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Rename ext/Devel/Peek to ext/Devel-Peek
authorNicholas Clark <>
Mon, 9 Feb 2009 11:33:59 +0000 (11:33 +0000)
committerNicholas Clark <>
Mon, 9 Feb 2009 14:04:21 +0000 (14:04 +0000)
ext/Devel-Peek/Changes [moved from ext/Devel/Peek/Changes with 100% similarity]
ext/Devel-Peek/Makefile.PL [moved from ext/Devel/Peek/Makefile.PL with 100% similarity]
ext/Devel-Peek/ [moved from ext/Devel/Peek/ with 100% similarity]
ext/Devel-Peek/Peek.xs [moved from ext/Devel/Peek/Peek.xs with 100% similarity]
ext/Devel-Peek/t/Peek.t [moved from ext/Devel/Peek/t/Peek.t with 100% similarity]

index b89b3eb..a330ee1 100644 (file)
@@ -204,11 +204,11 @@ ext/Devel-DProf/DProf.xs  Perl code profiler
 ext/Devel-DProf/Makefile.PL    Perl code profiler makefile writer
 ext/Devel-DProf/t/DProf.t      Perl code profiler
 ext/Devel-DProf/Todo           Perl code profiler todo list
-ext/Devel/Peek/Changes         Data debugging tool, changelog
-ext/Devel/Peek/Makefile.PL     Data debugging tool, makefile writer
-ext/Devel/Peek/         Data debugging tool, module and pod
-ext/Devel/Peek/Peek.xs         Data debugging tool, externals
-ext/Devel/Peek/t/Peek.t                See if Devel::Peek works
+ext/Devel-Peek/Changes         Data debugging tool, changelog
+ext/Devel-Peek/Makefile.PL     Data debugging tool, makefile writer
+ext/Devel-Peek/         Data debugging tool, module and pod
+ext/Devel-Peek/Peek.xs         Data debugging tool, externals
+ext/Devel-Peek/t/Peek.t                See if Devel::Peek works
 ext/Devel-PPPort/apicheck_c.PL Devel::PPPort apicheck generator
 ext/Devel-PPPort/Changes       Devel::PPPort changes
 ext/Devel-PPPort/devel/    Devel::PPPort perl version builder