2010-03-20  Rafael Garcia... Explain why -Duserelocatableinc isn't compatible with... v5.12.0-RC0
2010-03-18  Rafael Garcia... Don't encourage using Safe in perlsec
2010-03-18  Nicholas ClarkAdd more internal files and directories to no_index...
2010-03-18  Jesse VincentMerge branch 'blead' of ssh://
2010-03-17  Vincent PitA couple of additions to perl5120delta
2010-03-17  Leon BrocardAdd a comma to the number "3000"
2010-03-17  Craig A. BerryAttached are two TODO patches for the remaining test...
2010-03-16  Jesse VincentA typo in my last Module::CoreList update caused the...
2010-03-16  Rainer TammerClarify libgdbm use on AIX
2010-03-16  Jan DuboisUpdate Windows specific changes
2010-03-16  Jan DuboisOrder platform specific changes alphabetically by platform
2010-03-16  Jan DuboisNote that forbidding keywords as labels is controversial
2010-03-15  H.Merijn BrandAdd Porting/corelist-diff to MANIFEST
2010-03-14  Jesse VincentUpdated AUTHORS file to be current with checkAUTHORS...
2010-03-14  Jesse Vincentseveral typos in perldelta
2010-03-14  Jesse needed to be taught about "use feature ...
2010-03-14  Jesse Vincentperldelta updated for new version of Module::CoreList
2010-03-14  Jesse VincentModule::CoreList bumped to 2.27 and updated with versio...
2010-03-14  Jesse VincentAdded placeholder for RC0 in perlhist
2010-03-14  Jesse VincentREADME updates for 5.12.0
2010-03-14  Jesse VincentThe "right" perldelta is now 5.12.0's
2010-03-14  Jesse VincentUpdate patchlevel.h to note that this is RC0 and not...
2010-03-14  Jesse VincentBump to 5.12.0
2010-03-14  Jesse Vincentperldelta typo caught by Karl
2010-03-14  Karl WilliamsonA few small fixes to perl5120delta.pod
2010-03-14  Jesse VincentLeft a debugging statement in a Porting tool. Oops!
2010-03-14  Jesse VincentRemove TODO section from perldelta
2010-03-14  Jesse VincentFurther updates to perldelta:
2010-03-14  Jesse VincentAdd the author list for 5.12.0
2010-03-14  Jesse VincentUpdate Perl 5.12.0 delta. It needs a spellcheck, proofr...
2010-03-14  Ricardo Signesbetter perl version output in corelist-diff
2010-03-14  Ricardo Signestool to produce corelist diffs
2010-03-13  Jesse Vincentpod cleanup
2010-03-13  Jesse VincentSome copyediting perldelta. Pulled in .11.5 delta
2010-03-13  H.Merijn BrandRevive threaded builds for AIX
2010-03-13  Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_sv_compile_2op(), remove a suggestion to merge...
2010-03-12  Tom HukinsUse POD references to documentation when possible.
2010-03-12  Tom HukinsUse simpler language.
2010-03-12  Tom HukinsUse POD-style references in the "SEE ALSO" section.
2010-03-12  Tom HukinsUse POD-style references
2010-03-12  H.Merijn BrandTighten the ropes on sGMTIME_min for HP-UX 11.00
2010-03-11  Jesse Vincent[perl# 73490] Bump Time::Piece to a devel release that...
2010-03-11  Nicholas ClarkClarify that patching is intended to facil...
2010-03-11  Nicholas ClarkDescribe the limitations and pitfalls of @DB::args.
2010-03-11  Nicholas ClarkFix stringification assumption bug in overload.t, revea...
2010-03-11  David Mitchellremove gv_try_downgrade from the public API
2010-03-11  H.Merijn BrandLimit HP-UX 11.00 time to 48 bit in 64bit mode
2010-03-11  Rafael Garcia... Re-TODO one more Deparse test
2010-03-11  Karl WilliamsonNote that can be warned on implicit utf8 upgrade
2010-03-10  David Mitchellrevert const deparsing in
2010-03-10  Zefram[perl #72740]: Blead breaks LEMBARK/LinkedList-Single...
2010-03-08  Nicholas ClarkIn comments, correct two instances of SVf_PADSTALE...
2010-03-08  David Goldenadd makerel option to skip tarball creation
2010-03-08  Rafael Garcia... Fix comments about @INC ordering
2010-03-08  Tony Cooklist undocumented API and internal functions in perlapi...
2010-03-08  Reini UrbanSupport cygwin-1.7 mount
2010-03-08  Reini UrbanAdd perlintern.pod documentation docatch + prescan_version
2010-03-08  Karl WilliamsonDocument that there are bugs with EBCDIC and regexes
2010-03-07  Rafael Garcia... Bump Safe to version 2.25
2010-03-07  Nick CleatonFurther improvements to the security fix in 16ac9e9a418...
2010-03-07  Jesse VincentRevert "Upgrade to IPC::SysV 2.02" - We're frozen....
2010-03-07  Jesse VincentRevert "Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.19_02" - we're froze...
2010-03-07  Marcus Holland... Merge remote branch 'origin/blead' into blead
2010-03-07  Marcus Holland... Upgrade to IPC::SysV 2.02
2010-03-07  Gisle AasOnly define PERL_PATCHNUM when either git or the .patch...
2010-03-07  Marcus Holland... Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.19_02
2010-03-07  Craig A. BerryModuule::Build test tweaks for VMS.
2010-03-07  Craig A. BerryExtUtils-CBuilder test tweak for VMS.
2010-03-06  Rafael Garcia... Merge branch 'dual/Safe' into blead
2010-03-06  Rafael Garcia... Bump version to 2.24 and update Changes
2010-03-06  Rafael Garcia... Clean the stashes from the Safe compartment after evalu...
2010-03-03  Vincent PitFix an example for LC_COLLATE in POSIX.pod that actuall...
2010-03-03  Jan DuboisRevert "Forbid labels with keyword names"
2010-03-03  Jan DuboisSetup @INC at compile time because commit ec34a119...
2010-03-02  David Mitchell[perl #73174] swash_init() wasn't saving %^H
2010-03-02  David Mitchellfetching from e.g. github requires a repo name
2010-03-02  Craig A. BerrySkip Pod::Parser's find.t on VMS for now.
2010-03-02  Craig A. BerryDon't scrub DCL$PATH unless it's there.
2010-03-02  Craig A. BerryCannot portably split on $Config{path_sep} -- use quote...
2010-02-28  Rafael Garcia... Un-TODO warning test
2010-02-28  Karl WilliamsonNote this doesn't work: $re = "\\N{...}"; /$re/
2010-02-28  Karl WilliamsonDocument some re bugs in perlre.pod
2010-02-28  Karl WilliamsonDocument 5.8 regression #72998 in delta
2010-02-28  Karl WilliamsonDocument parsing changes for [perl #56444] patch
2010-02-28  Karl WilliamsonRevise wording about /x caveats
2010-02-28  Karl WilliamsonMention \N{U+...} documentation in delta
2010-02-28  Karl WilliamsonAdd statement about UTF-8 and \N{} to delta
2010-02-28  Karl WilliamsonDocument Unicode case-insensitive [] range bug
2010-02-28  Karl WilliamsonQuote a code example
2010-02-28  Karl WilliamsonAdd deprecation of non-name \N{foo} to delta pod
2010-02-28  Karl WilliamsonRevise notes on /x modifier
2010-02-28  Karl WilliamsonMark \N meaning [^\n] as experimental
2010-02-28  Karl WilliamsonMention there are places /x modifier is ineffective
2010-02-28  Karl WilliamsonClarify perlrebackslash.pod
2010-02-28  Karl WilliamsonNote existence (and warn against using) \N{U+c1.c2...}
2010-02-28  Karl WilliamsonNote that \N{U+...} forces character semantics
2010-02-28  Karl WilliamsonDocument \N{U+...}
2010-02-28  Karl WilliamsonMention \N{U+...} in perlunicode.pod
2010-02-28  Karl WilliamsonUpdate documentation
2010-02-28  Karl WilliamsonUpdate pods for \N changes