2014-02-20  Tony Cooknote lib/locale.t rare failure v5.19.9
2014-02-20  Tony Cookupdate perlhist for 5.19.9
2014-02-20  Tony Cookfinalize perldelta for 5.19.9
2014-02-20  Tony CookUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.19.9
2014-02-20  Karl Williamsonlib/locale.t: Remove tests that need UTF-8 locale
2014-02-19  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Change 'and' to '&&'
2014-02-19  Karl Williamsonrun/locale.t: White-space only
2014-02-19  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Another POSIX emulation fix on Windows
2014-02-19  Karl Williamson.locale.c: Better emulate POSIX locale setting on Windows
2014-02-19  Karl WilliamsonMake taint checking regex compile time instead of runtime
2014-02-19  Karl Williamsonlib/locale.t: Add some test names
2014-02-19  Karl Williamsonlib/locale.t: Untaint before checking if next thing...
2014-02-19  Karl Williamsonperllocale: Add note about ENVIRONMENT variable
2014-02-19  Karl Williamsonperlsec: Nit
2014-02-19  H.Merijn BrandUpdate Config::Perl::V to 0.20
2014-02-19  David Goldenperlootut: replace Object::Tiny with Class::Tiny
2014-02-19  H.Merijn BrandNew bincompat options
2014-02-19  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Remove no longer used function
2014-02-19  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Move some locale initialization code
2014-02-19  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c,regexec.c: White-space only
2014-02-19  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Fix more alignment problems
2014-02-19  Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Rename function, add parameter, make non...
2014-02-19  Karl Williamsonregcomp.h: Allow compiler to perform calculation
2014-02-19  Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Add some checks
2014-02-19  Karl WilliamsonChange method of passing some info from regcomp to...
2014-02-19  Karl Williamsonregcomp.h: Remove extraneous comment
2014-02-19  Karl Williamsonregcomp.h: Free up flag bit in ANYOF nodes
2014-02-19  Karl Williamsonregexes: Remove uses of ANYOF_LOCALE flag
2014-02-19  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Simplify /l Synthetic Start Class construction
2014-02-19  Karl WilliamsonConvert more EXACTFish nodes to EXACT when possible
2014-02-19  Rafael Garcia... Do not dereference hv before ensuring it's not NULL
2014-02-19  Tony Cookperldelta updates
2014-02-19  Tony Cooksave errno/$! across autoloads too
2014-02-19  Tony Cookcygwin doesn't implement $^E (except as a read of $!)
2014-02-19  James E KeenanCorrect number of tests in plan.
2014-02-19  David Goldenperlvar.pod: suggest string comparisons for $]
2014-02-19  David Goldenrestore $PERL_OLD_VERSION to
2014-02-18  Tony Cook[perl #121081] workaround different output on VMS
2014-02-18  David GoldenUpdate HTTP-Tiny to CPAN version 0.042
2014-02-18  Karl WilliamsonFix pod errors
2014-02-18  Ricardo Signesre-import 5.19.8 delta form 5.19.8
2014-02-18  Tony Cookupdate perlport with currently unresolved Cygwin test...
2014-02-18  Tony CookUpdate Parse-CPAN-Meta to CPAN version 1.4413
2014-02-18  Tony Cookperldelta updates
2014-02-18  Steve HayUpgrade Digest-SHA from 5.86 to 5.87
2014-02-18  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Fix initialization compile error for HP
2014-02-18  Tony Cook[perl #120936] op/taint.t handling of no ipcsysv on...
2014-02-18  Tony uses skip_all(...), not plan(skip_all => ...)
2014-02-17  Tony Cookavoid a "FILE" name conflict with cygwin's wchar.h
2014-02-17  Chris 'BinGOs... Skip locale test on OpenBSD, MirBSD and Bitrig too
2014-02-17  Chris 'BinGOs... Update HTTP-Tiny to CPAN version 0.041
2014-02-17  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Fix some alignment problems
2014-02-17  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Remove vars unused on some platforms
2014-02-17  Chris 'BinGOs... Update Parse-CPAN-Meta to CPAN version 1.4412
2014-02-17  Karl WilliamsonPATCH [perl #121257] blead fails at run/locale.t
2014-02-17  Karl Williamsont/run/locale.t: Fix skip count
2014-02-17  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Handle case where LC_ALL isn't "all"
2014-02-17  Karl Williamsonsv.h: Add comment
2014-02-17  Father ChrysostomosAvoid recalculating sub name hash in util.c:get_db_sub
2014-02-17  James E KeenanClarify distinction between contents of dist/ and ext/.
2014-02-16  Tony Cook[perl #121223] encourage use of PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT
2014-02-16  Tony Cook[perl #121223] explain PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT a little
2014-02-16  Daniel Draganadd #define PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT to ParseXS's pods
2014-02-16  Father Chrysostomos[perl #121255] Call set-magic when setting $DB::sub
2014-02-16  Craig A. BerryExclude Perl_my_setlocale symbol where it's not defined.
2014-02-16  Chris 'BinGOs... Update Parse-CPAN-Meta to CPAN version 1.4410
2014-02-16  Karl Williamsonperllocale: Corrections and nits
2014-02-16  Karl Williamsonperlfunc: Nit
2014-02-16  Karl WilliamsonRevert "Free up bit for regex ANYOF nodes"
2014-02-16  Karl WilliamsonFree up bit for regex ANYOF nodes
2014-02-16  Father Chrysostomosalphabetise perldiag
2014-02-15  Karl Williamsonext/POSIX/POSIX.xs: Add comments
2014-02-15  Karl Williamsonext/POSIX/t/posix.t: White-space only
2014-02-15  Karl WilliamsonDeprecate uses of POSIX::isfoo()
2014-02-15  Karl Williamsont/ Don't read uninitialized variable
2014-02-15  Karl Williamsont/run/locale.t: Fix SKIP end position
2014-02-15  Karl WilliamsonMake sure LC_MONETARY is initialized
2014-02-15  Karl WilliamsonInitialize LC_MESSAGES at start-up
2014-02-15  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: White-space, useless brace removal only
2014-02-15  Karl WilliamsonImprove fallback during locale initialization
2014-02-15  Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Add, move some comments, and a declaration
2014-02-15  Karl WilliamsonEmulate POSIX locale setting on Windows
2014-02-15  Karl Williamsont/ Add option to runperl to suppress STDERR
2014-02-15  Father Chrysostomos[perl #121242] Fix crash in gp_free when gv is freed
2014-02-15  Father ChrysostomosAUTHORS formatting clean-up
2014-02-15  Father Chrysostomossv.c: Don’t flip flags so many times in glob_assign_glob
2014-02-15  Peter MartiniRemove a redundant EXTEND (its followed by XPUSHs)
2014-02-14  Chris 'BinGOs... Update Pod-Escapes to CPAN version 1.06
2014-02-14  David Mitchellre_intuit_start(): fix SEGV in /^../m code
2014-02-14  Chris 'BinGOs... Update CPAN-Meta-YAML to CPAN version 0.011
2014-02-14  Tony Cookperldelta updates
2014-02-13  Matthew Horsfall... Fix small typo (dsb -> dsv)
2014-02-13  Karl Williamsonperldelta.pod: Fix broken links
2014-02-13  Karl Williamsonsv.c: Add comment
2014-02-13  Tony Cook[perl #121207] tempfile() improvements
2014-02-13  Brad GilbertMake sure that tempfile() in t/ removes the...
2014-02-13  Brad GilbertAdd register_tempfile() to t/
2014-02-13  Brad GilbertTest that tempfile() in t/ skips files that...
2014-02-13  Brad GilbertImprove error diagnostics in t/test_pl/tempfile.t
2014-02-13  Alan Haggai... Replace 'mkpath' (legacy interface) with 'make_path'.