2012-10-12  Dominic HargreavesAdd 5.14.3 to perlhist v5.14.3
2012-10-12  Dominic Hargreavesadd Digest pointer to security section
2012-10-11  Dominic Hargreavesperldelta for Module::CoreList
2012-10-11  Dominic HargreavesBump Module::CoreList version again in order to fix...
2012-10-10  Dominic Hargreavesdisarm RC2 bump
2012-10-10  Dominic Hargreavesbump version to RC2 v5.14.3-RC2
2012-10-10  Dominic Hargreavesrefresh Acknowledgements
2012-10-10  Dominic Hargreavesperldelta for heap buffer overrun fix
2012-10-10  Andy Doughertyavoid calling memset with a negative count
2012-09-27  Dominic Hargreavesperldelta for NetBSD 6.* change
2012-09-27  Chris 'BinGOs... Upstream pkgsrc patch to support NetBSD 6.*
2012-09-26  Dominic Hargreavesdisarm RC1 bump
2012-09-26  Dominic Hargreavesbump version to RC1 v5.14.3-RC1
2012-09-26  Dominic HargreavesUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.14.3
2012-09-22  Dominic HargreavesFinalise perldelta
2012-09-21  Florian RagwitzAdd 5.17.4 to perlhist
2012-09-18  Ricardo Signesadd 5.16.0 sizes and filecounts to perlhist
2012-09-18  Ricardo Signesadd 5.14.0 sizes and filecounts to perlhist
2012-09-11  Dominic HargreavesBump copyright year, as it's now 2012
2012-09-11  Dominic HargreavesBump the perl version in various places for 5.14.3
2012-09-08  Dominic HargreavesBump versions of Digest and IPC::Open3
2012-09-07  Dominic HargreavesUpdate perldelta for all queued maint-5.14 changes
2012-09-07  Salvador FandinoIPC::Open3::open3(..., '-') broken
2012-09-07  Steve HayAdd 5.17.3 to perlhist
2012-08-09  Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #101970] /[[:lower:]]/i matches upper...
2012-08-09  Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Fix "\x{FB01}\x{FB00}" =~ /ff/i
2012-08-09  Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #101710] Regression with /i, latin1 chars.
2012-08-09  Michael G.... Close the eval "require $module" security hole in Diges...
2012-08-09  Tony Cookproperly propagate tainted errors
2012-08-09  David MitchellRT 64804: tainting with index() of a constant
2012-08-09  Pino Toscanoenable LFS on GNU/Hurd
2012-08-09  Pino ToscanoFix hang in ext/POSIX/t/sysconf.t on GNU/Hurd
2012-08-09  Pino ToscanoAdd GNU/Hurd hints for NDBM_File
2012-08-09  Pino ToscanoImprove general GNU hints, needed for GNU/Hurd.
2012-08-09  Niko Tyni[perl #90122] Make h2ph correctly search gcc include...
2012-08-09  Samuel ThibaultMake hints/ append to $ccflags rather than overri...
2012-08-09  Ricardo Signesimport perlhist data for 5.16.1
2012-08-09  Ricardo Signesbe_BY.CP1131 is still broken on Mountain Lion
2012-07-21  Tony Cookbackport perlhist.pod from 5.17.2
2012-03-21  Ricardo Signesimport AUTHORS data from blead
2012-03-21  Father Chrysostomos[perl #92258] <$fh> hangs on a glob copy
2012-03-21  H.Merijn BrandUpdate PerlCheat to 5.14
2012-03-21  Nicholas ClarkPrefer the system gcc when searching for libraries...
2012-03-21  Florian RagwitzDon't include libutil.h on Linux
2012-03-21  H.Merijn BrandGNU gcc-4.6.1 revealed a broken system header on HP...
2012-03-21  Nicholas ClarkTeach Configure about "procselfexe" on Solaris and...
2012-03-21  Nicholas ClarkIn Configure, refactor the test for procselfexe into...
2012-03-21  Jilles TjoelkerCorrect FreeBSD hints file for FreeBSD 10.0
2012-03-21  Nicholas ClarkAvoid attacks on sitecustomize by using NUL delimiters...
2012-03-21  Carl HayterMake sitecustomize relocatableinc aware
2012-03-21  Leon TimmermansEnforce Any ~~ Object smartmatch precedence
2012-03-20  AbigailAdd new 5.15.9 entries to pod/perlhist.pod
2011-12-21  Dave RolskyCopy perlhist.pod from blead to maint-5.14
2011-09-26  Florian RagwitzCreate perldelta for 5.14.3
2011-09-26  Florian RagwitzAdd 5.14.2 to perlhist v5.14.2
2011-09-21  Florian RagwitzDelete some empty perldelta sections
2011-09-21  Father ChrysostomosFix pod syntax in perldelta
2011-09-19  Karl Williamsonperl5123delta: should have NAME perl5123delta
2011-09-19  Florian RagwitzRemove the RC1 marker
2011-09-19  Florian RagwitzBump version to RC1 v5.14.2-RC1
2011-09-19  Florian RagwitzAdd 5.14.2-RC1 to perlhist
2011-09-19  Florian RagwitzUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.14.2
2011-09-19  Florian RagwitzAcknowledgements in perldelta
2011-09-15  Karl Williamson/aa and \b fail under some utf8 strings
2011-09-08  Karl WilliamsonPanic with \b and /aa
2011-09-08  Florian RagwitzNote that PERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT is broken
2011-09-07  Nicholas ClarkIn Glob.xs, use memset() instead of bzero()
2011-09-07  Florian RagwitzPerldelta for the CPAN updates
2011-09-07  Florian RagwitzBump CPAN{,::Distribution}::VERSION after MYMETA/config...
2011-09-05  David GoldenChanged read_meta to ignore dynamic_config
2011-09-05  David Goldenconfigure_requires should only check META
2011-09-05  Florian RagwitzPerldelta for the CVE-2011-2939 fix
2011-09-05  Florian RagwitzBackport the CVE-2011-2939 fix for Encode
2011-09-05  Florian RagwitzPerldelta for the PerlIO::scalar COW fix
2011-09-05  Father ChrysostomosGet PerlIO::scalar to write to COWs
2011-09-05  Florian RagwitzFix a perldelta pod nit
2011-09-05  Florian RagwitzPerldelta for read-only glob copies
2011-09-05  Father ChrysostomosMake it possible to have read-only glob copies
2011-09-05  Florian RagwitzFix a skip count in base's t/fields.t
2011-09-05  Father ChrysostomosAllow restricted hashes containing COWs to be cleared
2011-09-04  Florian RagwitzPerldelta for deleting COWs in restricted hashes
2011-09-04  Father ChrysostomosAllow COW values to be deleted from restricted hashes
2011-09-04  Florian RagwitzPerldelta for the tied COW string localisation fix
2011-09-04  Father ChrysostomosStop localised ties from becoming ro when COW
2011-09-04  Pau Ammamove "garbage collection" glossary entry where it belongs
2011-09-04  Father ChrysostomosAdd Pau Amma to AUTHORS
2011-09-04  Florian RagwitzPerldelta entry for the utf8::decode COW fix
2011-09-04  Father Chrysostomos2nd try: [perl #91834] utf8::decode does not respect...
2011-09-04  Craig A. Berryperldelta entry for File:Glob / CVE-2011-2728 fix.
2011-09-04  Craig A. BerryPlug segfault in bsd_glob() with unsupported ALTDIRFUNC...
2011-08-26  Florian RagwitzPerldelta for the Carp memory leak fix
2011-08-26  Father Chrysostomos[perl #97020] Carp (actually caller) leaking memory
2011-08-26  Ricardo Signesperldelta for 86212507
2011-08-26  Florian RagwitzPerldelta for the unpack "U*" fix
2011-08-26  Father Chrysostomos[perl #90160] U* gives ‘U0 mode on an empty string’
2011-08-26  H.Merijn BrandSupport gcc-4.x on HP-UX PA-RISC/64
2011-08-26  Florian RagwitzPerldelta for the @INC filter fixes
2011-08-26  Father ChrysostomosFollow-up to d34a6664
2011-08-26  Father Chrysostomos[perl #91880] $_ refcounting problems in @INC filters
2011-08-26  Florian RagwitzCreate a perldelta for 5.14.2