2011-04-20  Nicholas ClarkOn Win32, skip the tests added in 011c3814, as alarm... v5.14.0-RC1
2011-04-19  Karl Williamsonperldelta: Fix broken links
2011-04-19  Father ChrysostomosRevert "Missing bug number in d12b49d"
2011-04-19  Jesse VincentAuthors sorting from tchrist
2011-04-19  Karl Williamsonperlop: /o update
2011-04-19  Karl Williamsonperllocale: Mention /l
2011-04-19  Karl Williamsonperldelta: Fix remaining confusing double double quotes
2011-04-19  Jesse Vincentperldelta encoding error spotted by tchrist
2011-04-19  Jesse VincentBump patchlevel to RC1
2011-04-19  Jesse VincentUpdate to Known Problems, removing several previously...
2011-04-19  Jesse VincentReflowing text
2011-04-19  Jesse VincentIlmari pointed out that I incorrectly marked up some...
2011-04-19  Jesse VincentUpdate the documentation for rand() to note that it...
2011-04-19  Jesse VincentUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.14.0
2011-04-19  Jesse VincentAdd 5.14.0RC1 and 5.14.0 (hopeful) date to perlhist
2011-04-19  Jesse VincentStarted to flesh out the AUTHORS section of perldelta
2011-04-19  David Mitchelldispatch signals when leaving an eval
2011-04-19  Father ChrysostomosMissing bug number in d12b49d
2011-04-19  Father ChrysostomosCorrect typos in 66b4c19
2011-04-19  David Mitchellporting/cmp_version.t: skip threads 1.83
2011-04-19  David Mitchellfix blurb at top of t/porting/cmp_version.t
2011-04-19  David Mitchellt/porting/cmp_version.t: add version skip facility
2011-04-19  Jesse VincentRemoved a note about Test::Harness that was obsoleted...
2011-04-19  Tom ChristiansenI think I've now got all the funny quote business taken...
2011-04-19  Father ChrysostomosUpdate perldelta for push/keys changes
2011-04-19  Father ChrysostomosUpdate perlfunc for [perl #80626]
2011-04-19  Father ChrysostomosAdd a test for keys $tied
2011-04-19  Father ChrysostomosMake push, etc., work on tied scalars
2011-04-19  Jesse Vincentupdate threads::shared version in perldelta.
2011-04-19  Jerry D. HeddenUpgrade to threads 1.83
2011-04-19  Jerry D. HeddenUpgrade to threads::shared 1.37
2011-04-19  Karl Williamsonperllocale: Corrections
2011-04-19  Karl Williamsonperlrecharclass: Nits
2011-04-19  Jesse VincentPerldelta patches from Ilmari and Abigail
2011-04-19  Jesse VincentFix a few pod nits
2011-04-19  Father ChrysostomosMake keys $scalar an lvalue
2011-04-19  Karl Williamsonperlop: Update for some 5.14 changes
2011-04-19  Karl Williamsonperluniintro: Update for 5.14 changes
2011-04-19  Karl Williamsonperlunicode.pod: Nits
2011-04-19  Karl Williamsonperlre: Remove false statement about locales
2011-04-19  Craig A. BerryVMS section clean-up for perldelta.
2011-04-19  Tom Christiansenperldelta editing pass
2011-04-19  Father ChrysostomosRemove ambigous warning from perldiag
2011-04-19  Father ChrysostomosMake keys/value/each $scalar accept only unblessed...
2011-04-18  Andy Doughertycollapse plibpth to one line and remove trailing /
2011-04-18  David MitchellRevert "collapse plibpth to one line"
2011-04-18  David Mitchellcollapse plibpth to one line
2011-04-18  David Mitchellconfigpm: handle multi-line key='value\n...'
2011-04-18  David Mitchellfix for pp.c under win32 etc
2011-04-18  Richard MöhnMinor fixes to perldelta.pod
2011-04-18  Richard MöhnConsistent use of 'e.g.,' in perldelta.pod
2011-04-18  Richard MöhnConsistent use of two spaces after full stop in perldel...
2011-04-18  Father Chrysostomosperldelta: typos
2011-04-18  Ævar Arnfjörð... pod/perldelta.pod: POSIX should be in all-caps (not...
2011-04-18  Ævar Arnfjörð... pod/perldelta.pod: clarify "Use of qw(...) as parenthes...
2011-04-18  Ævar Arnfjörð... pod/perldelta.pod: link to pertinent POD
2011-04-18  Father ChrysostomosMake push/shift $scalar accept only unblessed aryrefs
2011-04-18  Father Chrysostomosperldelta for d12b49d (Unicode constants)
2011-04-18  Tony Cookcheck --whole-archive is supported (in cc.cbu) before...
2011-04-18  Tony CookRevert "check --whole-archive is supported before using it"
2011-04-18  Jesse VincentLots of perldelta editing. Still miles to go before...
2011-04-18  Father ChrysostomosMake Unicode constants under use utf8 work again
2011-04-18  Craig A. BerryTODO some of the new sigdispatch tests on VMS.
2011-04-17  Andy DoughertyAs part of their switch to a multi-arch library layout,
2011-04-17  Karl Williamsonperlre: Nits in recently added text
2011-04-17  Tom ChristiansenNits in perlunicode
2011-04-16  Father ChrysostomosFollowup to 088225f/[perl #88132]: packages ending...
2011-04-15  Craig A. BerryGive EU::CB 04-base.t an absolute path on VMS.
2011-04-15  Craig A. BerryIPC::Open3 needs porting to work on VMS.
2011-04-15  Craig A. BerryDon't copy all of %ENV in prereq.t.
2011-04-15  Karl Williamsonperlrebackslash: Slight edits
2011-04-15  Karl Williamsonperlop: Slight edits
2011-04-15  Karl Williamsonperlunicode: More 5.14 edits
2011-04-15  Karl Williamsonperlunitut: clarification
2011-04-15  Karl Williamsonperluniprops: Linked to wrong pod; slight edits
2011-04-15  Tom Christiansenperlunicode: Edits for 5.14
2011-04-15  Nicholas ClarkIn the release guide, mention the AdvanceCOMP can compr...
2011-04-15  David Mitchellstop waithires.t failing under high load
2011-04-14  Tom Christiansenperllocale: Clean up recent additions
2011-04-14  Father Chrysostomosperldelta: 342c852 changed $re::VERSION
2011-04-14  Father Chrysostomos[perl #88486] IO::File does not always export SEEK*
2011-04-14  Father Chrysostomosperldelta entries for 088225f
2011-04-14  Jan Dubois[perl #88420] BOM support on Windows broken in 5.13.11
2011-04-13  Father Chrysostomos[perl #88132] broken ISA lookup after aliasing packages...
2011-04-13  Karl Williamsonperldelta: Clarify entry
2011-04-13  Karl Williamsonperlre.pod: Clarify
2011-04-13  Karl Williamsonperlunicode: Update for 5.14
2011-04-13  Karl Williamsonperllocale: Update for 5.14
2011-04-13  Nicholas ClarkIn testargs.t in Test::Harness, don't run a world-writa...
2011-04-13  David Mitchellhandle freed backref array in global cleanup
2011-04-13  Tony Cookcheck --whole-archive is supported before using it
2011-04-13  Karl Williamsonperlrebackslash: Update for 5.14 changes
2011-04-13  Karl Williamsonperlretut: Update for 5.14 /a, /u
2011-04-13  Karl Williamsonperlrecharclass: Update for 5.14 changes
2011-04-13  Karl Williamsonperlre.pod: Update for 5.14
2011-04-12  David Mitchellreg_eval_scope.t: skip coring tests on all arches
2011-04-12  David Mitchelladd tests for $tied op= $tied
2011-04-12  David Mitchelladd $tied ^ $tied test
2011-04-12  Karl Williamsonperlop: Update for 5.14 additions
2011-04-12  Karl Williamsonregcomp: Improve error message for (?-d:...)