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Convert to Getopt::Long from Getopt::Std.
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2011-05-23 Nicholas ClarkConvert to Getopt::Long from Getopt:...
2011-05-23 Nicholas ClarkTrim the import list from File::Spec::Functions and...
2011-05-23 Nicholas ClarkOnly load if is invoked...
2010-09-18 Steve HayFix Porting/ to work on Win32
2010-08-19 Florian RagwitzMake everything exec-bit.txt lists executable
2010-07-19 David don't flag version 'undef'
2010-07-04 David Goldenremove trailing space in cmpVERSION
2010-07-04 Matt JohnsonUpdate Porting/ to use git
2010-04-18 Gisle AasLet the cmdVERSION usage message expand $0
2009-11-18 Leon BrocardFix minor typo in comment
2009-07-03 David Mitchellmake ignore
2009-07-03 David Mitchelladd -x option to Porting/
2009-01-03 David Mitchelladd -d option to Porting/ to display diffs
2009-01-03 David MitchellAdd some basic decriptions and/or usage info to some...
2008-09-22 Steve HaySkip another module from the VERSION comparison checks
2008-09-15 Steve HayBump VERSIONs in all non-dual-lived modules that have...
2008-09-11 Steve HaySkip another file in the VERSION comparison program
2003-09-13 Jarkko Hietaniemiparse_version doesn't always succeed.
2003-08-14 Jarkko HietaniemiTweak from Slaven to catch also changed .xs files
2003-08-14 Jarkko HietaniemiAdd a known exception.
2003-08-13 Jarkko HietaniemiAdd from Slaven for comparing two