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1The following assumes you have the GNU-Win32 package, version b17.1 or
2later, installed and configured on your system. See
3 for details on the GNU-Win32
4project and the Cygwin32 API.
61) Copy the contents of the cygwin32 directory to the Perl source
7 root directory.
92) Modify the ld2 and gcc2 scripts by making the PERLPATH variable contain
10 the Perl source root directory. For example, if you extracted perl to
11 "/perl5.005", change the scripts so they contain the line:
13 PERLPATH=/perl5.005
153) Copy the two scripts ld2 and gcc2 from the cygwin32 subdirectory to a
16 directory in your PATH environment variable. For example, copy to
17 /bin, assuming /bin is in your PATH. (These two scripts are 'wrapper'
18 scripts that encapsulate the multiple-pass dll building steps used by
19 GNU-Win32 ld/gcc.)
214) Run the perl Configuration script as stated in the perl README file:
23 sh Configure
25 When confronted with this prompt:
27 First time through, eh? I have some defaults handy for the
28 following systems:
29 .
30 .
31 .
32 Which of these apply, if any?
34 Select "cygwin32".
36 The defaults should be OK for everything, except for the specific
37 pathnames for the cygwin32 libs, include files, installation dirs,
38 etc. on your system; answer those questions appropriately.
40 NOTE: On windows 95, the configuration script only stops every other
41 time for responses from the command line. In this case you can manually
42 copy hints/ to, edit for your paths, and
43 run Configure non-interactively using sh Configure -d.
455) Run "make" as stated in the perl README file.
476) Run "make test". Some tests will fail, but you should get around a
48 83% success rate. (Most failures seem to be due to Unixisms that don't
49 apply to win32.)
517) Install. If you just run "perl installperl", it appears that perl
52 can't find itself when it forks because it changes to another directory
53 during the install process. You can get around this by invoking the
54 install script using a full pathname for perl, such as:
56 /perl5.004/perl installperl
58 This should complete the installation process.