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cpan/perlfaq/lib/ [moved from dist/perlfaq/lib/ with 54% similarity]
cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq.pod [moved from dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq.pod with 98% similarity]
cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq1.pod [moved from dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq1.pod with 100% similarity]
cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq2.pod [moved from dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq2.pod with 100% similarity]
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cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq9.pod [moved from dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq9.pod with 100% similarity]

index 05a31b2..e74b2ad 100644 (file)
@@ -1807,6 +1807,17 @@ cpan/Parse-CPAN-Meta/t/05_errors.t
+cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq1.pod          General Questions About Perl
+cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq2.pod  Obtaining and Learning about Perl
+cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq3.pod  Programming Tools
+cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq4.pod  Data Manipulation
+cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq5.pod  Files and Formats
+cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq6.pod  Regexes
+cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq7.pod  Perl Language Issues
+cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq8.pod  System Interaction
+cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq9.pod  Networking
+cpan/perlfaq/lib/    Perl frequently asked questions
+cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq.pod   Perl frequently asked questions
 cpan/PerlIO-via-QuotedPrint/lib/PerlIO/via/      PerlIO::via::QuotedPrint
 cpan/PerlIO-via-QuotedPrint/t/QuotedPrint.t                    PerlIO::via::QuotedPrint
 cpan/Perl-OSType/lib/Perl/                    Perl::OSType
@@ -3239,17 +3250,6 @@ dist/Net-Ping/t/410_syn_host.t           Ping Net::Ping
 dist/Net-Ping/t/450_service.t          Ping Net::Ping
 dist/Net-Ping/t/500_ping_icmp.t                Ping Net::Ping
 dist/Net-Ping/t/510_ping_udp.t         Ping Net::Ping
-dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq1.pod          General Questions About Perl
-dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq2.pod  Obtaining and Learning about Perl
-dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq3.pod  Programming Tools
-dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq4.pod  Data Manipulation
-dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq5.pod  Files and Formats
-dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq6.pod  Regexes
-dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq7.pod  Perl Language Issues
-dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq8.pod  System Interaction
-dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq9.pod  Networking
-dist/perlfaq/lib/    Perl frequently asked questions
-dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq.pod   Perl frequently asked questions
 dist/Pod-Perldoc/lib/perldoc.pod                       Look up Perl documentation in Pod format
 dist/Pod-Perldoc/lib/Pod/Perldoc/     utility module for perldoc
 dist/Pod-Perldoc/lib/Pod/Perldoc/  options parsing for perldoc
index 347f85d..e597842 100644 (file)
--- a/META.yml
+++ b/META.yml
@@ -42,7 +42,6 @@ no_index:
     - dist/Math-BigRat
     - dist/Module-CoreList
     - dist/Net-Ping
-    - dist/perlfaq
     - dist/Pod-Perldoc
     - dist/Safe
     - dist/Search-Dict
index 115d00d..e38796c 100755 (executable)
@@ -761,10 +761,10 @@ use File::Glob qw(:case);
     'perlfaq' =>
        'MAINTAINER'    => 'perlfaq',
-       'DISTRIBUTION'  => 'FLORA/perlfaq-5.01500301.tar.gz',
-       'FILES'         => q[dist/perlfaq],
+       'DISTRIBUTION'  => 'LLAP/perlfaq-5.01500302.tar.gz',
+       'FILES'         => q[cpan/perlfaq],
        'EXCLUDED'      => [ qw(t/release-pod-syntax.t) ],
-       'UPSTREAM'      => 'blead',
+       'UPSTREAM'      => 'cpan',
     'File::Basename' =>
similarity index 54%
rename from dist/perlfaq/lib/
rename to cpan/perlfaq/lib/
index 5c7a95f..bca26a5 100644 (file)
@@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
 package perlfaq;
-our $VERSION = '5.0150031';
+  $perlfaq::VERSION = '5.01500302';
 0; # not is it supposed to be loaded
similarity index 98%
rename from dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq.pod
rename to cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq.pod
index 101101b..929b03d 100644 (file)
@@ -26,17 +26,19 @@ Besides your local system, you can find the perlfaq on the web, including
 at .
 The perlfaq is an evolving document and you can read the latest version
-at . The perlfaq-workers periodically post extracts
-of the latest perlfaq to comp.lang.perl.misc.
-The perlfaq documents are in the perl source tree (see
-L<perlgit>). The git repository notes all changes to the FAQ and
-holds the latest version of the working documents and may vary
-significantly from the version distributed with the latest version of
-Perl. Check the repository before sending your corrections.
+at .
 =head2 How to contribute to the perlfaq
+Please review
+if you do not find your suggestion please create an issue or pull request
+against .
+Once approved they will then be merged into 
+ which is the latest live version that
+drives and will be distributed with the next
+release of Perl 5.
 You can mail corrections, additions, and suggestions to
 C<< <perlfaq-workers AT perl DOT org> >>. The perlfaq volunteers use this
 address to coordinate their efforts and track the perlfaq development.
diff --git a/pod.lst b/pod.lst
index 25c825e..b4c62fb 100644 (file)
--- a/pod.lst
+++ b/pod.lst
@@ -33,16 +33,16 @@ h Tutorials
   perltrap             Perl traps for the unwary
   perldebtut           Perl debugging tutorial
-  dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq             Perl frequently asked questions
-2 dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq1            General Questions About Perl
-2 dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq2            Obtaining and Learning about Perl
-2 dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq3            Programming Tools
-2 dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq4            Data Manipulation
-2 dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq5            Files and Formats
-2 dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq6            Regexes
-2 dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq7            Perl Language Issues
-2 dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq8            System Interaction
-2 dist/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq9            Networking
+  cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq             Perl frequently asked questions
+2 cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq1            General Questions About Perl
+2 cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq2            Obtaining and Learning about Perl
+2 cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq3            Programming Tools
+2 cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq4            Data Manipulation
+2 cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq5            Files and Formats
+2 cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq6            Regexes
+2 cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq7            Perl Language Issues
+2 cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq8            System Interaction
+2 cpan/perlfaq/lib/perlfaq9            Networking
 h Reference Manual