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fix O_CREAT without O_TRUNC in cpan/autodie/t/utf8_open.t
[perl5.git] / t / porting / checkcfgvar.t
1#!./perl -w
3# What does this test?
4# This uses Porting/ to check that none of the
5# files are missing any entries.
7# Why do we test this?
8# We need them to be complete when we ship a release, and this way we catch
9# problems as early as possible. (Instead of creating the potential for yet
10# another last-minute job for the release manager). If a config file for a
11# platform is incomplete, it can't be used to correctly regenerate config.h,
12# because missing values result in invalid C code. We keep the files sorted
13# as it makes it easy to automate adding defaults.
15# It's broken - how do I fix it?
16# The most likely reason that the test failed is because you've just added
17# a new entry to Configure, and config_h.SH but nowhere else.
18# Run something like:
19# perl Porting/ --regen --default=undef
20# (the correct default might not always be undef) to do most of the work, and
21# then hand-edit (as that's not automated).
22# If this changes, you'll also need to run perl regen/
25 @INC = '..' if -f '../';
27use TestInit qw(T A); # T is chdir to the top level, A makes paths absolute
29system "$^X Porting/ --tap";