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(in blead) a missing const in a prototype
authorJarkko Hietaniemi <>
Wed, 27 Apr 2005 17:35:27 +0000 (20:35 +0300)
committerSteve Hay <>
Thu, 28 Apr 2005 16:42:13 +0000 (16:42 +0000)
Message-ID: <>

p4raw-id: //depot/perl@24350


index d10c925..1b1b811 100644 (file)
--- a/embed.fnc
+++ b/embed.fnc
@@ -1371,7 +1371,7 @@ pd        |void   |do_dump_pad    |I32 level|PerlIO *file \
 pd     |void   |pad_fixup_inner_anons|PADLIST *padlist|CV *old_cv|CV *new_cv
 pd     |void   |pad_push       |PADLIST *padlist|int depth
-p      |HV*    |pad_compname_type|PADOFFSET po
+p      |HV*    |pad_compname_type|const PADOFFSET po
 #if defined(PERL_IN_PAD_C) || defined(PERL_DECL_PROT)
 sd     |PADOFFSET|pad_findlex  |const char *name|const CV* cv|U32 seq|int warn \
diff --git a/proto.h b/proto.h
index fd63037..b18ec81 100644 (file)
--- a/proto.h
+++ b/proto.h
@@ -1314,7 +1314,7 @@ PERL_CALLCONV void        Perl_do_dump_pad(pTHX_ I32 level, PerlIO *file, PADLIST *padl
 PERL_CALLCONV void     Perl_pad_fixup_inner_anons(pTHX_ PADLIST *padlist, CV *old_cv, CV *new_cv);
 PERL_CALLCONV void     Perl_pad_push(pTHX_ PADLIST *padlist, int depth);
-PERL_CALLCONV HV*      Perl_pad_compname_type(pTHX_ PADOFFSET po);
+PERL_CALLCONV HV*      Perl_pad_compname_type(pTHX_ const PADOFFSET po);
 #if defined(PERL_IN_PAD_C) || defined(PERL_DECL_PROT)
 STATIC PADOFFSET       S_pad_findlex(pTHX_ const char *name, const CV* cv, U32 seq, int warn, SV** out_capture, SV** out_name_sv, int *out_flags);