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Remove all symbols from metaconfig.h
[perl5.git] / metaconfig.h
1/* This is a placeholder file for symbols that should be exported
2 * into config_h.SH and Porting/Glossary. See also metaconfig.SH
3 *
269a7913 4 * First version was created from the part in handy.h
5 * H.Merijn Brand 21 Dec 2010 (Tux)
6 *
7 * Mentioned variables are forced to be included into config_h.SH
8 * as they are only included if meta finds them referenced. That
9 * implies that noone can use them unless they are available and
10 * they won't be available unless used. When new symbols are probed
11 * in Configure, this is the way to force them into availability.
a7dcd8d7 12 */