2010-06-22  Matt S Troutadd new release to perlhist v5.13.2
2010-06-22  Matt S Troutupdate Module::CoreList
2010-06-22  Matt S Troutremove duplicate entry from delta (thanks acme)
2010-06-22  Nicholas ClarkClarify the entry for "Stashes are now always defined".
2010-06-21  Matt S Troutfixup pod warnings
2010-06-21  Matt S TroutBump the perl version in various places for 5.13.2
2010-06-21  Matt S Troutversion bump for B::t::OptreeCheck and add to delta
2010-06-21  Matt S Troutversion bump for File::Copy and add change to delta
2010-06-21  Matt S Troutbump versions on VMS::DCLsym, mro, Search::Dist and...
2010-06-21  Matt S Troutversion bump for B::Concise and add change to delta
2010-06-21  Matt S Troutbump version
2010-06-21  Matt S Troutversion bump for IO::Socket and add change to delta
2010-06-21  Matt S Troutversion bump for B::Deparse and add change to delta
2010-06-21  Matt S Troutmost of the perldelta for 5.13.2
2010-06-18  David Goldendocument missing space after regex pattern in perldelta
2010-06-18  Karl WilliamsonDeprecate no space between pattern, following word
2010-06-18  Rafael Garcia... Fix list of constants to import to make this test pass
2010-06-17  brian d foy* FAQ sync
2010-06-17  Rafael Garcia... Avoid warnings with undefined hash values [perl #74280]
2010-06-17  Rafael Garcia... Deparse correctly "no VERSION" [perl #75482]
2010-06-17  Nicholas ClarkAvoid compiler warnings in Perl_foldEQ_utf8, spotted...
2010-06-17  Nicholas ClarkAvoid creating @EXPORT_FAIL in every package using...
2010-06-17  Nicholas ClarkPERL_IMPLICIT_SYS also needs thread context for safesys...
2010-06-16  Nicholas ClarkStop using WITH_THR and WITH_THX, as they were never...
2010-06-16  Nicholas ClarkPERL_IMPLICIT_SYS also needs thread context for the...
2010-06-15  Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_safesys{c,m,re}alloc(), defer dTHX for non...
2010-06-15  Maik HentscheAttempt at improving the perlipc docs
2010-06-15  Rafael Garcia... Revert "It may not be obvious to a new Perl programmer...
2010-06-15  Karl Williamsonuc(): Handle Greek YPOGEGRAMMENI
2010-06-15  Karl Williamsont/uni/ allow extra tests of different form
2010-06-15  Salvador FandinoAdd support for more TCP_ constants to Socket
2010-06-15  Karl WilliamsonRemove debugging statement from mktables.
2010-06-15  Sinan UnurIt may not be obvious to a new Perl programmer that...
2010-06-15  Rafael Garcia... usemymalloc slows down newer openbsd [perl #75742]
2010-06-14  Chris 'BinGOs... Rename copyright section of Module::CoreList to LICENSE...
2010-06-14  Andreas J.... Update to 1.94_57
2010-06-14  Nicholas ClarkNote why pp_tie can't use call_method() for a package...
2010-06-13  Nicholas ClarkMerge flags and argc parameters to S_tied_handle_method().
2010-06-13  Nicholas ClarkIn S_tied_handle_method() default to mortalizing extra...
2010-06-13  Nicholas ClarkAdd a gimme parameter to S_tied_handle_method().
2010-06-13  Nicholas ClarkChange S_tied_handle_method() to varargs to allow extra...
2010-06-13  Nicholas ClarkMerge simple tied handle method calls into S_tied_handl...
2010-06-13  Nicholas ClarkFor tied file handle calls, use PUSH* when we know...
2010-06-13  Nicholas ClarkRemove unecessary EXTEND()s from pp_sys.c
2010-06-13  Nicholas ClarkIn pp_eof, ensure stack space for the second argument...
2010-06-13  David Goldenremove trailing spaces in perlvar.pod
2010-06-13  Ævar Arnfjörð... Link to perlport/PLATFORMS from the $^O docs
2010-06-12  Nicholas ClarkFix edge case in pp_eof where the stack extent was...
2010-06-12  Nicholas ClarkFix edge cases in pp_getc and pp_tell where the stack...
2010-06-12  Nicholas ClarkBetter diagnostics on detecting case sensitive file...
2010-06-11  Chris 'BinGOs... Added new files I forgot to add for the Thread-Semaphor...
2010-06-11  Jerry D. Hedden[PATCH-revised] Upgrade to Thread-Semaphore 2.11
2010-06-10  Nicholas ClarkParameters for * in *printf must be int - add a cast...
2010-06-09  Nicholas ClarkReorder CVf_* flags to be numerically contiguous again.
2010-06-09  David Goldenadded Chas. Owens to AUTHORS
2010-06-09  Chas. OwensDocument $# and $* as removed
2010-06-08  AbigailResolve issue #74974: document File::Copy::copy(FILE...
2010-06-08  H.Merijn BrandFix long-standing typos in Policy_sh.SH
2010-06-07  David Mitchellperlbug: always allow change of sender address
2010-06-07  David Mitchellperlbug -d,-v: fix uninit value warnings
2010-06-07  David Mitchelldocument revert of 'local $tied' change
2010-06-07  David MitchellRevert "make 'local $tied' untied"
2010-06-07  Sullivan BeckPATCH: Bump Locale-Codes from 3.12 to 3.13
2010-06-07  David Mitchellidentify a few vars in intrpvar.h
2010-06-07  Karl Williamsonregexec.c: change names of two vars for clarity
2010-06-07  David GoldenRemove -w recommendation in perl -h
2010-06-07  H.Merijn BrandSpell-check fixes in ext
2010-06-07  H.Merijn BrandSpell-check fixes in lib
2010-06-07  H.Merijn BrandSpell check fixes in CPAN
2010-06-07  Father Chrysostomosglob crashes when %File::Glob:: is empty
2010-06-07  Karl Williamsonperlhack: Add reference to TAP for test protocol
2010-06-07  Karl Williamsonperlhack: fix formatting issues
2010-06-07  Karl WilliamsonPATCH: uniprops.t take advantage of EBCDIC
2010-06-06  David Mitchellreduce size of regmatch_state.u.curlyx by 2 words
2010-06-06  David Mitchellmicro-optimise a bit of trie code
2010-06-06  Nicholas ClarkTest the return value of push and unshift.
2010-06-06  Nicholas ClarkConvert tiearray.t to
2010-06-05  Karl WilliamsonChange regexec.c to use new foldEQ functions
2010-06-05  Karl WilliamsonChange name of ibcmp to foldEQ
2010-06-05  Karl Williamsonutf8.c: further doc tweaks
2010-06-05  Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Modify doc comment; change whitespace
2010-06-05  Karl WilliamsonRevamp ibcmp_utf8 for performance and clarity
2010-06-05  Karl WilliamsonClarify some documentation
2010-06-05  David Mitchellsilence some warnings in hv.c
2010-06-05  David Mitchelladd handy note on vtable fields
2010-06-05  David Mitchellupdate Perl_magic_methcall description
2010-06-04  David Mitchellfix for RT #8438: $tied->() doesn't call FETCH
2010-06-04  Craig A. BerryAvoid overflow warning in chop.t.
2010-06-04  David Mitchellfix indendation of DM_* flag definitions
2010-06-04  David Mitchellexpress DM_[GU]ID flags in terms of components
2010-06-04  David Mitchellrename DM_ARRAY flag to DM_ARRAY_ISA
2010-06-04  David Mitchellbelatedly add a test for RT #51636:
2010-06-04  David MitchellRevert "Re: [perl #51636] segmentation fault with array...
2010-06-04  David Mitchellthreads::shared: veto signal despatch if locked
2010-06-04  David Mitchelladd PL_signalhook to hook into signal dispatch
2010-06-03  Rafael Garcia... Do not advertise Math::TrulyRandom, which hasn't been...
2010-06-03  Craig A. BerryRemove extraneous semicolon from OP_PRIVATE_ONCE.
2010-06-03  Vincent PitDeprecate find_rundefsvoffset()
2010-06-03  Vincent PitThe UNDERBAR macro should use find_rundefsv() as well
2010-06-03  Vincent PitMake pp_reverse fetch the lexical $_ from the correct pad