This is a live mirror of the Perl 5 development currently hosted at
perl 3.0 patch #15 (combined patch)
[perl5.git] / MANIFEST
1Changes Differences between 2.0 level 18 and 3.0 level 0
2Configure Run this first
3Copying The GNU General Public License
4EXTERN.h Included before foreign .h files
5INTERN.h Included before domestic .h files
6MANIFEST This list of files
7Makefile.SH Precursor to Makefile
8PACKINGLIST Which files came from which kits
9README The Instructions
d8f2e4cc 10README.uport Special instructions for Microports
11Wishlist Some things that may or may not happen
12arg.h Public declarations for the above
13array.c Numerically subscripted arrays
14array.h Public declarations for the above
15client A client to test sockets
16cmd.c Command interpreter
17cmd.h Public declarations for the above
18config.H Sample config.h
19config.h.SH Produces config.h
20cons.c Routines to construct cmd nodes of a parse tree
21consarg.c Routines to construct arg nodes of a parse tree
22doarg.c Scalar expression evaluation
23doio.c I/O operations
24dolist.c Array expression evaluation
25dump.c Debugging output
26eg/ADB An adb wrapper to put in your crash dir
27eg/README Intro to example perl scripts
28eg/changes A program to list recently changed files
29eg/down A program to do things to subdirectories
30eg/dus A program to do du -s on non-mounted dirs
31eg/findcp A find wrapper that implements a -cp switch
32eg/findtar A find wrapper that pumps out a tar file
33eg/g/gcp A program to do a global rcp
34eg/g/ Manual page for gcp
35eg/g/ged A program to do a global edit
36eg/g/ghosts A sample /etc/ghosts file
37eg/g/gsh A program to do a global rsh
38eg/g/ Manual page for gsh
39eg/muck A program to find missing make dependencies
40eg/ Manual page for muck
41eg/myrup A program to find lightly loaded machines
42eg/nih Script to insert #! workaround
43eg/rename A program to rename files
44eg/rmfrom A program to feed doomed filenames to
45eg/scan/scan_df Scan for filesystem anomalies
46eg/scan/scan_last Scan for login anomalies
47eg/scan/scan_messages Scan for console message anomalies
48eg/scan/scan_passwd Scan for passwd file anomalies
49eg/scan/scan_ps Scan for process anomalies
50eg/scan/scan_sudo Scan for sudo anomalies
51eg/scan/scan_suid Scan for setuid anomalies
52eg/scan/scanner An anomaly reporter
53eg/shmkill A program to remove unused shared memory
54eg/van/empty A program to empty the trashcan
55eg/van/unvanish A program to undo what vanish does
56eg/van/vanexp A program to expire vanished files
57eg/van/vanish A program to put files in a trashcan
58eg/who A sample who program
59eval.c The expression evaluator
60evalargs.xc The arg evaluator of eval.c
61form.c Format processing
62form.h Public declarations for the above
63gettest A little script to test the get* routines
64handy.h Handy definitions
65hash.c Associative arrays
66hash.h Public declarations for the above Sample
68lib/ An abbreviation table builder
69lib/ A "look" equivalent
70lib/ A command completion subroutine
71lib/ A variable dumper
72lib/ Perl library supporting option parsing
73lib/ Perl library supporting option parsing
74lib/ Perl routine to get environment into variables
75lib/ Perl debugging routines
76lib/ Perl library supporting stat function
77lib/ Perl library supporting termcap usage
78lib/ Perl library supporting wholesale file mode validation
79makedepend.SH Precursor to makedepend
80makedir.SH Precursor to makedir
81makelib.SH A thing to turn C .h file into perl .h files
82malloc.c A version of malloc you might not want
83patchlevel.h The current patch level of perl
84perl.h Global declarations The manual page(s), first fourth The manual page(s), second fourth The manual page(s), third fourth The manual page(s), fourth fourth
89perl.y Yacc grammar for perl
90perlsh A poor man's perl shell
91perly.c main()
92regcomp.c Regular expression compiler
93regcomp.h Private declarations for above
94regexp.h Public declarations for the above
95regexec.c Regular expression evaluator
96server A server to test sockets
97spat.h Search pattern declarations
98stab.c Symbol table stuff
99stab.h Public declarations for the above
100str.c String handling package
101str.h Public declarations for the above
102t/README Instructions for regression tests
103t/TEST The regression tester
104t/base.cond See if conditionals work
105t/base.if See if if works
106t/base.lex See if lexical items work
107t/base.pat See if pattern matching works
108t/base.term See if various terms work
109t/cmd.elsif See if else-if works
110t/cmd.for See if for loops work
111t/cmd.mod See if statement modifiers work
112t/cmd.subval See if subroutine values work
113t/cmd.switch See if switch optimizations work
114t/cmd.while See if while loops work
115t/comp.cmdopt See if command optimization works
116t/comp.cpp See if C preprocessor works
117t/comp.decl See if declarations work
118t/comp.multiline See if multiline strings work
119t/comp.package See if packages work
120t/comp.script See if script invokation works
121t/comp.term See if more terms work
122t/io.argv See if ARGV stuff works
123t/io.dup See if >& works right
124t/io.fs See if directory manipulations work
125t/io.inplace See if inplace editing works
126t/io.pipe See if secure pipes work
127t/io.print See if print commands work
128t/io.tell See if file seeking works
129t/op.append See if . works
130t/op.array See if array operations work
131t/ See if autoincrement et all work
132t/op.chop See if chop works
133t/op.cond See if conditional expressions work
134t/op.dbm See if dbm binding works
135t/op.delete See if delete works
136t/ See if subroutines work
137t/op.each See if associative iterators work
138t/op.eval See if eval operator works
139t/op.exec See if exec and system work
140t/op.exp See if math functions work
141t/op.flip See if range operator works
142t/op.fork See if fork works
143t/op.glob See if <*> works
144t/op.goto See if goto works
145t/op.index See if index works
146t/ See if int works
147t/op.join See if join works
148t/op.list See if array lists work
149t/op.local See if local works
150t/op.magic See if magic variables work
151t/op.mkdir See if mkdir works
152t/op.oct See if oct and hex work
153t/op.ord See if ord works
154t/op.pack See if pack and unpack work
155t/op.pat See if esoteric patterns work
156t/op.push See if push and pop work
157t/op.range See if .. works
158t/ See if read() works
159t/op.regexp See if regular expressions work
160t/op.repeat See if x operator works
161t/op.sleep See if sleep works
162t/op.sort See if sort works
163t/op.split See if split works
164t/op.sprintf See if sprintf works
165t/op.stat See if stat works
166t/ See if study works
167t/op.subst See if substitutions work
168t/op.substr See if substr works
169t/op.time See if time functions work
170t/op.undef See if undef works
171t/op.unshift See if unshift works
172t/op.vec See if vectors work
173t/op.write See if write works
174t/re_tests Input file for op.regexp
175toke.c The tokener
176util.c Utility routines
177util.h Public declarations for the above
178x2p/EXTERN.h Same as above
179x2p/INTERN.h Same as above
180x2p/Makefile.SH Precursor to Makefile
181x2p/a2p.h Global declarations
182x2p/ Manual page for awk to perl translator
183x2p/a2p.y A yacc grammer for awk
184x2p/a2py.c Awk compiler, sort of
185x2p/handy.h Handy definitions
186x2p/hash.c Associative arrays again
187x2p/hash.h Public declarations for the above
188x2p/s2p.SH Sed to perl translator
189x2p/ Manual page for sed to perl translator
190x2p/str.c String handling package
191x2p/str.h Public declarations for the above
192x2p/util.c Utility routines
193x2p/util.h Public declarations for the above
194x2p/walk.c Parse tree walker