char classes
2012-11-11 Karl Williamsonregen/ Use mktables table for charname
2012-10-20 Karl Williamsonregen/ Move code to subroutine
2012-10-12 Karl Williamsonregen/ Add bit for if character...
2012-08-02 Karl Williamsonmktables: Generate tables for chars that aren't in...
2012-07-25 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Free up bits in PL_charclass[]
2012-07-25 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Move bit shifting into base macro
2012-07-25 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: l1_charclass.h: Add bit for matching ASCII
2012-06-02 Karl Allow to work on early Unicodes
2012-05-22 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: New defn of isOCTAL_A() to free up bit
2012-05-22 Karl WilliamsonExperimentally add VT to \s definition
2012-02-16 Karl Williamsonl1_char_class_tab.h: Add field for quotemeta
2012-02-04 Karl WilliamsonUnicode 6.1
2011-10-01 Karl Revise comments, gen'd header
2011-02-14 Karl WilliamsonRevert "l1_char_class_tab.h: Remove multi-char fold...
2011-02-04 Karl Williamsonl1_char_class_tab.h: Remove multi-char fold targets
2011-01-24 Nicholas ClarkMove from Porting/ to regen/
2011-01-24 Nicholas ClarkConvert to use
2011-01-24 Nicholas ClarkMove the non-generated parts of l1_char_class_tab.h...
2010-12-16 Karl Williamsonl1_char_class_tab.h: include multi-char folds
2010-11-22 Karl Williamsonl1_char_class_tab.h: Add new bit to table.
2010-10-31 Karl Williamsonl1_char_class_tab.h: Wrong for ALNUMC
2010-09-25 Karl WilliamsonAdd 256 word bit table of character classes