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Move ExtUtils tests to lib/ExtUtils/t.
authorJarkko Hietaniemi <>
Mon, 17 Dec 2001 17:50:22 +0000 (17:50 +0000)
committerJarkko Hietaniemi <>
Mon, 17 Dec 2001 17:50:22 +0000 (17:50 +0000)
p4raw-id: //depot/perl@13733

12 files changed:
lib/ExtUtils/t/Command.t [moved from lib/ExtUtils/Command.t with 100% similarity]
lib/ExtUtils/t/Embed.t [moved from lib/ExtUtils/Embed.t with 100% similarity]
lib/ExtUtils/t/ExtUtils.t [moved from lib/ExtUtils.t with 100% similarity]
lib/ExtUtils/t/Installed.t [moved from lib/ExtUtils/Installed.t with 100% similarity]
lib/ExtUtils/t/MM_Cygwin.t [moved from lib/ExtUtils/MM_Cygwin.t with 100% similarity]
lib/ExtUtils/t/MM_Unix.t [moved from lib/ExtUtils/MM_Unix.t with 100% similarity]
lib/ExtUtils/t/MM_VMS.t [moved from lib/ExtUtils/MM_VMS.t with 100% similarity]
lib/ExtUtils/t/Manifest.t [moved from lib/ExtUtils/Manifest.t with 100% similarity]
lib/ExtUtils/t/Mkbootstrap.t [moved from lib/ExtUtils/Mkbootstrap.t with 100% similarity]
lib/ExtUtils/t/Packlist.t [moved from lib/ExtUtils/Packlist.t with 100% similarity]
lib/ExtUtils/t/testlib.t [moved from lib/ExtUtils/testlib.t with 100% similarity]

index c346742..974cfaa 100644 (file)
@@ -3,8 +3,8 @@ Artistic                The "Artistic License"
 AUTHORS                        Contact info for contributors
 av.c                   Array value code
 av.h                   Array value header
-beos/beosish.h         BeOS port
 beos/beos.c            BeOS port
+beos/beosish.h         BeOS port
 beos/nm.c              BeOS port            Produces ext/ByteLoader/byterun.h, ext/ByteLoader/byterun.c and ext/B/
 cc_runtime.h           Macros need by runtime of compiler-generated code
@@ -737,8 +737,8 @@ hints/                Hints for named architecture
 hints/                 Hints for named architecture
 hints/                   Hints for named architecture
 hints/                  Hints for named architecture
-hints/                   Hints for named architecture
 hints/                 Hints for named architecture
+hints/                   Hints for named architecture
 hv.c                           Hash value code
 hv.h                           Hash value header
 INSTALL                                Detailed installation instructions
@@ -921,37 +921,37 @@ lib/         catch and throw routines
 lib/                        Exporter base class
 lib/Exporter.t                 See if Exporter works
 lib/Exporter/          Complicated routines for Exporter
-lib/ExtUtils.t                 See if extutils work
 lib/ExtUtils/                Utilities for Make on non-UNIX platforms
-lib/ExtUtils/Command.t         See if ExtUtils::Command works (Win32 only)
 lib/ExtUtils/       generate XS code to import C header constants
 lib/ExtUtils/          Utilities for embedding Perl in C programs
-lib/ExtUtils/Embed.t           See if ExtUtils::Embed and embedding works
 lib/ExtUtils/inst              Give information about installed extensions
 lib/ExtUtils/                Handles 'make install' on extensions
 lib/ExtUtils/      Information on installed extensions
-lib/ExtUtils/Installed.t       See if ExtUtils::Installed works
 lib/ExtUtils/                Locates libraries
 lib/ExtUtils/      Write Makefiles for extensions
 lib/ExtUtils/       Utilities to write MANIFEST files
 lib/ExtUtils/MANIFEST.SKIP     The default MANIFEST.SKIP
-lib/ExtUtils/Manifest.t                See if ExtUtils::Manifest works
 lib/ExtUtils/    Writes a bootstrap file (see MakeMaker)
-lib/ExtUtils/Mkbootstrap.t     See if ExtUtils::Mkbootstrap works
 lib/ExtUtils/     Writes a linker options file for extensions
 lib/ExtUtils/      MakeMaker methods for Cygwin
-lib/ExtUtils/MM_Cygwin.t       See if ExtUtils::MM_Cygwin works
 lib/ExtUtils/         MakeMaker methods for NetWare
 lib/ExtUtils/         MakeMaker methods for OS/2
 lib/ExtUtils/                MakeMaker base class for Unix
-lib/ExtUtils/MM_Unix.t         see if ExtUtils::MM_Unix works
 lib/ExtUtils/         MakeMaker methods for VMS
-lib/ExtUtils/MM_VMS.t          See if ExtUtils::MM_VMS works
 lib/ExtUtils/       MakeMaker methods for Win32
 lib/ExtUtils/       Manipulates .packlist files
-lib/ExtUtils/Packlist.t                See if Packlist works
+lib/ExtUtils/t/Command.t       See if ExtUtils::Command works (Win32 only)
+lib/ExtUtils/t/Embed.t         See if ExtUtils::Embed and embedding works
+lib/ExtUtils/t/ExtUtils.t      See if extutils work
+lib/ExtUtils/t/Installed.t     See if ExtUtils::Installed works
+lib/ExtUtils/t/Manifest.t      See if ExtUtils::Manifest works
+lib/ExtUtils/t/Mkbootstrap.t   See if ExtUtils::Mkbootstrap works
+lib/ExtUtils/t/MM_Cygwin.t     See if ExtUtils::MM_Cygwin works
+lib/ExtUtils/t/MM_UNIX.t       See if ExtUtils::MM_UNIX works
+lib/ExtUtils/t/MM_VMS.t                See if ExtUtils::MM_VMS works
+lib/ExtUtils/t/Packlist.t      See if Packlist works
+lib/ExtUtils/t/testlib.t       Fixes up @INC to use just-built extension
 lib/ExtUtils/                Fixes up @INC to use just-built extension
-lib/ExtUtils/testlib.t         Fixes up @INC to use just-built extension
 lib/ExtUtils/typemap           Extension interface types
 lib/ExtUtils/xsubpp            External subroutine preprocessor
 lib/                 a faster but more dangerous getcwd
similarity index 100%
rename from lib/ExtUtils/Embed.t
rename to lib/ExtUtils/t/Embed.t
similarity index 100%
rename from lib/ExtUtils.t
rename to lib/ExtUtils/t/ExtUtils.t