2010-07-20  David Goldenset a Test-Harness file +x in makerel v5.13.3
2010-07-20  David Goldendon't use Test::More in dual-life.t
2010-07-20  David Goldenperl5133delta.pod refer to \o{...} consistently
2010-07-20  David Goldenadd new release to perlhist
2010-07-20  David GoldenAdd dual-life.t to MANIFEST
2010-07-20  David Goldenperl5133delta.pod: finalize update modules list
2010-07-20  David GoldenUpdate Module::Corelist for 5.13.3
2010-07-20  David GoldenFix typo in perl5133delta
2010-07-20  David GoldenFix Pod warning in perl5133delta.pod
2010-07-20  David GoldenUpdate Changes for version number bump
2010-07-20  David GoldenBump the perl version to 5.13.3
2010-07-20  David GoldenAdd exceptions to dual-life.t
2010-07-20  David Goldenperl5133delta.pod: editorial changes and cleanup
2010-07-19  David Goldenperl5133delta.pod wrapping and cleanup
2010-07-19  David Goldenperl5133delta.pod: Acknowledgements and code delta
2010-07-19  David don't flag version 'undef'
2010-07-19  David GoldenBump module version numbers
2010-07-19  David Goldenadd link to smoke index
2010-07-19  David Goldencore-cpan-diff: always use diff and ignore whitspace
2010-07-19  David Goldencore-cpan-diff: tidied and always show version mismatch
2010-07-19  David Goldenbump I18N::LangTags version to 0.35_01
2010-07-19  Jim Cromiefix spelling err in pod re environmental variable
2010-07-19  Ævar Arnfjörð... perl5133delta: Add a note about Test::Harness's known...
2010-07-19  Ævar Arnfjörð... perl5133delta: Add commit references to "\400 - \777"
2010-07-19  Ævar Arnfjörð... perl5133delta: Also note 9644846 in "Improved documen...
2010-07-19  Ævar Arnfjörð... perl5133delta: A perldelta entry referenced an invalid...
2010-07-19  Ævar Arnfjörð... perl5133delta: Note the tests for "Uppercase X/B allowed.."
2010-07-19  Ævar Arnfjörð... perl5133delta: Expand on "File::Copy skips suid tests...
2010-07-19  Ævar Arnfjörð... perl5133delta: Test-Harness to CPAN version 3.21 (6d31366)
2010-07-19  Ævar Arnfjörð... perl5133delta: Term-ANSIColor was bumped to CPAN versio...
2010-07-19  Ævar Arnfjörð... perl5133delta: Link from the CvGV() change to Known...
2010-07-19  Ævar Arnfjörð... perl5133delta: Note the commit range for "MacOS Classic"
2010-07-19  Ævar Arnfjörð... perl5133delta: Expand on "Uppercase X/B allowed.."
2010-07-19  David GoldenAdd perl5133delta reminder about module linking
2010-07-19  David Goldenperl5133delta.pod: Removed most XXX and boilerplate
2010-07-19  David Goldenperl5133delta additions and revisions
2010-07-19  Karl Williamsonpods: mention \o{}, 3 octal digits
2010-07-19  David podlators Makefile.PL is CUSTOMIZED
2010-07-19  David CPANPLUS Makefile.PL is CUSTOMIZED
2010-07-19  David GoldenAdd libnet Makefile.PL to CUSTOMIZED in Maintainers
2010-07-19  David GoldenAdd support for CUSTOMIZED in Maintainers.PL
2010-07-19  David GoldenRemoved Archive-Tar Makefile.PL so it autogenerates
2010-07-19  David GoldenAdded t/porting/dual-life.t
2010-07-19  David Goldencore-cpan-diff: improve detection of version mismatches
2010-07-19  David GoldenList libnet Makefile.PL as excluded
2010-07-18  David Goldencore-cpan-diff: perltidy with default settings
2010-07-18  David Goldencore-cpan-diff: various enhancements
2010-07-18  David Goldencore-cpan-diff: fix handling of file:/// urls
2010-07-18  David Goldencore-cpan-diff: remove trailing spaces
2010-07-18  David Goldencore-cpan-diff: add option for local CPAN mirror
2010-07-18  David Goldenperl5133delta.pod: Notes on CvGV reference counting
2010-07-18  David Mitchelladd CvGV_set() macro and make CvGV() rvalue only
2010-07-18  David Mitchellchange when to make CvGV refcounted
2010-07-18  David Mitchelladd CVf_CVGV_RC flag
2010-07-18  David GoldenFix address of register error from 26a0cb8
2010-07-18  David Goldenperlop.pod: document \o{} escape
2010-07-18  Karl WilliamsonAdd \o{} escape
2010-07-18  Karl Williamsonperlrebackslash: Nits
2010-07-18  Karl Williamsonperlreref.pod: Nits
2010-07-18  Karl Williamsonperlre.pod: Nits
2010-07-18  Karl WilliamsonNits in perlrebackslash
2010-07-18  Karl WilliamsonAdd tests for \400 for "" strings, s//replacement/
2010-07-18  Karl Williamson\400 -\777 now means the same thing in all d-quote
2010-07-18  Karl WilliamsonAdd examples to perlre on perils of not using \g{}
2010-07-18  Karl WilliamsonRemove extra blanks from t/re/re_tests, vim
2010-07-17  Craig A. BerryReinstate aa3f85c5f369736a7e50055b726cf2ca11336ce9.
2010-07-17  Nicholas ClarkIn pp_qr, use gv_stashsv() directly on the SV.
2010-07-16  Craig A. BerryAvoid test suite hang with new readline test on VMS.
2010-07-16  Ben MorrowAdd Perl_blockhook_register to perl5133delta.
2010-07-16  Josh ben JoreUpdate perl5133delta
2010-07-16  Josh ben JoreThe debugger now continues to use RemotePort when it...
2010-07-16  David Goldenperlop.pod: Rephrase hexadecimal escape wording
2010-07-16  David GoldenAdd summary list mode to git-deltatool
2010-07-16  David GoldenMore perl5133delta updates
2010-07-15  Leon BrocardMention that Ask did not actually release 5.11.6
2010-07-15  Jesse VincentSmall spelling/grammar nit to Locale::Maketext::Guts*
2010-07-15  Todd RinaldoClean up older Locale::Maketext internals to no longer...
2010-07-15  Alexandr Ciorniiuse modern Perl style in example
2010-07-15  Alexandr CiorniiMake example work with "use strict" by eliminating...
2010-07-15  Josh ben JoreStop using $ENV{LESS} for parameters not intended for...
2010-07-15  Josh ben JoreConfigure has a path to less and can use it
2010-07-15  Ben MorrowMacros to en/disable blockhook entries.
2010-07-15  Ben MorrowUpdate MANIFEST.
2010-07-15  Ben MorrowRemove diagnostics from XS-APItest/t/blockhooks.
2010-07-15  Josh ben Jore[perl #72729] Test appending sv_gets for ascii/utf8...
2010-07-15  Josh ben Jore[perl #72729] TODO for aborted readline() returning...
2010-07-15  Josh ben Jore[perl #72729] Truncate sv_gets(sv) only when not append...
2010-07-15  David GoldenAdd a 'blocking' type for git-deltatool
2010-07-15  Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #76502] Fix doc
2010-07-14  David Mitchellprotect CvGV weakref with backref
2010-07-14  David Mitchellin CLONEf_JOIN_IN, cache found stashes
2010-07-14  David Mitchelladd all stash backrefs individually when joining
2010-07-14  David Mitchellmake it an error to look for magic hv backref
2010-07-14  David Mitchellprotect CvSTASH weakref with backrefs
2010-07-14  David Mitchelltidy some code in gv_init()
2010-07-14  David Mitchellprocess xhv_backreferences early in S_hfreeentries
2010-07-14  Josh ben Jore[perl #72729] Test that sv_gets doesn't revive dead...
2010-07-14  Josh ben JoreAdd t/op/readline.t docs
2010-07-14  Josh ben JoreAdd x-ref from call site in do_readline() of sv_grow...
2010-07-14  David GoldenUpdate template for linked perldelta sections in deltatool