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[perl5.git] / .metaconf-exclusions.txt
1# This file is used when building the Configure script from the metaconfig
2# units. Ordinarily, if any *.c or *.h or *.sh file mentions a symbol that can
3# be provided by a metaconfig unit, the generated Configure will include the
4# relevant probe. But in some cases, that's inappropriate: we have symbols that
5# we no longer need to probe for, but must define in perl.h for backwards
6# compatibilty with XS modules. Also, our C files contain tokens like "index"
7# that are used as the names of Perl builtins, but would be treated by
8# metaconfig as implicit requests for a particular unit that we don't need.
10# Previously, we've used customised "stub" versions of metaconfig units to
11# handle this situation, but that doesn't scale (and, in particular, requires
12# us to maintain those customised units for as long as the relevant symbols are
13# defined by the units in the upstream dist package).
15# A better approach is to list those symbols here (and invoke metaconfig with
16# the "-X .metaconf-exclusions.txt" option when generating Configure); that
17# will prevent the relevant units from being used.
19# See also metaconfig.h, which works in the other direction — it forces units
20# to be included, even before specific code using the relevant symbols has been
21# written.
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