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Remove JPL
authorRafael Garcia-Suarez <>
Wed, 6 Sep 2006 09:18:31 +0000 (09:18 +0000)
committerRafael Garcia-Suarez <>
Wed, 6 Sep 2006 09:18:31 +0000 (09:18 +0000)
Remove JPL

p4raw-id: //depot/perl@28789
41 files changed:
jpl/ChangeLog [deleted file]
jpl/JNI/Changes [deleted file]
jpl/JNI/ [deleted file]
jpl/JNI/ [deleted file]
jpl/JNI/JNI.xs [deleted file]
jpl/JNI/JNIConfig [deleted file]
jpl/JNI/JNIConfig.Win32 [deleted file]
jpl/JNI/JNIConfig.kaffe [deleted file]
jpl/JNI/JNIConfig.noembed [deleted file]
jpl/JNI/JNIConfig.standard [deleted file]
jpl/JNI/Makefile.PL [deleted file]
jpl/JNI/ [deleted file]
jpl/JNI/typemap [deleted file]
jpl/JNI/typemap.gcc [deleted file]
jpl/JNI/typemap.win32 [deleted file]
jpl/JPL/ [deleted file]
jpl/JPL/ [deleted file]
jpl/JPL/ [deleted file]
jpl/JPL/Makefile.PL [deleted file]
jpl/JPL_Rolo/JPL_Rolo.jpl [deleted file]
jpl/JPL_Rolo/Makefile.PL [deleted file]
jpl/JPL_Rolo/README [deleted file]
jpl/JPL_Rolo/cardfile [deleted file]
jpl/PerlInterpreter/Makefile.PL [deleted file]
jpl/PerlInterpreter/PerlInterpreter.c [deleted file]
jpl/PerlInterpreter/PerlInterpreter.h [deleted file]
jpl/PerlInterpreter/ [deleted file]
jpl/README [deleted file]
jpl/README.JUST-JNI [deleted file]
jpl/SETVARS.PL [deleted file]
jpl/Sample/Makefile.PL [deleted file]
jpl/Sample/Sample.jpl [deleted file]
jpl/Test/Makefile.PL [deleted file]
jpl/Test/Test.jpl [deleted file]
jpl/bin/jpl [deleted file]
jpl/docs/Tutorial.pod [deleted file]
jpl/get_jdk/README [deleted file]
jpl/get_jdk/ [deleted file]
jpl/get_jdk/jdk_hosts [deleted file]
jpl/install-jpl [deleted file]