2010-12-19  Zeframfix -tree test for non-threaded perl v5.13.8
2010-12-19  Zeframadd autodie tag :2.1001 for blead-updated version
2010-12-19  Zeframadd new release to perlhist
2010-12-19  Zeframupdate Module::CoreList for 5.13.8
2010-12-19  Zeframupdate META.yml
2010-12-19  Zeframacknowledgements in perldelta
2010-12-19  Zeframperldelta wording nit
2010-12-19  Zeframupdate references to earlier versions
2010-12-19  Zeframlink perldelta entries to perlapi sections
2010-12-19  Zeframbump perl version number for 5.13.8
2010-12-19  Zeframperldelta details of module updates
2010-12-19  Zeframnear-finalisation of perldelta
2010-12-19  Zeframperldelta for updated modules
2010-12-19  Zeframbump version of many modules
2010-12-19  Zeframbump Unicode-Normalize version for blead changes
2010-12-19  Zeframbump Unicode-Collate version for blead changes
2010-12-19  Zeframbump threads-shared version for blead XS changes
2010-12-19  Zeframbump ExtUtils-CBuilder version for blead change
2010-12-19  Zeframbump autodie version for blead test fix
2010-12-19  Zeframperldelta up to ca88a729
2010-12-19  Zeframperldelta for 8e88cfee26d866223a6b3bfffce6270271de00db
2010-12-19  Zeframperldelta for 9cef83062267e94311e1fd8744396e440642738e
2010-12-19  Zeframperldelta for bf5522a13a381257966e7ed6b731195a873b153e
2010-12-19  Zeframperldelta for d9a4b459f94297889956ac3adc42707365f274c2
2010-12-19  Father ChrysostomosTest B::Concise’s -tree mode
2010-12-18  Chris 'BinGOs... Update Archive-Tar to CPAN version 1.74
2010-12-18  Tony CookRe-order the tests to match the comment
2010-12-17  Karl Williamsonre.t: Use portable C locale
2010-12-17  Karl Williamsonre.t: Avoid encoding issues by using hex chars
2010-12-17  Chip Salzenbergupdate warnings tests to cope with %z now being valid...
2010-12-17  Chip Salzenbergdocument new printf size modifiers
2010-12-17  Chip Salzenbergsmoke tests for %hhd %zd %td
2010-12-17  Chip Salzenbergadd %jd to printf where C99 exists; tweak %zd and %td
2010-12-17  Nicholas ClarkRefactor ExtUtils::Constant's tests to pass cleanly...
2010-12-17  Nicholas ClarkRefactor ExtUtils::Constant::Utils backwards compatibil...
2010-12-17  Nicholas ClarkConvert ext/PerlIO-encoding/t/encoding.t to Test::More.
2010-12-17  Nicholas ClarkConvert ext/Opcode/t/ops.t to Test::More
2010-12-17  Nicholas ClarkConvert ext/IPC-Open3/t/IPC-Open3.t to Test::More
2010-12-17  Nicholas ClarkIn, change checkOutput(...) to 5 calls...
2010-12-17  Father Chrysostomosperldelta for efef081 and 91fad77
2010-12-17  Father Chrysostomosperldelta for 20f15c4
2010-12-17  Father Chrysostomosperldelta for a42d024
2010-12-17  Father Chrysostomosperldelta for 8e720305
2010-12-17  Father ChrysostomosIncrease B::Concise’s version
2010-12-17  Reini UrbanFix [perl #80632] -MO=Concise,-tree format
2010-12-17  David Leadbeater[perl #80548] perldelta for DTrace package name change
2010-12-17  David Leadbeater[perl #80674] Fix compilation with very old versions...
2010-12-16  Jan DuboisSilence some data truncation compiler warnings
2010-12-16  Karl extend EBCDIC functions to beyond 255
2010-12-16  Nicholas ClarkVersion bumps for modules changed by a6d37805ca8a9ba8...
2010-12-16  Nicholas ClarkRemove "dead" RCS $Id$ tags from files that we own.
2010-12-16  David Mitchellonly call amagic_deref_call() if we have to
2010-12-16  Karl Williamsonuniprops.pod: restore properties counts
2010-12-16  Nicholas ClarkMove common code from ext/[GONS]DBM_File/t/[gons]dbm...
2010-12-16  Nicholas ClarkConverge ext/[GNOS]DBM_File/t/[gnos]dbm.t by parameteri...
2010-12-16  Nicholas ClarkConverge ext/[GNOS]DBM_File/t/[gnos]dbm.t further.
2010-12-16  Nicholas ClarkConverge ext/[GNOS]DBM_File/t/[gnos]dbm.t by using...
2010-12-16  Nicholas ClarkTweak gdbm.t to use GDBM_WRITER instead of GDBM_WRCREAT...
2010-12-16  Chris 'BinGOs... Fix typo in perlvar
2010-12-16  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Optimize [cC] char class to EXACTF
2010-12-16  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: More work on ANYOF_CLASS
2010-12-16  Karl Williamsonl1_char_class_tab.h: include multi-char folds
2010-12-16  Karl extend for multi-char folds
2010-12-15  Karl Williamsonregexec.c: white space changes due to prev. commit
2010-12-15  Karl Williamsonregex: Multi-char /i shouldnt match single char []
2010-12-15  Karl WilliamsonRevamp t/uni/fold.t
2010-12-15  David Mitchelldon't upgrade overload IV return values to NV
2010-12-15  Florian RagwitzUpgrade Devel::SelfStubber from 1.04 to 1.05
2010-12-15  Florian RagwitzUpgrade Dumpvalue from version 1.14 to 1.15
2010-12-15  Florian RagwitzUpgrade Env from version 1.01 to 1.02
2010-12-15  Nicholas ClarkConvert ext/SDBM_File/t/sdbm.t to Test::More.
2010-12-15  Nicholas ClarkConvert ext/ODBM_File/t/odbm.t to Test::More.
2010-12-15  Nicholas ClarkConvert ext/NDBM_File/t/ndbm.t to Test::More.
2010-12-15  Nicholas ClarkConvert ext/GDBM_File/t/gdbm.t to Test::More.
2010-12-15  Nicholas ClarkRemove redundant use strict,warnings,?DBM_File from...
2010-12-15  Nicholas ClarkAdd another e-mail address for Renee Baecker's to check...
2010-12-15  David GoldenChange ExtUtils::CBuilder upstream to blead
2010-12-15  OtrsUseradd some tests for the regex flags u, d, and l
2010-12-15  Nicholas ClarkConvert all File::Glob tests to Test::More.
2010-12-15  Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Fix VC6 compiler warnings
2010-12-15  Jan Duboisskip_all() is a separate function in
2010-12-15  Jan DuboisDefine our own sockaddr_in6 for VC6
2010-12-15  Jan Dubois#define some symbols for VC6 compatibility
2010-12-15  Florian RagwitzDual-life Dumpvalue
2010-12-14  Chris 'BinGOs... Update Digest-SHA to CPAN version 5.50
2010-12-14  Nicholas ClarkConvert ext/Fcntl/t/syslfs.t to Test::More and t/op...
2010-12-14  Nicholas ClarkAdd $Tests_Are_Passing to, analogous to Test...
2010-12-14  Nicholas ClarkIn Fcntl's syslfs.t and t/op/lfs.t, eliminate bye().
2010-12-14  Nicholas ClarkIn Fcntl's syslfs.t and t/op/lfs.t, eliminate zap().
2010-12-14  Nicholas ClarkRefactor syslfs.t and lfs.t to call bye() directly...
2010-12-14  Nicholas ClarkConvert ext/Fcntl/t/syslfs.t to File::Temp
2010-12-14  Nicholas ClarkReduce inconsistencies between ext/Fcntl/t/syslfs.t...
2010-12-14  Nicholas ClarkCheck return values in the test programs run by syslfs...
2010-12-14  AbigailBe more consistent with 'the Perl core'
2010-12-13  Zeframpermit labels to be stacked
2010-12-13  Zeframmark blockhooks API as experimental
2010-12-13  Craig A. BerryExplicitly close filehandle in ExtUtils::CBuilder:...
2010-12-13  Father Chrysostomosperldelta tweaks
2010-12-13  Father Chrysostomosperldelta for a4256772
2010-12-13  Father Chrysostomosperldelta for ad021bf/[perl #76026]