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perl 1.0 patch 9: 3 portability problems
[perl5.git] / MANIFEST
1After all the perl kits are run you should have the following files:
3Filename Kit Description
4-------- --- -----------
5Configure 6 Run this first
6EXTERN.h 10 Included before foreign .h files
7INTERN.h 10 Included before domestic .h files
8MANIFEST 8 This list of files
9Makefile.SH 4 Precursor to Makefile
10README 1 The Instructions
11Wishlist 10 Some things that may or may not happen
12arg.c 3 Expression evaluation
13arg.h 8 Public declarations for the above
14array.c 6 Numerically subscripted arrays
15array.h 10 Public declarations for the above
16cmd.c 7 Command interpreter
17cmd.h 9 Public declarations for the above
18config.H 9 Sample config.h
19config.h.SH 9 Produces config.h.
20dump.c 8 Debugging output
21form.c 8 Format processing
22form.h 10 Public declarations for the above
23handy.h 10 Handy definitions
24hash.c 9 Associative arrays
25hash.h 10 Public declarations for the above
26makedepend.SH 9 Precursor to makedepend
27makedir.SH 10 Precursor to makedir
28malloc.c 7 A version of malloc you might not want
29patchlevel.h 1 The current patch level of perl
30perl.h 9 Global declarations 5 The manual page(s), first half 4 The manual page(s), second half
33perl.y 5 Yacc grammar for perl
34perly.c 2 The perl compiler
35search.c 6 String matching
36search.h 10 Public declarations for the above
37spat.h 10 Search pattern declarations
38stab.c 8 Symbol table stuff
39stab.h 10 Public declarations for the above
40str.c 4 String handling package
41str.h 10 Public declarations for the above
42t/README 10 Instructions for regression tests
43t/TEST 10 The regression tester
44t/base.cond 10 See if conditionals work
45t/base.if 10 See if if works
46t/base.lex 10 See if lexical items work
47t/base.pat 10 See if pattern matching works
48t/base.term 10 See if various terms work
49t/cmd.elsif 10 See if else-if works
50t/cmd.for 10 See if for loops work
51t/cmd.mod 10 See if statement modifiers work
52t/cmd.subval 10 See if subroutine values work
53t/cmd.while 7 See if while loops work
54t/comp.cmdopt 9 See if command optimization works
55t/comp.cpp 10 See if C preprocessor works
56t/comp.decl 10 See if declarations work
57t/comp.multiline 10 See if multiline strings work
58t/comp.script 10 See if script invokation works
59t/comp.term 10 See if more terms work
60t/io.argv 10 See if ARGV stuff works
61t/io.fs 5 See if directory manipulations work
62t/io.inplace 10 See if inplace editing works
63t/io.print 10 See if print commands work
64t/io.tell 10 See if file seeking works
65t/op.append 10 See if . works
66t/ 9 See if autoincrement et all work
67t/op.chop 10 See if chop works
68t/op.cond 10 See if conditional expressions work
69t/op.crypt 10 See if crypt works
70t/ 10 See if subroutines work
71t/op.each 10 See if associative iterators work
72t/op.exec 10 See if exec and system work
73t/op.exp 10 See if math functions work
74t/op.flip 10 See if range operator works
75t/op.fork 10 See if fork works
76t/op.goto 10 See if goto works
77t/ 10 See if int works
78t/op.join 10 See if join works
79t/op.list 10 See if array lists work
80t/op.magic 10 See if magic variables work
81t/op.oct 10 See if oct and hex work
82t/op.ord 10 See if ord works
83t/op.pat 9 See if esoteric patterns work
84t/op.push 7 See if push and pop work
85t/op.repeat 10 See if x operator works
86t/op.sleep 6 See if sleep works
87t/op.split 10 See if split works
88t/op.sprintf 10 See if sprintf work
89t/op.stat 10 See if stat work
90t/op.subst 10 See if substitutions work
91t/op.time 10 See if time functions work
92t/op.unshift 10 See if unshift works
93util.c 9 Utility routines
94util.h 10 Public declarations for the above
95version.c 10 Prints version of perl
96x2p/EXTERN.h 10 Same as above
97x2p/INTERN.h 10 Same as above
98x2p/Makefile.SH 9 Precursor to Makefile
99x2p/a2p.h 8 Global declarations
100x2p/ 8 Manual page for awk to perl translator
101x2p/a2p.y 8 A yacc grammer for awk
102x2p/a2py.c 7 Awk compiler, sort of
103x2p/handy.h 10 Handy definitions
104x2p/hash.c 9 Associative arrays again
105x2p/hash.h 10 Public declarations for the above
106x2p/s2p 1 Sed to perl translator
107x2p/ 10 Manual page for sed to perl translator
108x2p/str.c 7 String handling package
109x2p/str.h 10 Public declarations for the above
110x2p/util.c 9 Utility routines
111x2p/util.h 10 Public declarations for the above
112x2p/walk.c 1 Parse tree walker