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[perl5.git] / perliol.h
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1#ifndef PERLIOL_H_
2#define PERLIOL_H_
4typedef struct {
5 PerlIO_funcs *funcs;
6 SV *arg;
7} PerlIO_pair_t;
9struct PerlIO_list_s {
10 IV refcnt;
11 IV cur;
12 IV len;
13 PerlIO_pair_t *array;
16struct _PerlIO_funcs {
17 Size_t fsize;
18 const char *name;
19 Size_t size;
20 U32 kind;
21 IV (*Pushed) (pTHX_ PerlIO *f, const char *mode, SV *arg, PerlIO_funcs *tab);
22 IV (*Popped) (pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
23 PerlIO *(*Open) (pTHX_ PerlIO_funcs *tab,
24 PerlIO_list_t *layers, IV n,
25 const char *mode,
26 int fd, int imode, int perm,
27 PerlIO *old, int narg, SV **args);
28 IV (*Binmode)(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
29 SV *(*Getarg) (pTHX_ PerlIO *f, CLONE_PARAMS *param, int flags);
30 IV (*Fileno) (pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
31 PerlIO *(*Dup) (pTHX_ PerlIO *f, PerlIO *o, CLONE_PARAMS *param, int flags);
32 /* Unix-like functions - cf sfio line disciplines */
33 SSize_t(*Read) (pTHX_ PerlIO *f, void *vbuf, Size_t count);
34 SSize_t(*Unread) (pTHX_ PerlIO *f, const void *vbuf, Size_t count);
35 SSize_t(*Write) (pTHX_ PerlIO *f, const void *vbuf, Size_t count);
36 IV (*Seek) (pTHX_ PerlIO *f, Off_t offset, int whence);
37 Off_t(*Tell) (pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
38 IV (*Close) (pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
39 /* Stdio-like buffered IO functions */
40 IV (*Flush) (pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
41 IV (*Fill) (pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
42 IV (*Eof) (pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
43 IV (*Error) (pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
44 void (*Clearerr) (pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
45 void (*Setlinebuf) (pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
46 /* Perl's snooping functions */
47 STDCHAR *(*Get_base) (pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
48 Size_t(*Get_bufsiz) (pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
49 STDCHAR *(*Get_ptr) (pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
50 SSize_t(*Get_cnt) (pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
51 void (*Set_ptrcnt) (pTHX_ PerlIO *f, STDCHAR * ptr, SSize_t cnt);
55/* Kind values */
56#define PERLIO_K_RAW 0x00000001
57#define PERLIO_K_BUFFERED 0x00000002
58#define PERLIO_K_CANCRLF 0x00000004
59#define PERLIO_K_FASTGETS 0x00000008
60#define PERLIO_K_DUMMY 0x00000010
61#define PERLIO_K_UTF8 0x00008000
62#define PERLIO_K_DESTRUCT 0x00010000
63#define PERLIO_K_MULTIARG 0x00020000
66struct _PerlIO {
67 PerlIOl *next; /* Lower layer */
68 PerlIO_funcs *tab; /* Functions for this layer */
69 U32 flags; /* Various flags for state */
70 int err; /* Saved errno value */
71#ifdef VMS
72 unsigned os_err; /* Saved vaxc$errno value */
73#elif defined (OS2)
74 unsigned long os_err;
75#elif defined (WIN32)
76 DWORD os_err; /* Saved GetLastError() value */
78 PerlIOl *head; /* our ultimate parent pointer */
83/* Flag values */
84#define PERLIO_F_EOF 0x00000100
85#define PERLIO_F_CANWRITE 0x00000200
86#define PERLIO_F_CANREAD 0x00000400
87#define PERLIO_F_ERROR 0x00000800
88#define PERLIO_F_TRUNCATE 0x00001000
89#define PERLIO_F_APPEND 0x00002000
90#define PERLIO_F_CRLF 0x00004000
91#define PERLIO_F_UTF8 0x00008000
92#define PERLIO_F_UNBUF 0x00010000
93#define PERLIO_F_WRBUF 0x00020000
94#define PERLIO_F_RDBUF 0x00040000
95#define PERLIO_F_LINEBUF 0x00080000
96#define PERLIO_F_TEMP 0x00100000
97#define PERLIO_F_OPEN 0x00200000
98#define PERLIO_F_FASTGETS 0x00400000
99#define PERLIO_F_TTY 0x00800000
100#define PERLIO_F_NOTREG 0x01000000
101#define PERLIO_F_CLEARED 0x02000000 /* layer cleared but not freed */
103#define PerlIOBase(f) (*(f))
104#define PerlIOSelf(f,type) ((type *)PerlIOBase(f))
105#define PerlIONext(f) (&(PerlIOBase(f)->next))
106#define PerlIOValid(f) ((f) && *(f))
109EXTCONST PerlIO_funcs PerlIO_unix;
110EXTCONST PerlIO_funcs PerlIO_perlio;
111EXTCONST PerlIO_funcs PerlIO_stdio;
112EXTCONST PerlIO_funcs PerlIO_crlf;
113EXTCONST PerlIO_funcs PerlIO_utf8;
114EXTCONST PerlIO_funcs PerlIO_byte;
115EXTCONST PerlIO_funcs PerlIO_raw;
116EXTCONST PerlIO_funcs PerlIO_pending;
117#ifdef WIN32
118EXTCONST PerlIO_funcs PerlIO_win32;
120PERL_CALLCONV PerlIO *PerlIO_allocate(pTHX);
121PERL_CALLCONV SV *PerlIO_arg_fetch(PerlIO_list_t *av, IV n);
122#define PerlIOArg PerlIO_arg_fetch(layers,n)
125#define PERLIO_STDTEXT "t"
127#define PERLIO_STDTEXT ""
131/* perlio buffer layer
132 As this is reasonably generic its struct and "methods" are declared here
133 so they can be used to "inherit" from it.
136typedef struct {
137 struct _PerlIO base; /* Base "class" info */
138 STDCHAR *buf; /* Start of buffer */
139 STDCHAR *end; /* End of valid part of buffer */
140 STDCHAR *ptr; /* Current position in buffer */
141 Off_t posn; /* Offset of buf into the file */
142 Size_t bufsiz; /* Real size of buffer */
143 IV oneword; /* Emergency buffer */
144} PerlIOBuf;
146PERL_CALLCONV int PerlIO_apply_layera(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, const char *mode,
147 PerlIO_list_t *layers, IV n, IV max);
148PERL_CALLCONV int PerlIO_parse_layers(pTHX_ PerlIO_list_t *av, const char *names);
149PERL_CALLCONV PerlIO_funcs *PerlIO_layer_fetch(pTHX_ PerlIO_list_t *av, IV n, PerlIO_funcs *def);
152PERL_CALLCONV SV *PerlIO_sv_dup(pTHX_ SV *arg, CLONE_PARAMS *param);
153PERL_CALLCONV void PerlIO_cleantable(pTHX_ PerlIOl **tablep);
154PERL_CALLCONV SV * PerlIO_tab_sv(pTHX_ PerlIO_funcs *tab);
155PERL_CALLCONV void PerlIO_default_buffer(pTHX_ PerlIO_list_t *av);
156PERL_CALLCONV void PerlIO_stdstreams(pTHX);
157PERL_CALLCONV int PerlIO__close(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
158PERL_CALLCONV PerlIO_list_t * PerlIO_resolve_layers(pTHX_ const char *layers, const char *mode, int narg, SV **args);
159PERL_CALLCONV PerlIO_funcs * PerlIO_default_layer(pTHX_ I32 n);
160PERL_CALLCONV PerlIO_list_t * PerlIO_default_layers(pTHX);
161PERL_CALLCONV PerlIO * PerlIO_reopen(const char *path, const char *mode, PerlIO *f);
163PERL_CALLCONV PerlIO_list_t *PerlIO_list_alloc(pTHX);
164PERL_CALLCONV PerlIO_list_t *PerlIO_clone_list(pTHX_ PerlIO_list_t *proto, CLONE_PARAMS *param);
165PERL_CALLCONV void PerlIO_list_free(pTHX_ PerlIO_list_t *list);
166PERL_CALLCONV void PerlIO_list_push(pTHX_ PerlIO_list_t *list, PerlIO_funcs *funcs, SV *arg);
167PERL_CALLCONV void PerlIO_list_free(pTHX_ PerlIO_list_t *list);
169/* PerlIO_teardown doesn't need exporting, but the EXTERN_C is needed
170 * for compiling as C++. Must also match with what perl.h says. */
171EXTERN_C void PerlIO_teardown(void);
174/* Generic, or stub layer functions */
176PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOBase_binmode(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
177PERL_CALLCONV void PerlIOBase_clearerr(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
178PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOBase_close(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
179PERL_CALLCONV PerlIO * PerlIOBase_dup(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, PerlIO *o, CLONE_PARAMS *param, int flags);
180PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOBase_eof(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
181PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOBase_error(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
182PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOBase_fileno(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
183PERL_CALLCONV void PerlIOBase_flush_linebuf(pTHX);
184PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOBase_noop_fail(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
185PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOBase_noop_ok(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
186PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOBase_popped(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
187PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOBase_pushed(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, const char *mode, SV *arg, PerlIO_funcs *tab);
188PERL_CALLCONV PerlIO * PerlIOBase_open(pTHX_ PerlIO_funcs *self, PerlIO_list_t *layers, IV n, const char *mode, int fd, int imode, int perm, PerlIO *old, int narg, SV **args);
189PERL_CALLCONV SSize_t PerlIOBase_read(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, void *vbuf, Size_t count);
190PERL_CALLCONV void PerlIOBase_setlinebuf(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
191PERL_CALLCONV SSize_t PerlIOBase_unread(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, const void *vbuf, Size_t count);
193/* Buf */
194PERL_CALLCONV Size_t PerlIOBuf_bufsiz(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
195PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOBuf_close(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
196PERL_CALLCONV PerlIO * PerlIOBuf_dup(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, PerlIO *o, CLONE_PARAMS *param, int flags);
197PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOBuf_fill(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
198PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOBuf_flush(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
199PERL_CALLCONV STDCHAR * PerlIOBuf_get_base(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
200PERL_CALLCONV SSize_t PerlIOBuf_get_cnt(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
201PERL_CALLCONV STDCHAR * PerlIOBuf_get_ptr(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
202PERL_CALLCONV PerlIO * PerlIOBuf_open(pTHX_ PerlIO_funcs *self, PerlIO_list_t *layers, IV n, const char *mode, int fd, int imode, int perm, PerlIO *old, int narg, SV **args);
203PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOBuf_popped(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
204PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOBuf_pushed(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, const char *mode, SV *arg, PerlIO_funcs *tab);
205PERL_CALLCONV SSize_t PerlIOBuf_read(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, void *vbuf, Size_t count);
206PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOBuf_seek(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, Off_t offset, int whence);
207PERL_CALLCONV void PerlIOBuf_set_ptrcnt(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, STDCHAR * ptr, SSize_t cnt);
208PERL_CALLCONV Off_t PerlIOBuf_tell(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
209PERL_CALLCONV SSize_t PerlIOBuf_unread(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, const void *vbuf, Size_t count);
210PERL_CALLCONV SSize_t PerlIOBuf_write(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, const void *vbuf, Size_t count);
212/* Crlf */
213PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOCrlf_binmode(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
214PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOCrlf_flush(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
215PERL_CALLCONV SSize_t PerlIOCrlf_get_cnt(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
216PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOCrlf_pushed(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, const char *mode, SV *arg, PerlIO_funcs *tab);
217PERL_CALLCONV void PerlIOCrlf_set_ptrcnt(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, STDCHAR * ptr, SSize_t cnt);
218PERL_CALLCONV SSize_t PerlIOCrlf_unread(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, const void *vbuf, Size_t count);
219PERL_CALLCONV SSize_t PerlIOCrlf_write(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, const void *vbuf, Size_t count);
221/* Pending */
222PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOPending_close(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
223PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOPending_fill(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
224PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOPending_flush(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
225PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOPending_pushed(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, const char *mode, SV *arg, PerlIO_funcs *tab);
226PERL_CALLCONV SSize_t PerlIOPending_read(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, void *vbuf, Size_t count);
227PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOPending_seek(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, Off_t offset, int whence);
228PERL_CALLCONV void PerlIOPending_set_ptrcnt(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, STDCHAR * ptr, SSize_t cnt);
230/* Pop */
231PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOPop_pushed(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, const char *mode, SV *arg, PerlIO_funcs *tab);
233/* Raw */
234PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIORaw_pushed(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, const char *mode, SV *arg, PerlIO_funcs *tab);
236/* Stdio */
237PERL_CALLCONV void PerlIOStdio_clearerr(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
238PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOStdio_close(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
239PERL_CALLCONV PerlIO * PerlIOStdio_dup(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, PerlIO *o, CLONE_PARAMS *param, int flags);
240PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOStdio_eof(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
241PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOStdio_error(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
242PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOStdio_fileno(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
243#ifdef USE_STDIO_PTR
244PERL_CALLCONV STDCHAR * PerlIOStdio_get_ptr(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
245PERL_CALLCONV SSize_t PerlIOStdio_get_cnt(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
246PERL_CALLCONV void PerlIOStdio_set_ptrcnt(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, STDCHAR * ptr, SSize_t cnt);
248PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOStdio_fill(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
249PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOStdio_flush(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
250#ifdef FILE_base
251PERL_CALLCONV STDCHAR * PerlIOStdio_get_base(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
252PERL_CALLCONV Size_t PerlIOStdio_get_bufsiz(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
254PERL_CALLCONV char * PerlIOStdio_mode(const char *mode, char *tmode);
255PERL_CALLCONV PerlIO * PerlIOStdio_open(pTHX_ PerlIO_funcs *self, PerlIO_list_t *layers, IV n, const char *mode, int fd, int imode, int perm, PerlIO *f, int narg, SV **args);
256PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOStdio_pushed(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, const char *mode, SV *arg, PerlIO_funcs *tab);
257PERL_CALLCONV SSize_t PerlIOStdio_read(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, void *vbuf, Size_t count);
258PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOStdio_seek(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, Off_t offset, int whence);
259PERL_CALLCONV void PerlIOStdio_setlinebuf(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
260PERL_CALLCONV Off_t PerlIOStdio_tell(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
261PERL_CALLCONV SSize_t PerlIOStdio_unread(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, const void *vbuf, Size_t count);
262PERL_CALLCONV SSize_t PerlIOStdio_write(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, const void *vbuf, Size_t count);
264/* Unix */
265PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOUnix_close(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
266PERL_CALLCONV PerlIO * PerlIOUnix_dup(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, PerlIO *o, CLONE_PARAMS *param, int flags);
267PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOUnix_fileno(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
268PERL_CALLCONV int PerlIOUnix_oflags(const char *mode);
269PERL_CALLCONV PerlIO * PerlIOUnix_open(pTHX_ PerlIO_funcs *self, PerlIO_list_t *layers, IV n, const char *mode, int fd, int imode, int perm, PerlIO *f, int narg, SV **args);
270PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOUnix_pushed(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, const char *mode, SV *arg, PerlIO_funcs *tab);
271PERL_CALLCONV SSize_t PerlIOUnix_read(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, void *vbuf, Size_t count);
272PERL_CALLCONV int PerlIOUnix_refcnt_dec(int fd);
273PERL_CALLCONV void PerlIOUnix_refcnt_inc(int fd);
274PERL_CALLCONV int PerlIOUnix_refcnt(int fd);
275PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOUnix_seek(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, Off_t offset, int whence);
276PERL_CALLCONV Off_t PerlIOUnix_tell(pTHX_ PerlIO *f);
277PERL_CALLCONV SSize_t PerlIOUnix_write(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, const void *vbuf, Size_t count);
279/* Utf8 */
280PERL_CALLCONV IV PerlIOUtf8_pushed(pTHX_ PerlIO *f, const char *mode, SV *arg, PerlIO_funcs *tab);
282#endif /* PERLIOL_H_ */
285 * ex: set ts=8 sts=4 sw=4 et:
286 */