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typo fixes for root level scripts
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1#!./miniperl -w
3use strict;
4if (@ARGV) {
5 my $dir = shift;
6 chdir $dir or die "Can't chdir '$dir': $!";
7 unshift @INC, 'lib';
10unshift @INC, ('dist/Cwd', 'dist/Cwd/lib');
11require File::Spec::Functions;
13# To clarify, this isn't the entire suite of modules considered "toolchain"
14# It's not even all modules needed to build ext/
15# It's just the source paths of the (minimum complete set of) modules in ext/
16# needed to build the nonxs modules
17# After which, all nonxs modules are in lib, which was always sufficient to
18# allow miniperl to build everything else.
19# Term::ReadLine is not here for building but for allowing the debugger to
20# run under miniperl when nothing but miniperl will build :-(.
22my @toolchain = qw(cpan/AutoLoader/lib
23 dist/Carp/lib
24 dist/Cwd dist/Cwd/lib
25 dist/ExtUtils-Command/lib
26 dist/ExtUtils-Install/lib
27 cpan/ExtUtils-MakeMaker/lib
28 dist/ExtUtils-Manifest/lib
29 cpan/File-Path/lib
30 ext/re
31 dist/Term-ReadLine/lib
32 );
34# Used only in ExtUtils::Liblist::Kid::_win32_ext()
35push @toolchain, 'cpan/Text-ParseWords/lib' if $^O eq 'MSWin32';
37# lib must be last, as the toolchain modules write themselves into it
38# as they build, and it's important that @INC order ensures that the partially
39# written files are always masked by the complete versions.
41my $inc = join ",\n ",
42 map { "q\0$_\0" }
43 (map {File::Spec::Functions::rel2abs($_)} @toolchain, 'lib'), '.';
45# If any of the system's build tools are written in Perl, then this module
46# may well be loaded by a much older version than we are building. So keep it
47# as backwards compatible as is easy.
48print <<"EOT";
51# We are miniperl, building extensions
52# Reset \@INC completely, adding the directories we need, and removing the
53# installed directories (which we don't need to read, and may confuse us)
54\@INC = ($inc);