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t/ Extract out finding locales from locale.t
[perl5.git] / t / lib / locale / latin1
4c53e876 1no utf8; # naked Latin-1
73fc293b 2return split /\n/, <<EOF;
3Català Catalan:ca:es:1 15
4Français French:fr:be ca ch fr lu:1 15
5Gáidhlig Gaelic:gd:gb uk:1 14 15
6Føroyskt Faroese:fo:fo:1 15
7Íslensku Icelandic:is:is:1 15
8Sámi Lappish:::4 6 13
9Português Portuguese:po:po br:1 15
10Espanõl Spanish:es:ar bo cl co cr do ec es gt hn mx ni pa pe py sv uy ve:1 15