2013-05-20  Ricardo Signesperldelta: 5.19.0, shortest perldelta ever? v5.19.0
2013-05-20  Ricardo Signesupdate corelist for Getopt::Std, utf8
2013-05-20  Nicholas ClarkBump $Getopt::Std::VERSION following commit 0c0a84c65e5...
2013-05-20  Reuben ThomasDocument getopts before getopt, and de-recommend getopt.
2013-05-19  Brian Fraserutf8: Remove unused variable (%utf8::enc).
2013-05-19  Ricardo Signesperlhist for 5.19.0
2013-05-19  Ricardo Signesbring in the 5.18-related epigraphs
2013-05-19  Ricardo Signesupdate Module::CoreList for 5.19.0
2013-05-18  Ricardo SignesRemoved cpan/File-CheckTree
2013-05-18  Ricardo SignesRemoved cpan/Text-Soundex
2013-05-18  Ricardo Signesregenerate known pod issues
2013-05-18  Chris 'BinGOs... Removed cpan/Log-Message
2013-05-18  Chris 'BinGOs... Removed cpan/Log-Message-Simple
2013-05-18  Chris 'BinGOs... Remove cpan/Object-Accessor
2013-05-18  Chris 'BinGOs... Remove cpan/Term-UI
2013-05-18  Chris 'BinGOs... Remove cpan/Module-Pluggable
2013-05-18  Chris 'BinGOs... Remove cpan/Pod-LaTeX and pod2latex utility
2013-05-18  Chris 'BinGOs... Remove cpan/B-Lint
2013-05-18  Chris 'BinGOs... Remove cpan/Archive-Extract
2013-05-18  Chris 'BinGOs... Remove cpan/CPANPLUS and associated utilities
2013-05-18  Chris 'BinGOs... Remove cpan/CPANPLUS-Dist-Build
2013-05-18  Karl WilliamsonRemove core references to SVt_BIND
2013-05-18  Karl Williamsonperlpacktut: nit
2013-05-18  Karl WilliamsonFix compiler warnings in regcomp.c
2013-05-18  Ricardo SignesPerform all the "bump us to 5.19.0" work
2013-05-18  Ricardo Signesregenerate META.json
2013-05-18  Ricardo Signesregen
2013-05-18  Ricardo Signesbump the perldelta version
2013-05-18  Ricardo Signesbump version to 5.19.0
2013-05-18  Ricardo Signesfinal version and perlhist update for 5.18.0 v5.18.0
2013-05-18  Sebastien Aperghis... update perlexperiment
2013-05-18  Sebastien Aperghis... fix wrong tense
2013-05-16  Ricardo Signesupdate the release schedule
2013-05-16  Ricardo Signesperldelta: document known failure on HP-UX 11.00
2013-05-16  Ricardo Signesbump patchlevel and perlhist for RC4 v5.18.0-RC4
2013-05-16  Ricardo Signesperldelta: restate the changes to ${x} versus $x
2013-05-16  Aristotle Pagaltzisperldelta: Clarify removal vs deprecation of modules
2013-05-16  Karl Williamsonperldelta: Use 'Here doc' consistently sans dash
2013-05-16  Karl WilliamsonFix typo in perldelta
2013-05-16  Zsbán Ambrusperldelta clarification
2013-05-16  Ricardo Signesexpand documentation of the \cK change
2013-05-15  Ricardo Signesperldelta: add another hash overhaul cross reference
2013-05-15  Leon TimmermansClarified perldelta entry for UID/GID magic variables
2013-05-15  Tony CookAddress [perl #117999] for now by skipping known bad...
2013-05-15  Ricardo Signesperldelta: various fixes suggested by Dave Mitchell
2013-05-15  Ricardo Signesperldelta: remove a literally incorrect "literal"
2013-05-15  Ricardo Signesperldelta: collapse a bit of vertical space
2013-05-15  Ricardo Signesperldelta: clarify the deprecation of non-PerlIO perl
2013-05-15  James E KeenanSpelling correction.
2013-05-14  Ricardo Signesperldelta: add obituary for AMORETTE
2013-05-14  Aristotle Pagaltzisperldelta: minor nitpicks
2013-05-14  Ricardo Signesbump patchlevel to RC3, update hist v5.18.0-RC3
2013-05-14  Steve Hayfix extrefs text with SDK 2003
2013-05-13  Ricardo Signesperldelta: fix reported new version of Carp
2013-05-13  Tony Cook[perl #117141] sometimes we just can't make fork fail...
2013-05-12  Ricardo Signesbump patchlevel to RC2, update hist v5.18.0-RC2
2013-05-12  Ricardo Signesperldelta: remove the "from version X" from module...
2013-05-12  Arthur Axel... perldelta: combine, merge, and edit "modules updated"
2013-05-12  Ricardo Signesupdate CoreList for new Pod::Simple in 5.18.0
2013-05-12  Chris 'BinGOs... Update Pod-Simple to CPAN version 3.28
2013-05-11  Ricardo Signesbump the version on Module::CoreList v5.18.0-RC1
2013-05-11  Ricardo Signesset the patchlevel to RC1
2013-05-11  Ricardo Signesperlhist: update for 5.18.0-RC1
2013-05-11  James E KeenanApplying typographical correction supplied by Andreas...
2013-05-11  Niko TyniFix -Wformat-security issues
2013-05-11  SHIRAKATA Kentaronitpicks
2013-05-10  Ricardo Signesperldelta: no warnings will do no good if you leave...
2013-05-10  Ricardo Signesperldelta: document the experimental smartmatch change
2013-05-10  Ricardo Signesperldelta: add "how to disable" to experimental warnings
2013-05-10  Ricardo Signesperldelta: remove placeholders for module changes
2013-05-10  Andy Dougherty[perl #66604] 64bit compilation Problem on Solaris...
2013-05-10  Andy Dougherty[perl #66604] 64bit compilation Problem on Solaris...
2013-05-10  Chris 'BinGOs... Add repository and bugtracker META to Module-CoreList...
2013-05-10  Ricardo Signesupdate Module::CoreList for v5.18.0
2013-05-10  Ricardo Signesperldelta: acknowledgements
2013-05-09  Karl WilliamsonFix regex /il and /iaa failures for single element...
2013-05-09  David Mitchellfurther tweak SvPV() docs
2013-05-09  Ricardo Signesperldelta: remove some placeholders
2013-05-09  H.Merijn Brandregenerated uconfig
2013-05-09  H.Merijn BrandMore spellchecks
2013-05-09  H.Merijn BrandSpell-checking on meta-units
2013-05-09  H.Merijn Brandmaildomain to support /etc/mailname
2013-05-09  Ricardo Signesperldelta: "single character" is clearer than "length...
2013-05-09  David Mitchellporting/podcheck.t: improve diagnostic
2013-05-09  David Mitchellclarify SvPV* and SvPV_force* docs
2013-05-09  Nicholas ClarkRemove PERL_ASYNC_CHECK() from Perl_leave_scope().
2013-05-09  Ricardo Signesperldelta: update how we talk about COW
2013-05-09  Ricardo Signesperldelta: use v5.x rather than 5.x
2013-05-09  Ricardo Signesperldelta: we suspect no known problems..?
2013-05-09  Ricardo Signesperldelta: typo fix
2013-05-09  Ricardo Signesperldelta: use UTF-8 when we mean UTF-8
2013-05-09  Ricardo Signesperldelta: warn of more platform deprecation
2013-05-09  Ricardo Signesperldelta: correct "new hash function" entry
2013-05-09  Ricardo Signesperldelta: hash ordering may differ, may not
2013-05-09  David Goldenrevise hash overhaul docs
2013-05-09  Ricardo Signesperldelta: drop a reference to a change internal to...
2013-05-09  Ricardo Signesperldelta: remove an inscrutable note, clean up another
2013-05-09  David Mitchellsilence warnings under NO_TAINT_SUPPORT
2013-05-09  Daniel Draganfix threaded NO_TAINT_SUPPORT build errors
2013-05-09  David Mitchelldump.c: avoid compiler warning under -Dmad